The Cause & Knowledge – Discovery

The Cause & Knowledge – Discovery

It’s been about 2 and a half years since we heard a new project from the Jersey duo, The Cause and Knowledge. The last time we vibed out to their creation it was the “Jersey Shore EP” and it had us wanting more. Now with the New Year in full swing we got what we were asking for, a brand new full length album from them, titled “Discovery”.

The albums first full length track is the revealing “Dear Diary”. This song finds these emcees spitting their heart out over the whiny chopped guitar sample. Knowledge bravely spits “days are mostly clouds, I barely see sunny/ trying to keep Pops proud but it’s funny”. Cause also delivers some personal heat while spitting in a complicated flow like “half of the, state I live in is headed toward a massacre/ sad for us, life is just a ride and I’m the passenger/. The guys have evolved over the past 800 days since our last listening session and stand out tracks like “Eureka” and the passioniate “Love Joint” show how their lyrics, flows and hook making skills have been sharpened. They do say practice makes perfect right? If you want an appetizer into these guys chemistry on records together skip right to the thunderous “New Jupiter”, if you head doesn’t nod to this you might need your hearing checked.

One thing about The Cause and Knowledge is they make you feel that 90’s sound without feeling old. Kind of like Joey Badass, these guys carry the torch for the new school when it comes to creating a modernized boom bap sound. Another gem on this project has to be the trippy “Carnival Nightmares”. The whole recipe for this track shows the duo’s uniqueness. Maybe it’s the whistly beat, the over dubbed synths, the dark vocoders or the killer flows that makes this track special, but it’s another notch in The Cause and Knowledge’s belt and take “Discovery” to another level.

The Cause and Knowledge are young in age but have old souls and their music reflects that. You can tell their schooling from the OG’s of Jerz have rubbed off on them over the years because their musical content and concepts reflect that. If you are looking for molly rap and twerk music from these guys then it might be more suited for you to find another dime a dozen rapper in their age group because these guys are making classic Hip Hop with that vintage New Jersey sound.

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