The Flowtronics – 49th Equation

The Flowtronics – 49th Equation

Could it be in this era of HipHop there is a group of emcees that have their own distinct style? A group of emcees who dont subscribe to mainstream trends and a sheltered regional mentality? If you thought “Yes” then you are correct. This particular group doesn’t rep the Big Apple, the A or Cali for that matter. In fact where these guys rep, the 907, there is more to their stomping ground then another season of the Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers.

Enough with the riddles…. we had a chance to check out the new EP, “49th Equation”, from Alaska’s very own Boone Pratt and Rizzle P aka The Flowtronics, and man was it a breath of fresh air.

The EP kicks off with the addictive “Stay Hot” record and the fellas are making themselves known in a heartbeat. Boone Pratt modestly spits, “People wanna sit back and judge me/ at the same time they say that they wanna love me”. It’s the being comfortable in their own skin, and spitting what’s on their mind, that keeps this duo interesting throughout the project. Another track that really showcases the team is the cunning “Splash”. If you want to understand the the sound of the 907 this might be the type of record to brand the city. Another banger we had on repeat was the informative “NWO (NEW WORLD ORDER) record.

Rizzle P and Boone Pratt also contribute a solo song each to add a new dynamic to the EP. Boone’s “The Raven” takes you on a journey into a culture that the lower 48 have no idea about. Word is there is a trippy visual to accompany this track that brings a visual element to the mysterious sound of this song. Rizzle P’s “The Supplements” is a banger in itself. The track has a West Coast synth sound to accent the burly east coast drums.

Rizzle delivers a hypnotic verse and puts us all in the zone for a little self medication on this gem.
The Flowtronics have a unique sound. Alaskan emcee’s, Rizzle P and Boone Pratt, mesh with the large production (from in house Producer Token Red ) so well it seems they have found their own niche.

This EP was a great warm up lap to the sprint these fellas are about to take. When the Flowtronics EP drops make sure you purchase it on Itunes and CD BABY. For now make sure you connect with them on FB right here–

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