St. Peter – The N.A.U. (Hosted By DJ J-Ronin)

St. Peter The N.A.U.

Killah Priest has been flooding the internet with tons of viral music videos and music in 2012. One of those songs that have been heating up the web was, the St. Peter produced, “Brilliantaire.” When Advo first blasted off the record we were connected instantly.

The Wu-ish sounding production had Priests name written all over it. Who could have made this beat? Rza … No .. Canada’s very own St. Peter .. Yes. This had us ready to hear more from the beat smith and we got a chance to check out his newest mixtape compilation, “The N.A.U. (Hosted by DJ J-Ronin)”.

If you yearn for those hard hitting, mysterious, sample chops, reminiscent of Premo or Rza, then look no further. The mixtape kicks off with an intriguing intro with movie audio clips signaling the coming of St. Peter. Peter gets right into “Legendary”, which is performed by Hell Razah and King David. Both artists demonstrate that they are in there prime and ride this St. Peter track like a surf board. Killah Priest demolishes “The Winged People”.

Peter and Priest have a natural sound with each other. Priest goes in depth about the origins of man stemming from something more then what the bible says, something super natural .. something alien, cue “The Winged People”.

St. Peter shows his producing versatility on “Vertigo Dreams”, with a dreamy bassline, blaring keys and a great hook. The performers, Daddy Rose, proove to be a force to be wreckoned with. Another mixtape stand out is “Selah”, from Hell Razah. Razah goes in depth about the world we live in. Letting us know how the problems of today stretch from more then what goes on in the U.S.

Razah glides over the smooth St. Peter production as he spews jewels left and right like “now America is under seige/ even the citizens over seas/ chem trails in the air we breathe/ at 13 he can barely read/ but he can sell crack and roll weed/ niggas acting like they don’t bleed.”

Nothing falls short on St. Peters debut mixtape, “The N.A.U.”. If you are sick of the radio friendly songs you hear on your local clear channel line up then it’s time to get in tune with this new mixtape. It’s not often that producers drop collabos this good, for free at that, and this one speaks in volumes. If we had anything negative to say about any song on here then we would probobally be lieing. Download this mixtape when it drops. For now check out St. Peter at these links and get ready for the mixtape drop.

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Download the 1st official leak “Hell Razah and King David – Legendary

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