Whiplash – Losing Control (Mixtape Review)

losing controlBACK

The intro kicks off Sean Macnamara from “Nip Tuck” losing his mind once he finds out that his son isn’t his from his then wife, Julia. In fact, every vane in his head pops out when he finds out his son is actually fathered by his best friend. An Intro like that builds the mood up for the crazy antics of, Australian artist, Whiplash. This is his newest mixtape (Losing Control) and possibly the most crazy.

After the cinematic intro Whip delivers “Living.” That particular song finds Whip on a trippy West Coast sounding beat. Whip’s melodic hook speaks wonders when he sings “Life is short so enjoy what’s given/ Get everything you need and start living/. Whip touches a few nerves with his bold alfa male raps on “Let’s Go” and “Moments Are Bound.” Whip lashes out extra hard when he spits “Most of the time I can’t get a date/ because most of the time I wanna date, to get a fuck mate/. One thing we notice about Whiplash is his evolving artistry in each project. “You Can’t Handle It” and “Bad In Me” should be getting spins on Australian hip hop radio stations while “Growing Seed” is a very effective club banger.

Some records could have maybe stayed unreleased like “Fuck The World” and “Booty Shorts.” Those 2 records were more about cursing and venting then actual flow and lyrics. If Whiplash would craft some verses a little bit better then sometimes the listener might not scratch there head while trying to figure out what point he was trying to relay. Another minor set back, for an on the come up artist, is having 6 to 7 bonus songs of material that you aren’t featured on. It might actually confuse the first timers while listening to your project you hand crafted.

Whiplash may not have delivered his best mixtape yet, but we may have heard his best songs to date. Even tho the project had a few blemishes songs like “You Can’t Handle It” and especially the catchy “Bad In Me” make this worth the download. The download will be dropping on Coast 2 Coast mixtapes very soon and there is an album version available for purchase (http://itunes.apple.com/au/album/losing-control/id463857984). Make sure you support this artist on his grind.

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