Whiplash – Losing Control 3 (Album Review)


HipHop has always been the music of taking chances and going against the system. The mainstream music made for this genre used to be just that. Nowerdays when you turn on the radio you hear nothing but generic clowns beating a dead horse.

Who takes chances anymore? Who is different? Not too many people are. It makes you appreciate the internet. If it wasn’t for the internet you may not have ever heard of Australia’s, “Whiplash”. We started seeing Whip appear on the internet on various high caliber mixtapes and features on numerous hiphop sites. His style was different and reflects a country which is not on the Hip Hop global map yet. Whiplash is the artist that is leading the way to put Australia on the radar. His newest work is a 12 song album called, “Losing Control 3“.

When first listening to “Losing Control 3″, the cinematic strings kick in, a few bars later the catchy vocoded “You can’t handle it” hook kicks in. Whiplash’s starts off with his Ausy delivery. He has a sharp tinny voice texture unlike anyone we heard to date. Much like Pro-Wrestlers, rappers have there own signature move. For example Jadakiss has the “eghh ha”, Jeezy has the “Yeaaaaah” adlibs, and Whiplash has something new .. he has a repeat adlib which he uses every few bars. It’s catchy and would be fun to recite while partying after a few drinks. Or in Whip’s case a few “Fosters”. Nothing people like more then some repitition on a dope beat.

Whiplash has a energetic beat selection. “Clap On” is comical, while still being full of synths and west coast whistles to make the speakers thump. The hook is sampled from the popular 1990’s commercial from “The Clapper”. The sampled “clap on, clap off” meshes well this Whip’s vocals. This song is definatley an infectious club banger.”Spaceship Swag” could have been left for a mixtape. It was definatley the least of the best. “Growing Seed” is a high tempo anthem for the ride, aswell as “Chances”. Whiplash really has a dope voice for singing a hook and in this case taking those “Chances” really paid off. “Egg Shells” and “Tropical Shawdy” are a few prime examples to catch Whip’s hypnotizing style of chorus making aswell a different delivery to make the total package.

One thing that seperates Whiplash from alot of the competition is his gift for writing hooks and bridges. You might hear this emcee singing some of them or chanting a few rhymes in a whisper format. Whatever formula he uses for his hooks seems to work. On the other hand If Whip would craft his lyrics a little more in a lyricist format this emcee has the potential to make it from the “Land down under” right to “the top of the world”. We urge you to check out Whiplash and follow his future moves. You can download “Losing Control 3″ right here http://www.whiplashmusic.com/fr_albums.cfm

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