Tony Moreaux – Had You At Hello EP

Tony Moreaux – Had You At Hello EP Front

On the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts, coming from the east side of a small city going by the name of Lynn, born on February 20th, 1991 is Tony Moreaux. A fair amount of culture runs through Tony’s blood especially with him being part French Canadian and part African American. Tony comes off as a lyrical cat with a twist of generation Y with his catchy and infectious hooks. Just as the Spring is nearing the end and the Summer is starting to make it self known we came across a new EP from the Beantown representer, “Had You At Hello”. This the title and the upon judging a book by its cover we knew that the music had to make a good first impression. The question is.. were we right?

Upon listening to the project the infectious, gritty, “Sign Here”, kicks off with EP with a thunderbolt of artistry. The Boston slick talk matched with the H-Town sounding low pitch over dubs alligns perfect with the gully east coast production. Right away we find a perfect balance to intrigue the listeners on the first track. Tony spews lines like “I’m aware of how fleas try to feed off cats/ birds eye view, I see all that/ so you aint getting me/ I’m looking at you like Nigga please/ maneuver through the manure fuck the bullshit you giving me”. The wittiness and confidence goes a long way on this project and continues to show Mr. Moreaux is a rare breed in era of fly by night artists. Tracks like “Make It Count” and “The Food” keep Tony and his spit game sharp with slick line after slick line. These are the type of tracks you hear in a hood barbershop, it’s all show and tell at this point.

Tony continues to deliver different sides of character and does so to perfection on the well balanced “Dream2Big”. Tone delivers more slick lines with an insprational message. Not to mention anything with that “Dead Presidents” sound is A-Ok in our book. Another aspect of Tony’s artistry is showcased on the hook. A lot of rappers can rap but can they make a hook? Well in this case Moreaux’s catchy words will be cemented in your cranium. This record is an EP stand out and so is the heartfelt “Love Daddy”. Tony paints a picture of a mended Father/Daughter relationship and the reality of this story over the nostalgic Cormega sounding keys really hits a high note for the listener. Bar after bar takes you on journey and when you hear “It hurts to see your baby pictures and I dont even know why/ Maybe because I wish I was just there for those times/”, proves Tony is letting it all out for his fans.

Tony Moreaux is an emcee, not a rapper, point blank period. Just with this small sample what we heard was enough to “Have Us At Hello”. Gritty rap, slick talk, substance music its all here. What else can you ask for from an Hip Hop artist? The flow, delivery is all on point. So after all I guess we were right! Now do yourself a favor and link with Tony on twitter at @TonyMoreaux and cop his EP on ITunes-

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