Tha Advocate – Hip Hop’s Best Kept Secret


If you don’t know who Tha Advocate is you probably been hiding under a rock or maybe he is living up to his nickname.  Either way Advo continues to grind out real hip hop that everyone can listen to and its only a matter of time JayTee (of HHL) recently caught up with Jersey MC to get an inside look into the mind of hip hop’s best kept secret.

HHL: What’s good Advo, what have you been working on?

Advo: Been grinding fam. Just dropped my mixtape “Barmaggedon” not too long ago, Also dropped mixtapes this year with Chamillionaire, Alchemist, Crooked I, and Stat Quo, with my mixtape series w/ Ballerstatus called “Digital Dynasty”, and we are working on D.D.7 Hosted by Ransom now. I also dropped a single off my album called “Where I Come From” , which featured Stat Quo, Big Lou and Mr. Probz. I am ready to unleash the remix verrrrry soon!!

HHL: Give us a little background on your nickname (hip hop’s best kept secret).

Advo: Well … I just feel like I am “hiphop’s best kept secret” cause I make quality substance music that the whole world should hear. Unfortunatley I aint where I need to be yet. I am getting closer … once that changes that title will change.

HHL: You have definitely taken the mixtape scene by storm, how did you get into that part of the game?

Advo: I just got sick of these wack ass mixtapes with these wack ass dj’s who don’t have any good ideas. I am sick of the “local” DJ thinking he is DJ Clue. So …. Why not start a mixtape series with one of the best hiphop sites in the game? It has been a success … I am very proud of Digital Dynasty and everyone that has been involved with it to date. Also, before I started Digital Dynasty ..I was partner in Mic Check Mixtapes with Underground.

HHL: Who were your main artist influences when coming up in the game?

Advo: Hmmm …2pac ! , Jay, Em, Nas, Styles P, Onyx, Bone Thugs, 50 … wow not a lot of new people huh (laughs)

HHL: What advice do you give to young up and coming MC’s?

Advo: Remember quality over quantity. If you make 1000 songs and they sound like shit it won’t come close to 10 songs that sound great. If you are serious just get on the grind and make sacrifices. Keep going and let the haters hate .

HHL: When’s the next Glish/Advo banger coming out?

Advo: On my album “Designed To Be Signed” . This song is crazy … it’s the official version of “The NEW” …I got emcees from all over the place on this record. A lot of dudes just going in 12 bars each!! Glish made a great beat ..once in the studio I had some ideas to add to it with some Live instrumentation and I had my dude Jeff Burna handle that. Wait till yall hear it lol.

HHL: In your mind who is the hottest MC in the game right now?

Advo: Me…. (Laughs) ..every rapper says that huh …ummm … Em, 50, Joe Budden, Crooked I …. yea.

HHL: How’s the new album Designed To Be Signed coming along, when can we expect it?

Advo: I’d say late this year or early 2010 ! …. It’s coming along so crazy. I got some of the illest concepts … right now if yall wanna hear some stuff that will be on there google “Tha Advocate-Trading Places” or “Tha Advocate-9678″ …. you’ll see. I call it “Designed To Be Signed”  because … this album is so good its Designed to make me get Signed . Ha!

HHL: I see on that twitter ( how much has twitter changed the game?

Advo: It changing it a lot but .. It gets hectic keeping up with all these new social networks… myspace, face book,you tube,twitter, they should just merge em all and make our lives easier. Call it MyTwitterTube Book …. Lol ..Ima copyright that.

HHL: Its good to have you on fam, give us your shout outs and keep grindin!

Advo: Thanks again … shouts to everyone who is making things pop with me right now. Shouts to all my peeps ..too many to name … shouts to Glish and yall for featuring me. Shouts to my Digital Dynasty and Ruff Houze Productions … lets get it !!!

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– Interview By JayTee (HHL Staff)

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