Swissivory – European DJ, MC & Producer

dj swissivory in tha club

Today we are kicking it with an European DJ/MC/Producer from Swtizerland. Get to know him.

HipHopLEAD: Whats gud Swissivory?

Swissivory: What’s going on HHL? Doing great man. Thanks for having me here.

HipHopLEAD: Tell us something about yourself.

Swissivory: I’m a producer, remixer and DJ. My credits include artists such as Lil Jon, Pitbull, Capone N Noreaga, Chamillionaire, DMX, Outlawz and Keith Murray to name a few. I also MC at club events and do hosting. I am a Coast 2 Coast DJ, Slip N Slide International DJ, Atlantic Elite DJ, and I’m part of a label in Switzerland called Supremus Sounds.

HipHopLEAD: How did you get the name “Swissivory”?

Swissivory: About 10 years ago, my boy Jose Vega in Boston used to call me Swissivory since I’m from Switzerland, but I was born and raised in the Ivory Coast. I then took it as my screen name and since the knickname stuck wherever I went, I adopted it as my DJ/Producer name.

HipHopLEAD: Since when and how did you get ito DJaying and producing?

Swissivory: I actually started playing the piano/keyboards when I was 8. When I was in high school, I got into hiphop during the late 90’s and in 2001 I started DJing.

HipHopLEAD: Tell us some few great venues and countries you have been spinning.

Swissivory: Man, I just came back from my Asian tour, played in Vietnam, and Japan. I also regularly go to the US last spring to spin on a 4 city-tour of NYC, Philly, L.A. and Vegas! Next year I’m organizing my World Tour which will combine most of the places I’ve already had the opportunity to play at, as well as some new countries.

Other than that I am a resident DJ at the 2 biggest clubs in Switzerland, the Kaufleuten and Indochine (members of world’s finest clubs). I regularly play in Germany as well. I love travelling, the experience of sharing my music with new people, being a part of their lives for 1 or 2 hours and giving them a good time!

HipHopLEAD: Are there still any places/countries you have not yet had the opprtunity to rock, but you are definitly looking forward to hit there?

Swissivory: I have played in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. I still have so many places to visit, I love travelling, but South America as well as Australia are definitely on my agenda. That’s the beautiful thing about music, people all over the world can relate to it and you can really connect with people that you’ve never met before, or sometimes cannot understand because you don’t speak Japanese, but you still can make them come together under one roof through music.

HipHopLEAD: Give us a list of some of the artists you never miss on your hitlist.

Swissivory: That’s a tough question!!!!(laughs) I always put a playlist together before a gig, but I just end up feeling what the crowd wants and I feed them based on reaction. But you could say that right now Dance Music is rising, so any artists making uptempo music are going to be considered. But then again, I play Rock classics, Hip Hop, House, Reggae, anything that makes people put their hands up!

I just live to make the people go crazy. If I had to name some artists I would say producers like David Guetta, Chuckie, Afrojack, and Lil Jon. But a good old’ James Brown or Michael Jackson can change everything!

HipHopLEAD: Why these artists? i mean what do they have or do special that you always like playing for the crowd?

Swissivory: The crowd in Europe is less focused on lyrics than in the US, they just want a good beat most of the time. For example, artists like Nicki Minaj, Drake, or Gyptian, don’t do big out here (which is a shame cause they’re hotttt). In Europe, Dance Music as a whole is ruling the clubs right now… That’s why you have artists like Usher, Ciara, Flo-Rida, or Jason Derulo who are following that trend to capitalize on that.

When I’m at home I listen to lyrics-based and more urban music such as Nas, Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, and more mellow sound, mostly RnB. But when I’m in the club, that’s when I go nuts, I have to make the girls go crazy!! That’s what I think makes a good DJ, to be able to separate the music that one likes, from the music that you know the people want! Fortunately enough for me, I’ve been able to separate the two quite well so far!

HipHopLEAD: We pubblished the mixtape project you hosted for own Glish, tell us something about it and how the two of you got together.

Swissivory: You know what, I’ve never met Glish in person! But through my beats website on, we connected. Then I found out he was based out of Italy. The rest, you could say, is history! It was a blessing to be part of Global Grinder, Glish has some phenomenal production and his tracks were dope. As a Coast 2 Coast Mixtape DJ, I always support independent artists who are hungry.

So when Glish hit me up and asked me to host it, it didn’t take me more than a week to finish up the mix. Mixtapes provide the platform for new music, more than clubs do. The club has a format, you have to work within those boundaries. DJ’s usually cut up tracks after 1m:30s because they are playing a song as part of a set. So on a mixtape is where you get the opportunity to play out tracks and influence the listeners’ ears a bit more. That’s why working with Glishy was a blessing and a great experience. Go download it right now if you haven’t already, because it’s hot!

HipHopLEAD: So can we be expecting some more new from the two of you?

Swissivory: Definitely, Glish is like family to me, since he has roots from Ghana, I’m from the Ivory Coast, you don’t get many chances to work with artists from that area who are doing it big. We have some projects in the works, and we will be connecting soon for some more projects, stay tuned…

HipHopLEAD: Name us some other important artists you have had the chance to work with.

Swissivory: I’ve been fortunate to have remixed tracks and made beats for hugely known hiphop artists, such as the Outlwaz (2pac’s Crew), DMX, Immortal Technique, Keith Murray, D Block, Redman, and Omega Red. Mixtape-wise I have worked with Redd Hott (my favorite RnB/reggae artist to me), Rosco, Capone N Noreaga, Young Noble, and MC Lyte.

I also have projects going on with M-Dot from Boston, google him, he’s a sick artist from Lynn, near Boston. I am also the exclusive producer for C-TRU, my artist living in California. He is so sick, can both sing and rap. We are working on some big projects to make his name blow up out there. I will be in L.A. soon to develop this project. Definitely ecxited about it, check out his music at

HipHopLEAD: So what should the audience be expecting from you?

Swissivory: My biggest project right now is getting my name out to the clubs around the world, so that my fans who download my mixtapes can get to see me play live in their home country. My current poject is called International Party Rockers. It will offer a platform for collaboration between DJ’s who want to get booked overseas and get promoted through our mixtapes.

So far I have received great interest from DJ’s all over Europe and Asia, as well as the US. This is a project that I’m working on with Dope Daddy of F.I.P Japan, and will be finalized very soon. I’ve already finished a new mix CD with DJ Juliano Zeni from Osaka, Japan. We are bringing out the first mixtape “INTERNATIONAL PARTY ROCKERS VOL 1″ and it will be full of the newest club bangers, some hot tracks for the club. And of course, my artist C-TRU is talented and has the potential to be one of the greatest. It’s not a matter of if, but really of when. I cannot wait!

HipHopLEAD: Thats great Swissivory, its been a pleasure having you with us. Any shoutouts and last words to the fans?

Swissivory: All I gotta say is thank you for the support, I’ve been blessed to have travelled the world this year, but I am even more eager to get back on the road to share my music with more people around the world. Big shoutout and thanks to DJ Pup Dawg from Boston’s JAMN 94.5 who taught me how to play at the clubs, and always supported me.

Thanks to the people who book me and allow me to rock their parties. Thanks to my family for supporting me and my music. Anyone I’ve ever worked with. Anybody who has given out a CD/Flyer/business card out for me. Can’t name them all but they know how much I care! Thanks to Hip Hop Lead for having me here, always a great pleasure. Add me on facebook, Twitter, all that, always /swissivory at the end! Official page See you at a club near you!

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