Teebone – Back On My Bullshit (Mixtape Review)


Artist: Teebone
Mixtape: (Hosted by Tha Advocate)

Ever since the 90’s the West has been fighting to dominate the charts again. There were brief hits and moments in time where we considered the west on the uprise again. When Game’s album dropped people were looking to the left again. Snoop has had a slew of big hits since the Mid 90’s.

Even the underground scene has made some noise with the likes of Jay Rock, Crooked I, and Nipsey Hussle. They each have there own image and there own lane. Now there is someone new on the block. His name …. TeeBone.

Listening to this debut mixtape you get a sense of realness minus the bravado. Digital Dynasty’s own, Tha Advocate, hosts the tape. Advo exlcaims “we are going all the way from NJ to La” .. you can almost feel the anticipation building. After a brief intro then kicks on “Back On My Shit”.

Classic underground west coast beat with the tight drums and a wahwah guitar flip. TeeBone goes in and spits “Natural born killer in a 3 piece suit/ Killa Cali is my state what yall niggas wanna do?”. “Big Guns Long Clips” is a up tempo west coast anthem. A slew of California underground rappers go in. This is what the west is known best for .. that real gangsta shit. The Watts Up Kid gets a bit personal on “Trippen”.

Teebone has no problem showing some vulnerability on songs like “Trippen” or “Don’t Let Go”. “Get Money” featuring Nest is the everyday workers motivation in life … to …”Get Money”. When you listen to this record you get a sense of just how hungry Teebone is. Remember Khaki Blue? Well, he makes an appearance on a few of Teebone’s tracks.

You can hear him going in the best on “Hammerhead”, aswell as Teebone. After hearing that joint its apparent they are for the legalization of that mary jane…. who can blame them? The only minor flaw with Teebone’s mixtape is some of the recording quality on it.

Even though it’s not an album and on most mixtapes you can get away with those type of things, it wouldn’t hurt to have a clearer mix. Overall the recording per say doesn’t mess up the mixtape experience at all. We are looking to hear more from Teebone. If you haven’t already download his mixtape below.

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