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HHL’s own Glish took a minute with Bottom Music’s own Starsky, upcoming artist born and raised in the Brick City, Newark, New Jersey.

HHL: Whats gud Starsky?

Starsky: Whats up Glish

HHL: Pretty gud mam.. Can you give us a brief description about you and your music, where you from and what you are about?

Starsky: ok man, I am Starsky,I rappresent New Jersey, my music speaks for itself, I’ve been around for a minute just connecting with the right people to make sure that I when I push the start button, I got everybody behind me.I know, I’m better than the 90% of all these rappers poppin and floppin that you see on the web, my time is coming the takeover just began.

HHL: What’s so special about your music that we should admit once you hit the market you are definitely going to be a problem?

Starsky: Well I don’t leak a lot of records because of this reason, I feel that I put so much work in this that when you actually hear one of my records you see the difference, I make timeless music that everybody can appreciate even if you are not used to hear this kind of music.I get great reviews and the people just love my records, I get messages from Japan ,India to Brazil so that makes me understand that I am in the right direction.

HHL: What are your plans for this new year 2009?

Starsky: I’m taking care of my music from a business prospective, I just need the exposure that a major system can give and then it’s a wrap.I got my own team, the music is here, labels are not supporting artists anymore that’s why you gotta come with a strategy nowdays and this is what I’m doing in 09’, trust me I am about to take it to the next level.We got a warm up single out right now is called “I am Legend” , we ready to shoot the video for that in the next two weeks just to give the people a visual of what Im doing.

HHL: You recite from New Jersey, well we would like to know what’s the word about your music out there?

Starsky: I mean, real recognize real, Im not like all this rappers talking about all the immaginary things that they don’t have and probabily never will, Im just me all day and the hood respects that,I want to be the voice of New Jersey and bring the whole city to the forefront and with that being said I know it’s a lot of pressure but Im good with it.

HHL: And what about outside the Jersey state?

Starsky: Like I said I’ve been here for a minute but it feels like Im still new,Im well connected and respected everywhere, Im surronded by powerful people who actually contributed to make this culture as big as it is and they support me and my music in every region.

HHL: Good, can you tell us something quick about your recent project released if there is any?

Starsky: The last project I put out was probabily in 2007, the Bottom Music Mixtape Vol.1 “New Jersey Resurrection”, that’s a classic piece of work, I know a lot of people didn’t get the chance to hear and that’s why me and my man Paolo plan to re-release it with a few bonus tracks.

HHL: Are there any still in the progress that we should be expecting?

Starsky: I’m working on my album right now, I’ve some big names co-signing me and my brand just for the love and the mutual respect that you’ll find out very soon and the rest it’s just me, I don’t plan to have many feautures on it.So far its a classic, I will never stop saying it, when people hear it they will understand what Im talinking about, when it comes to the music Im very competitive so when I drop my album it’s going to be a special moment for hip hop.

HHL: Do you have any complains against how the whole hip hop music system is now moving, since the word “Hip Hop Is Dead” and the “Dirty South” taken over?

Starsky: I don’t feel like Hip Hop is Dead and I don’t have nothing against the south but music is just not music anymore, artists and consumers forgot the essence and the culture so they just don’t care, they are making fast food music and new fans are reciving because they have no choice, I’ll be their new choice very soon, I don’t plane to change nothing I’ll just help evolve this game.

HHL: Tell us something about your future plans or to be more specific lets say, plans including artists and producers you are willing or about to work with.

Starsky: Im willing to work with everybody who is talented and has a vision for his music, I don’t care wether you come from China or Poland, if it’s hot, its hot everywhere!

HHL: Alright, is bout time we come to the end of this curiosity conversation, is there anything we are missing that your fans and our visitors should definitely know about?

Starsky: Check me out on myspace,  and look out for the “I am Legend” video to drop real soon, go to my myspace to hear the record and let me know what you think.

HHL: Nice talking with you Starsky, keep yo head up, we will surely talk back again another time and we are about to drop an HHL Exclusive mixtape for our website visitors and will surely get you a spot on it, we really appreciate your time, until then see you for now.

Starsky: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to the people.

– By Glish (HHL Staff)

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