Whiplash – American Dream

Whiplash – American Dream

It’s been a while since we heard Australian hip hop artist Whiplash dropping some new projects. That doesn’t mean behind the scenes he isn’t staying busy. Well as the year comes to a close and we near the middle of the 4th quarter we came across something pretty dynamic.

A new EP from Whiplash entitled “American Dream”. Whip traveled around the world to shoot his newest music video with Tha Advocate in NYC. And on this project he features a slew of on the come up talent from the United States. Not too mention the songs range in topics and flows. This artist is showing his dream is coming true. The Project release date is 12/12/12, but we had a chance to hear it before hand.

The EP kicks off with the thunderous “F.T.P.”, which features Iron Man and Khaki Blue. This is a Dr. Dre sounding beat and Iron Man and Khaki Blue waste no time annialating the production while Whiplash provides a melodic gangstafied hook. Whip then spits on the 3rd verse. He sounds a lot more comfortable and more seasoned.

It fits the mold well. He has evolved a lot since the first mixtape we heard from him. Whiplash continues the intensity on “Talent Show”. Whip visciously spits “my lyrics are real and yours are fake” as he takes aim at the industry. He destroys all those following suit in this current music industry and specifically takes aim at Natalie on the X Factor Australia.

Philly emcee Chev. V. Kaang makes an appearance on “Can’t Afford It”. Both emcees make for an interesting combination. Whiplash speaks on the ills of society and the Government. Whip continues his mayhem and meshes an incredible hook to make a platform for Chev V. Kaang to butcher the beat. Chev spits about the rising gas prices and working “A grave shift/ and you aint made shit/ and with a refrigerator and you aint ate shit.” Who can’t relate to that right now? That track alone is worth the purchase of this EP.

We then find Whiplash featuring his New Jersey Comrad, and Digital Dynasty creator, Tha Advocate on “Crossing Over”. This concept is quite deep as both men explore the possibility that we are not alone in the universe. The song kicks off with Britain’s former Ministry Of Defence employee, Nick Pope, in a televised interview speaking of some real life close encounters. Advo actually makes a confession witnessing UFO’s in 2011 while Whip dives deep into the conspiracy of the subject. This track is amazing to say the least. Whiplash continues to ponder the depths of his cranium on “Rapolution” and keeps the party jumping on the Hotline assisted “American Dream”.

Whiplash has shown us over the last few years that it’s grind time. It seems like now he raised the bar on this project. His features, production and concepts have evolved and now he is starting to develop that self branding he was coming to know before.

All the tracks on this product are intense and keep the listener aware. The mixes and recording quality could have been a lot better, but for a Digital EP it’s still worth the buy. It’s time to show on the come up artists some love when they sell their music so make sure you order the project here: http://www.amazon.com/American-Dream-Explicit/dp/B00A8QH1HQ or http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Whiplash1
and stay in tune with www.WhiplashMusic.com.

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