Whiplash – Whip-Mix (Mixtape Review)


This guy just won’t stop. Australia’s rising star hits us with another release. WhipLash’s new mixtape called “Whip-Mix”, is a 19 song mixtape of popular song remixes, Hosted by Tha Advocate. The majority of the music is remixed hits but Whip finds time to deliver a few original cuts aswell.

After Advo’s Intro Whiplash hops on the Wiz Khalifa “Black and Yellow” smash. Whip actually adds a soothing harmony to the Wiz Hook. Whip steals the first verse placement while delivering lines like “My name is Whiplash/ (glass breaking sounds) My aim is to get the hits smashed/ tits and ass/ My ship tipped to crash/ But I still try to rip the shit in half/ and spit on this hit to last./” As you can see Whips wordplay is evolving on each release. The less freestyle he does and the more writing makes for a better verse.

Keeping the high energy in tact Whip goes buckwild on T-Pain’s “Motivated” and shares the same adrenaline rush on Ace Hood’s “Hustle Hard.” One thing about Whip is his singing isn’t bad for a rapper at all. Whip lashes out on the hook for “Runaway.” On top of delivering a smooth harmony he adds a not-so rememberable verse. There were a few stutters on that remix that could have been fixed lyrically on Whip’s performance. Whiplash adds some dope insight to “Airplanes Pt. 2.” while letting us know he is the “average joe.”

If you heard Whiplash’s album “Losing Control 3,” you might have heard a few cuts like Spaceship Swag, Chances, Clap On, and Ladidah. These songs get a second life on the “Whip-Mix” release. Lets remention how dope “SpaceShip Swag” and “Ladidah” really are. Whip sounds like he is at home with these records. They both have a airy sound while keeping you locked in with the hypnotic hooks.

Some of the bonus cuts are highlights on this project aswell. Tha Advocate delivers one hell of a record on “What U Wanna Do.” Advo goes in on a lyrical slugfest speaking about how the industry is losing substance and fans need to “punch a rapper up in the mouth” for making that trash. Khaki Blue and Tha Advocate team up on the “Gun Runner” remix. Khaki plays the part of a local gun runner and Advo’s verse displays him in a compromising position searching for some heat to cool down his problems. The song is vivid and keeps the listeners at bay.

Whiplash has no plans to stop anytime soon. As we said before he knows how to make a song, but if he would focus on his lyrics a bit more and craft them old school style with a pen and pad he will have a project that would be a milestone in his career. Whip has his own style and his own lane and is bringing that Aussy style right to the front door of North America. Like it or hate it you have to respect his power play moves. Make sure you pick up the “Whip-Mixtape” here www.whiplashmusic.com/whipmix.cfm

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