Trizz Taylor – Coming Of Age


Right before we were ready to clock out for this summer weekend on the East Coast a new mixtape, called “Coming Of Age”, came across our desk from Trizz Taylor. Upon listening we realized lyrics are a must have for Trizz and his smooth delivery makes each song very slick and well performed. This mixtape ranges in different topics and shows this young emcee’s come up process reaching a milestone in his journey to the top.

The “Intro” gets down to business quickly while Trizz starts professing his love for Hip Hop while spitting, “I dropped out of school, because schooling niggas with 16’s can probobally get me out of debt instead of needing bigger loans”, very candid and demonstrates Taylor’s modesty on this project. Trizz keeps up the pace on the smooth “Lyrical Therapy” and keeps the momentum building as he further continues to air out his dirty laundry a long side his many accomplishments in his life. Trizz cleverly spits “.. marching to the sound of my own drum, how real is that?/ I always hate when they say the real is back/ Novacane rappers I’m just trying to bring the feeling back/”.

The mixtape picks up pace on the self titled, “Coming Of Age”, track. Trizz starts to show his progression from mixtape man to possible album architect. Everything is in tack for this song and shows Trizz’s song writing skills as well as he pens a very catchy hook to go along side his impressive verses. Trizz also has time for some for some extra curricular activity on the laid back “Pre Gamin”. Trizz explains the warm up lap to his weekly sprint on this song, another words, the Pre Gaming to his night out.. who can’t relate? Taylor continues to mold his creation and keeps up a familiar formula with inspiring lyrical tracks like “Suburban Misfit” and “Motivation”, and also finds time to bridge the gap with more commercial creations like “I Aint Got A Care”.

When it comes to Trizz Taylor he has a dope flow, smooth delivery and is demonstrating impressive song writing skills. The one problem we have, which seems to be the same with a lot of come up artists, is the studio quality they are recording at. Sometimes a home studio, or free in that matter, won’t do you justice in the long run. We would love to hear Trizz remake some of these gems in a more elite studio. But overall the project is solid and everyone needs to download it here:

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