Verble I – Canada’s New Top Prospect

Verble I

Verble I aka Isaac Elliott was born in Edmonton, Ab and moved to Calgary,Ab at the age of nine. Flowing with a fresh east coast underground style. known to command a crowd Verble I has performed on many big shows such as Krs One, Xzibit, Rahzel, Mobb Deep, and finale night at (Global Fest 2012), just to name a few.

He recently released his latest mixtape (Lifestyles Of Inspired Artists) released January 2014. And he has another debut mixtape called Strapped For War) released in March 2013.

Verble I has been a guest Mc on various other mixtapes, such as (listen closely) Raekwon’s Canadian Mixtape 2009, (Streets Got Heat Volume 1) Hosted by Hella Smoke, Digital Dynasty 25 Hosted by Cappadonna, Digital Dynasty volume 26 Hosted by Sadat X, Digital Dynasty 27 Hosted by Fredro Star of onyx and many more. But that’s not all Verble I has to offer, be sure to check his new tracks with Ras Kass and Ghostface Killah. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for bigger and better things for this local artist on the come up.

Right now we connected with the homie from Canada and it went down like this.

Hiphoplead- Today we are chilling with a new up and coming rapper named Verble I. For starts tell us how you came up with that name??

Verble I- People say that I’m very verbal and have a lot to say in my music. So I thought why not verble I, its unique and relates to me.

Hiphoplead- A lot of media outlets and popular mixtapes have featured your music. Canadian and in the United States… how does it feel to have a such a global impact with your music, as an indy artist?

Verble I- It feels amazing, to get your tracks out there it’s our dream as an artist, to make an impact. Especially coming from Calgary-Canada, we don’t get that much of a chance out here. I consider myself really lucky to get the opportunity, to be on big mixtapes and tracks with legends.

Hiphoplead- You have a pretty impressive performance resume as well, sharing the stage with some of the greatest. Which show stands out to you as one of your favorites and why?

Verble I- I’ve had a lot of great shows, but KRS ONE had to be the one that stood out the most. His stage presents he just commands your attention, hes the teacher and I learned a lot that night.

Hiphoplead- You kind of have an intense aggressive style. A lot of Canadian emcees are more laid back from what we heard. What makes your approach each track with that DMX type of intensity?

Verble I- Hunger, struggle, just spiting from the heart I think it just brings a different type of emotion I write best when I’m in pain so I guess that has a lot to do with my intensity.

Hiphoplead- What made you come up with the title “Lifestyles Of Inspired Artists”?

Verbile I- “Lifestyles Of Inspired Artists” is the ups and downs of an artist wanting to do nothing more than music. A lot of rappers step in the game for fame and the lifestyle, but don’t need to make music to feel alive. Artist like myself do, we wake up everyday dreaming of doing what we love. even when it’s hard to feed our fams we just can’t get away, there’s only a few left that feel the same way. And this CDs for them, and the true fans out there. So that’s how the title was created.

Hiphoplead- One of the tracks that stood out to us was the “Cold Cuts” track with Ras Kass. How did that collabo come about?

Verble I- My Producer Prince V has connects with his manager I wanted to do a track with him of course laid down a verse sent it over he was feeling it and jumped on it, true honor for real.

Hiphoplead- Did you feel some pressure to deliver a crazy verse next to one of the most elite wordsmiths in the game?

Verble I- Yeah of course, this is the same man that dropped “Rasassination” and “Soul On Ice”. A true legend when I first heard his verse I was like man, I can’t believe the same dude I looked up to I’m doing a track with. It definitely made me step up my game at the time

Hiphoplead- This year alone you appeared on several Digital Dynasty mixtapes, and your internet presence has been full throttle. Is your goal to be an indy artist or getting signed to a major label?

Verble I- It all depends on the deal and the label but for now I’m good with being indy. I have full control

Hiphoplead- Which music scene intrigues you more … U.S. or Canada?

Verble I- I love Canada and the scene out here but almost all my inspirations are from the US. Up here we are like NY in the 90s. over here there’s so much talent and we need to get heard!

Hiphoplead- Who were your personal influences to get into music?

Verble I- Nas, Pac, Biggie, Big Pun, Wu tang. Outkast, Roots, Jay z. I can go on all day.

Hiphoplead- What new projects are coming out? Any features?

Verble I- Yeah I have a track with Talib Kweli dropping sometime in July also a mixtape with my crew Dangerous Method called “Autopsy Report”, dropping late August and my possible album no title as of yet but stay tuned for a date and title on my sites.

Hiphoplead: Who does your region lean towards for more inspiration … the Nas and Jay Z’s ,the Snoops and Dre’s or the Bun B’s and Scarfaces?

Verble I- Nas and Jay, not that I don’t love them other artists, they were just two of my biggest inspirations.

Here at we like to ask our features some questions that really are out of the norm. We do this because it gives the fans a broader outlook on you. So lets get it cracking ….

Hiphoplead- You’re a lyrics guy … in their prime…who’d win in a battle 4 Horsemen or Slaughterhouse?

Verble I- 4 horseman

Hiphoplead- Other then music what do you do with your time?

Verble I- Play sports. I have a son so that takes up lots of my time. Other than that just read and party with the crew.

Hiphoplead- Tell us a hidden talent Verble I has?

Verble I- I’m a Hockey player (laughs). A lot of people don’t know I’m pretty nice.

Hiphoplead- Do you think TI really punched Mayweather?

Verble I- Yeah TI is gangsta even tho Mayweather would knock his ass out (laughs). He’s just brave like that.

Back To The Norm…….

Hiphoplead- So we know you have an upcoming show in a few weeks. Tell us where we can check you out and what you got in store?

Verble I- You can check me out on bandcamp, the new mixtapes up there. soundcloud, youtube, reverbnation, facebook check the sites for all upcoming events tracks and CDS.

Hiphoplead- We saw a more introspective side of Verbile I on “Life Your Life”. What real life events inspired that track?

Verble I- Just having nothing when I was young and losing close people made me think u have to live your life to the fullest. Don’t regret anything you do, do as much as you can while you’re here cause you can be gone tomorrow.

Hiphoplead- One of your bars on that track that stood out to us was “I still remain, scars presently/ oddly what felt like hell, ended up heavenly/.” If you don’t mind can you share one of your life experiences that seemed bad but turned out for the better? Maybe something that inspired those words?

Verble I- Well I lost my brother really young and even though it was hard to deal with it was meant to be. That’s why I said oddly what felt like hell ended up heavenly. He’s in heaven now and more blessed than ever.

Hiphoplead- That’s deep. Name 1 song you’ve done that will have the viewers hooked!?

Verble I- “Diamond For The Struggle”, first single off the new mixtape. The beats fire and I’m spiting hard, say no more check it out on any of my sites.
Hiphoplead- Thanks for hollering at us and in closing give any shoutouts….links to your sites….F.U.’S or whatevers clever
Verble I- Shoutout to Tha Advocate, my crew DM, that means everyone no need to drop names, big up lock jaw keep doing yall thing and all the people in yyc making moves much love.

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