Time flies when you’re having fun, but in this case it flies even faster when you are hard at work. It’s been half a year since we first chopped it up with Whiplash. If by some chance you missed the first interview let us bring you up to speed. Whiplash has been making noise via the internet and high profile mixtapes in the last 2 years.

He has been able to do this while being thousands of miles away from the mecca of hip hop. So now as summer is creeping on a come up in the states we are gonna reach over long distance and chop it up with Australia’s Whiplash.

HipHopLEAD: Whats good Whip? It been a while…

Whiplash: Hey HipHopLead what’s good? It’s good to be back…yeah it has been half a year already! Time really does fly and then we die (laughs).

HipHopLEAD: Man … sometimes we interview artists and they just fizzle out in due time. But you have been making more mixtape appearances, more album appearances, and been interviewed all over the place. I have to ask… what’s next on your agenda?

Whiplash: Yeah I see people come and go but I just keep at it and stay consistent. I have been managing my finances a little better so I can afford to make some moves. Some companies have thrown me some promo deals so that helps. I live with my parents so I can afford to put stuff out. That is why I haven’t moved out of home yet. It means more money for my career options so thanks fam. I give up that independence of living alone. I really can’t afford to do any of this, but I want to, so I try anything to get by.

I recently paid an agency to try and hunt me down a deal in the US. I gave them two months to have a sniff around and submit my music to labels. My music has been sent to around 25 record labels so far. See how it goes? I know I already got knocked back by Obese records in Australia and some other label I never heard of?

The next move for me is releasing my own mixtape called Whip-Mix hosted by Tha Advocate and a collaboration album with Khaki Blue from Los Angeles. I have been mixing songs for that collaboration album and it sounds great; it has a real west side sound. I am starring on two different Coast 2 Coast The Indie Top 50 albums coming out sooner or later. That is a deal where you get the front cover and 5 songs featured.

HipHopLEAD: We got a call from Advo who told us he signed on to host your upcoming mixtape, “Whip-Mix.” We understand it is remixes some of your songs. Can you tell us how that idea came about?

Whiplash: I was looking at my budget and I decided to go with putting out a mixtape of remixes with original songs because I got a couple of affordable deals. From January to May 2011 I had 176 mixtape album/single song features and the songs with the most features were Whip-Mixes; remix of famous songs. My decision was based on numbers. My Whip-Mixes had more downloads and features overall than the original songs, even though they were close numbers.

I also wanted to use remixes as a way of promoting my name but not giving away too many of my original songs that are released digitally. One way to get people to listen to you is doing cover songs or remixes, people want to see how good or bad your version is. I had seen the big number views on Khaki Blues – The West Allstars Mixtape hosted by Tha Advocate on HipHopLead.com and Datpiff.com and the numbers were great.

I wanted to get Advo to host it firstly because he does a dope job, but I know he can pull in high views on just about anything. He has a good following. Advo is the only respected host I know and I wanted that dope artwork from K-Lion too. Advo is a dope lyricist too he just dropped Digital Dynasty 16 hosted by Saigon. Man I had seen Saigon on Entourage a few times so that was dope.

HipHopLEAD: Lets face it .. 80 percent of remixes (especially in Hip Hop) usually turn out to be a dud compared to the original .. how can you be sure these are sure to please?

Whiplash: Well the main thing is I got a lot of features using remixes of Black and Yellow and Motivated. They totalled close to 100 features on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes. I know they say you’re guaranteed that many slots but that aint true. DJs can choose not to feature your song even if you pay. Nothing is sure to please but I actually really like the famous songs even without me on them. So that is important.

The Whip-Mixes I do I usually love the original song first and if it feels like I could be on it I can do a remix. I know I need to do the song as good or better but I just do me over their music. Some songs are so perfect I don’t wanna touch them though. Not Afraid, Love The Way You Lie by Eminem. I heard a lot of rappers doing remixes on the Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes so that inspired me to do it too.

Just having fun and recording over music/beats I love. Some of the backing tracks to these songs are such hits you could almost throw anyone on these joints and they would sound alright. I will try just this group of songs on a mixtape and maybe be done with it. It is just a way to make people pay attention to my original songs. See how it goes?

HipHopLEAD: Can you give us a sneak peek into the mixtape? What can we expect?

Black and Yellow
Hustle Hard
All She Wrote
Airplanes Pt. 2
2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted
Spaceship Swag
Clap On

HipHopLEAD: We heard you are working on a Joint- Ep with Los Angeles emcee Khaki Blue. First of all… How did that come about?

Whiplash: Khaki Blue actually approached me via email. It was probably because he had listened to Digital Dynasty – The Album Presented by Tha Advocate & Ballerstatus.com (dope album). I know he had 2 joints on that album and so did I so I am sure he heard those, which made him want to do it. He got my email address from Advo (Thanks Advo).

I checked out Khaki’s music online and he reminded me of that Ice Cube west side shit I loved. I grew up on that style of music. In the beginning he just wanted to do one record featuring me, I did a verse on that and he really liked it. Next thing you know he wanted to do an EP album. So we have been in contact ever since, just going back and forth putting tracks together. He is a dope artist and professional too.

HipHopLEAD: Is it hard to make these songs when you guys are not physically in the same studio?

Whiplash: Nah it is really easy. Funny thing is I have not done any of my recordings in a studio, just my bedroom. Khaki just sends me a song to drop a verse on with the original beat and vocal wav files to mix everything together. I also sent him songs to drop verses or choruses on and he would send everything back; it has been a fast process so far. This is how anyone does it these days, it suits my style because I can concentrate on my own.

HipHopLEAD: Whats the title of the EP?

Whiplash: I tossed a few title names up in the air but it has not been decided yet. We are just trying to finish 8 songs and then get a title. It should or will be a title connected to our artist names or where we are from, will see. We want to do a promotion for it.

HipHopLEAD: When is it going to drop?

Whiplash: No talk of drop dates but it will drop soon enough. At least sometime in 2011. We have pretty much finished 7 of the 8 songs but if it goes above 8 tracks the date will be extended.

HipHopLEAD: Alot of people were really intrigued with your last interview and the diversity of the Australian music scene. Since we last spoke has anything been changing down there to give you more avenues to showcase your artistry?

Whiplash: Nah nothing ay…I am really living in the wrong country (laughs). I know coming from Australia will be an asset once I can break through but the reality is I have nothing here. I used to get shows as a rock rap act and it’s crazy because all the famous aussie hip hop groups are stealing all the limelight now.

I had a promoter not sign me because I had US sounding music and accent. When my accent is from my life living in other countries and growing up on US rap. I grew up around the world. Aussie rap didn’t exist when I was growing up. I don’t have that style or accent. Hip Hop is taking over in Australia but the depth of talent is getting lost in the mass.

HipHopLEAD: It’s known you often freestyle your verses instead of writing them. Do you have any plans to actually construct a song the most common way?

Whiplash: I used to do it the more constructed way but it sounded so planned that people could predict my directions. Yeah I freestyle every song delivery but I don’t freestyle every lyric. I feel like freestyling puts a little magic into it, like I can’t even spit that part again until I listen to it a million times. I want people to rap my songs but I don’t want them to (laughs) but yeah I am definitely learning to try and not do it so freestyled but I can’t help it.

When I record I lose my mind in a way and I just do it like that. Constructing songs makes it easier to remember the songs so I will do it that way again. If anything my Whip-Mixes and Khaki Blue album is more constructed.

HipHopLEAD: Is it possible for Whiplash to get radio play in Australia?

Whiplash: Nah…But I used to go to the local radio station for interviews and get songs from my album played. I have given up seeking that direction because they seem to only play the major artists, same old shit just a different day kind of thing. I hope to get on national radio one day if I stop swearing and sign to a major label. A label I was with called Dasvibes was telling me to “Make clean versions of every song” I was like that’s bullshit. That was another empty promise of a label that did nothing for my career advancement.

HipHopLEAD: Are there even any hip hop stations down there yet?!?! (Laughs)

Whiplash: Lol yeah but its best to be on the biggest radio station and it is difficult to get a song to those radio stations because if I send in my album I am just another independent artist sending in his demo. My shit would be on the pile with the other million others that don’t get a chance. You really need to know someone or pay someone.

HipHopLEAD: Maaaaaaaaan .. You know how we do over here. It’s about that time to get a little wild and crazy. We are gonna ask some questions out the norm so get ready. Ok… Is Fosters really the best beer?

Whiplash: It is the best marketed beer overseas for sure (laughs). I think they just brand Australia to it as part of their marketing campaign. I don’t drink it…couldn’t pay me to but I am more into spirits. You know they call spirits “chick’s drinks” but actually beer doesn’t get me half as drunk as spirits and if I do drink I drink to get drunk. If I am the one drinking hard liquor who you calling chick? Beer is too soft for me. I guess that’s why I see people drinking full cartons cause they need the lot to drop (laughs).

HipHopLEAD: If you can come to any place in the U.S. tomorrow… Where would it be?

Whiplash: I would live in California/ LA or New Jersey or NY because when I was on the road I went to those places. I went to the US several times. I would live in those places because of the music scenes, parties, women, weather, beach and more. I have nothing much living in Australia. I only really have my family and partner which people would say is everything. I mean I would move to the US for my music career.

HipHopLEAD: What rapper irks your soul and makes you cringe when you hear their music?

Whiplash: Some of the aussie rappers and probably aussie rappers listening to me. Songs of me that suck make me sick. I like most nationalities rap but not some of the British/UK rappers. I grew up traveling to different countries, I am part Polish and Australian but I would love to see a good Aboriginal rapper make it, that would be a true aussie rapper being that the Aboriginals were Australian first.

HipHopLEAD: Let’s say a music career doesn’t by chance pan out… What would Whiplash being doing career wise?

Whiplash: That is why I focus on a few things, at the moment I study Business by correspondence. I set up a small eBay business recently. I had a semi-pro sport career for ten plus years that didn’t pan out in the end and it’s hard to deal with that disappointment but I became a hip hop artist before that happened. So there are always disappointments but something next for everyone. The cross roads are scary but I had to experience that already.

You know I deal with that every day and I deal with that thought, “What if I don’t make it? Am I tripping?” And I have tried to quit and I can’t because opportunities come up every time I give up, I guess letting go has made this continue. Whatever will be will be comes to mind.I contemplate every day giving up what I am pursuing. I would be doing exactly what I am doing now if it doesn’t pan out, which is working or looking for work, studying and trying to get by.

It’s not the end of the world when something doesn’t pan out but it’s good to find what works and quickly before it’s too late because nothing lasts forever, we all live we all die. I just want to survive and have somewhere to eat and sleep. Making it and making extra money is just a bonus on top of necessities. That’s the thing. I don’t rap to make money. I don’t make money from music, not yet. If I do make it I will appreciate it more than anything. Whatever makes a living for me is good enough.

I love doing music and if I could make money from making love to music that is the dream. For now, it is just reality; a broke student with opportunities to pursue music so that’s what I’m going to do.

HipHopLEAD: Last time we chopped it up we were talking about the mass sightings of dead fish and birds. Since then it’s been Earthquakes and Tornados. Do you think the world gonna end soon or what?

Whiplash: Yeah, I don’t think the world is going to end, but the earth may end us if there is no change and improvement to how we treat the environment. That’s if it isn’t too late. I think the earth can heal itself but we do know it is relentless when it is damaged or threatened by our continual pollution, energy consumptions, ect.

The earth is an element we have no control over, we just live on it and with it. I think the world’s population is too large, China is leading the way with the child limit, they understand that need to cut down the population which cuts down energy use overall. I guess they had too many people already though but seriously it is overcrowded in the world. I grew up in the ocean every day of my life and those types of elements outside of our little lives are hard core.

The ocean can just pick you up, slap you, hold you down until you almost drown or drown. That is the kind of relentlessness we are dealing with. Respect the earth would be the way to go because we will never win a war against the earth’s elements.

HipHopLEAD: Back to the norm…. This is the time where you give any shout outs or plugs … go for it homie!!

Whiplash: Shout out to my homies – Tha Advocate (East Side), Khaki Blue (West Side), Ballerstatus.com, HipHop.org, Paul Gomersall (My music mastering), HipHopLead.com, BeatsbyMarkus.com (Music Producer), LaFaMos (music agency), Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, Lil Fats, Coast 2 Coast DJs, Shout out to all the artists doing their thing, and no thanks to my haters.

I’m even more of a cunt now when I use to be nicer lol. Like me on Facebook – look for Whiplash. Oh yeah another stab at Soundblab.com from the UK, they won’t take that fucking shit Losing Control review off their shitty website so I have to go and say more shit about these fuckers – the manager and Laura McGuiness (bitch that wrote that shit). I will continue to talk shit about you cunts until you take it off the net. Losing Control is not even fucking out as an album release, you dick heads.

Now this will be on Google connected to your names and company forever like you did with my shit. This time I wanted more details like you do when critiquing artist’s albums. Every time I Google Whiplash looking for my features I see your fucking bagging review on the Google list like you’re using my name as a Google ad word to fucking link your shit to me and promote you and your non-existent company.

I admit Losing Control is shit/ in the trash but to trash me and leave it on there forever on the net is a fucking dog move, so dogs this aint over until it’s removed. I will mention you on songs and interviews forever until you take it down. You probably won’t though because you guys are arrogant as fuck and have too much pride to delete your little review of Whiplash.

“Oh let’s try to finish him so he doesn’t make it”, I accept bad reviews but my opinion is why go out of your way to fucking trash artists and their music? Just review an album you fucking like, save the negativity and help artists instead of trying to bring us down you fuckwits. If an album sucks so much just fucking chuck it in the trash! Love to my followers, fans, Facebook friends, YouTube friends, family and friends. I live for happiness and love. I do fight back against motherfuckers that try to end me but don’t forget I respect if you respect me. Love to my partner that continues to bring the best out of me even through the turmoil. Rest in peace to my G ma that passed away a year ago…lots of love.

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Thanks guys! Big up to HipHopLead.com, keep up the great work! Whiplash

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