V.I.S.U.A.L. aka DNA – The Rebirth (Hosted by Tha Advocate)

V.I.S.U.A.L. aka DNA – The Rebirth (Hosted by Tha Advocate)

It’s been over 2 years since V.i.s.u.a.l. aka DNA dropped his “Life As I Sea It” project. After some what of a hiatus from cooking up raps, Visual enlisted Digital Dynasty creator, Tha Advocate, to host this project and now he is back with a 2 disc, 27 song album called, “The ReBirth”.  This time around Visual had a lot to say and you can tell he wanted to make sure the listener know’s he’s not interested in any of these modern day rapper gimmicks.

Upon listening to the project we realized DNA loves picking some of his favorite industry beats and adding his own flavor to them and on this project he made some of the familiar  production his very own. On “Financial Freedom”, Vis jacks the 50 joint and spits clever lines like “people make a living off of Beefing/ and the funny thing is some of its pretend “. Line after line Vis goes in on the state of hiphop while simply asking “sucka mc’s, when did it come to this?”.  Another great record where Visual got to dive in his imagination was on “Eyes Of Nino”.  The track kicks off with several sound bytes from New Jack City and then all of a sudden Jack City sample driven production kicks on and the listener can find Visual time traveling back to the crack era while spitting lines like “it started in 86/ yeah we move crazy bricks”.

On top of industy assault records, and creative cook ups, Visual has time to slow it down a bit and bring something for the ladies. On the smooth “Satisfaction” record, DNA spits slick lines like, “you want a family/ lets make plans to see/ the man that protects you is what I plan to be”.  The equally impressive “Beauty” showcases a hypnotic faint sample as the foundation while DNA  rips lines about the ills of a potential relationship. The Biggie mack inspiration is for real on those tracks and the “Satisfaction Remix”.  A few tracks that really showcase Vis’s message are the lyrically driven “VISUAL vs DNA”, “Wizard With The Pen” and the ultra silky “If Radio Doesn’t Play Me”.

Visual comes back with intensity on this project and delivers a solid album. Not only does he do so, but he is giving this away for a free download! So make sure you link with the young emcee on the links below and download his album here- https://soundcloud.com/visualdna



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