T-Bone – The Land Of The Towers (Mixtape Review)


One thing that we enjoy more then scoring mixtapes from some promising and not so promising artists is witnessing the evolution of an artist. We been listening to mixtapes from Watts California’s T-Bone for about 2 years now. Tee is a street dude with plenty of real life scenarios and different concepts that can score a modern day come back movie from John Singleton.

A few things that have evolved in T’s artistry is the fact that his flow got tighter, his word play got sharper and conceptually his ideas are becoming more unique. Not too mention an upgrade in studio quality as well. The other day T-Bone’s newest mixtape, “The Land Of The Towers”, which is hosted by Digital Dynasty creator, Tha Advocate, came across our desk. This is what we found after checking this project.

At first glance you notice the comic book style cover with T Bone looking back as you see the famous Watts towers in the background. The first few seconds of the mixtape is intense as Tha Advocate chopped up plenty of audio from the 1960’s Watts news transmission and current news clips of people in the 2k era claiming not much has changed. Then just like that, T Bone gets busy with some rapid fire madness spitting:

“Sit back and take a listen for a second/ the city that I’m from we don’t pray to no heaven/ niggas acting funny, every set we chin checking/ cuz the shit yall be pulling got me dumping out the weapon/”

…. one word comes to mind “GANGSTA.” T Bone continues to make major noise for his home town repping the city with tracks like “Ima Watts Nigga” and “Ima Gangsta”. T Bone really shows his evolution on “State Yo Mind.” T Bone also lets the listener get familiar with Black Ice, a new female rapper respresenting the golden state. She goes in like she is hungry as hell. She spits:

“Yea.. So Muthafuckin Evil/ Kill a bitch bring her back for the sequal/ no illuminati but I stack dead people/.”

She reminds us of a young Remy Ma with a west coast mentality. T Bone also follows suit delivers a memorable hook and 16 bars as well.

T Bone has no problem showcasing his around the way homies and he does so on tracks like ” Loaded” and “How We Do” with Tommy Gunz. Tommy Gunz and T Bone have a Jada and Styles P type of chemistry together. After hearing their back and forth on these tracks it leaves us wanting a joint mixtape from the two. T Bone also has no problem showcasing the softer side of an OG on tracks like “She My Bestie” and “One More Chance.” T paints pictures of a hood love scenario and being in a relationship while trying to stay street orientated.

While the verses were on point the hooks from Miss R & B need some work. They sounded more like an American Idol audition gone bad rather then a promising chorus. On another note T Bone channels an East Coast sound as he turns the agression all the way up and blacks out on “Towers Talkin To Me” and “Shit Happens.” T Bone spits a movie script as he states “Good shots graze, niggas hit the floor/ I took a look back and saw my homie on the floor/ Leaking like a water hose on the front porch/ So I grabbed the K cuz them niggas wanted war.”

T Bone is back with avengence and this project is clearly a staple into his discography. This is the best project to date we heard from the Watt’s representer. T Bone is giving this one out for free before he sells his first street album and you can check the mixtape below, and Download here: sendspace.com/file/n03iys

Also add the OG on facebook here – www.facebook.com/TBIZNEZZ

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