Stallion – Sex & Breakfast (The interlude) (Mixtape Review)


Da’ Hitman Presents: Stallion – Sex & Breakfast (The interlude)

Summer is about to kick off. Something about being in the sun or heading to the beach with a potential partner makes you want to the drop the top, or in some of your cases lower the window on the bus, and set the mood right.

Well if you are looking for that feel good music then check out “Da’ Hitman Presents: Stallion – Sex and Breakfast – The Interlude.” This is our first time hearing Stal make his mark with his own mixtape. Stal brings a 22 track collection of songs dealing with wild sexual encounters and tons of bravado. While this may be a back packers kryptonite and a coinscious rappers worst enemy, it can easily be classified as hiphops new generations dream.

Stal brings out R & B sensation, Bobby Valentino, for “U” and also enlists Nicole Wray when vividly describing lifes “Echoes.” Even tho Stal gets some major league appearances his best efforts are on songs like “Just For The Freaks”, “Ghetto Girl” and “Jamaican Girl.” Since LL Cool J and Heavy D have faded into retirement it seems Stal is in there lane when it comes to embracing a female audience.

Song after song is spliced with a sexual over tone, but Stal shows a different side on “Come From A Place” and “Still Runnin.” Both songs show Stal repping his area while devoting time to give you some inspiration for when you fall in life. One thing you will learn when signing a record contract is you have to dumb it down a bit for the public. Stal goes a bit overboard and gets brain dead on “Slide”, “Red Thong” and “Flipper.”

The obnoxious repitition in the hooks and the lack of subject matter and word play is almost unbearable. Back on the plus side of things Stal has a hidden gem with “Excuse Me.” This song might be the center of the feel good music on this mixtape and shows that this rising star really knows how to make a complete song. Stal features alot of famous artists aswell as alot of unsigned heat on this mixtape. One thing for sure is you can see the chemistry between all the featured artists on the songs, which says alot nowerdays when people are emailing guest verses thousands of miles away.

Stal is going to be one of those artists you either love or hate. Nelly went diamond and it seemed he had just as many haters as people who bought the album. It boils down to a matter of choice rather then principle. Lets remind readers this is the music business and it’s a business geared on selling records. Alot of film makers don’t like Tyler Perry but at the end of the day you have to respect his accomplishments and sales.

One thing about Stal seems to be that he really doesn’t care what you think. In fact if he did he wouldn’t be the artist he is today. When he goes into the lab he makes cross over music with pop over tones and has no regrets doing it. If thats not gangsta I dont know what it is. Make sure you download this mixtape below and add it to your summer collection.

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