Whiplash – Whiplash & Mozart (EP Review)

Whiplash & Mozart

Guess who’s back on the scene? It’s Whiplash and Mozart teaming up and bringing another EP. Whiplash is infamous for alligning himself with on the come up artists with a buzz and cracking out new mixtapes with them. We have seen him team up with Khaki Blue, Hotline and now Mozart over the past 700 days.

Not too mention Whips latest single “Bad In Me” which features buzz worthy underground emcee Tha Advocate is making major noise all over the internet. Whip is putting in work and this team up with Mozart is extending the chain of command.

The first record on the project is “Bitch At Your Door”. This particular track has Whiplash spitting on a dirty south beat. The 3rd verse Whip spits with a double time flow with his trade mark adlibs. On “Out Of This Place” we hear a more aggressive angry Whiplash that we haven’t heard before.

He sounds fully charged as he raps ” I got to stay pissed off to write the best rhymes.” Whiplash brings a real life coinscence track with “Seek To Breathe” as well as “Take Me Away.” In fact if “Take Me Away” had a proper mix then it could possibly reign in the next single for Whiplash to push.

The recording quality wasn’t up to par with some earlier releases from Whiplash. The vocals were mixed low on some songs and some verses were hard to understand. Without proper mixing it can ultimatley destroy a project with that type of clarity. Now before we say that this flaw over shadowed the actual compilation we have to take into consideration Whip’s hooks, melodies, verses and song writing ability.

Over all the EP is downloadable and worth your money, it is another brick in the wall of the building Whiplash is creating. This isn’t the best we heard from Whip, but it’s not a bad project. We hope on the next go around the mixes are better because Whiplash is evolving as an artist and he shouldn’t be outcasted because the engineer had a rough day. Make sure you support our homie from the land down under and check out the project here: http://www.cdbaby.com/AlbumDetails.aspx?AlbumID=whiplash111

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