V.I.S.U.A.L. aka DNA – Life As I Sea It


Just as the week is starting to wrap up a new mixtape came across our desk. Its by a new artist that goes by the name of V.I.S.U.A.L. aka DNA. The new mixtape he is dropping is called “Life As I Sea It”. Visual enlists the HHL affiliate, and Digital Dynasty Creator, Tha Advocate to host this project.

As usual Tha Advocate kicks things off with major intensity and lets us get familiar with the new co sign. Visual wastes no time after the introduction and starts letting off verbal shots like “check the lyrical, rounded individual/ my sound is original, ya style is just pitiful/ been ill since umbilical/ that’s birth if you are slow … but you don’t get it tho.” The Michael Meyers sounding “Riding Thru Ya Hood” finds Visual showing his dark side while chopping up audio from the “Saw” series. Visual also vents to the the public about the current state of hip hop and spits on commercial emcees while throwing darts like, “you say you get bread, you get a lot of head?/ blah blah blah lets talk lyrics instead”.

Visual shows us he has more in store for “Life As I Sea It” then just spit game. DNA gets in sync with Biggie while wooing the females on “Gimme Ya Luv”. Another stand out is “One Spade At A Time”. On “OSAAT” you can hear the pain in Visuals voice as it meshes with the violin sample almost pefectly. Here Vis calls for his soldiers to “rise up” and orchestrates his moves like a chess game while taking life “One Spade At A Time”. Creativity is at a full measure on the “Zelda Tribute”. On this track the producer diced up the Zelda video game and made it something special. Vis verbally demolishes this smooth foundation while letting us know he is willing to “travel any distance/ to save his love the Princess”.

One thing we cant stand is when an artist makes a mixtape or album and comes up with a theme or title that has nothing to do with the subject matter. Visual portays life as he “Sea’s It” thru his recordings. This mixtape has a great balance of beats, lyrics and creativity. This is the first time we heard Visual, but it won’t be the last. Only thing we would recommend to change is the recording and mixing quality of the music. If Vis can get in a better studio then the possibilities can be endless. Head on over to DNA’s youtube channel and download this mixtape — www.youtube.com/visualdna99

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