Swagga Jonez Fka Budha – Drop It

Swagga Jonez Fka Budha_hhl

Artist Name : Swagga Jonez FKA Budha
Genre : Hip Hop
Year formed : 2006
Hometown : Denton, TX
Website : IntroToBudha.com
Myspace : mySpace.com/YungBudha101
Label Type : Indie
Featured Track : Drop It Ft. Paul Wall, Six Two, Cp & Lex Lu

Raised partly in Gainesville/South Dallas, Swagga Jonez FKA Budha, has come to the forefront by uniting a smooth R&B flavor with the thunderous bass and rock-hard lyrics of Rap. His independent label, Off Da Trill Records, has released his debut album, “Intro to Budha”.

Swagga Jonez Fka Budha has contributed to several songs prior to his debut album release. He was introduced to the business at a young age; when he was included on track 5 (entitled “We Right Hea”) on the album MVP’Z Most Valuable Playaz 2000.

In 2006, Budha was a featured artist on E-40’s album “Ghetto Report Card”. The song was “Yee” featuring Too Short and Budha; it was produced by the well known artist/producer Lil Jon. Budha has also worked with other artists such as Money B, Bun B, Paul Wall, and Sam Bostic (producer of “Me Against the World” for Tupac.)

In April of 2008, Budha’s song “Real Talk” (also known as “Party”) was included on the album “Sick Wid It Umbrella”, which was produced by one of the San Francisco Bay area’s super-producers known as Droop-E.

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