P.A. – Righteous Scrolls


Name : P.A
Genre : Hip Hop
Year formed : 2004
Hometown : Toronto, Canada
Website : N/A
Myspace : www.myspace.com/pamusiconline
Label Type : Indie

Featured Track : Righteous Scrolls Ft. Tragedy Khadafi (Prod. Incise)

P.A. is just another inner city youth out of Toronto who grew up in lowincome housing. His family has moved 9 times in span of 8 years whichalways made him an outcast and that enabled him to keep to himself forthe majority of his upbringing. His story is very unique, he grew up ina household where his father was schizophrenic and abusive to everyonewhich effected everyones upbringing in the family and creating mentaldeficiencies in everyone. Living cheque to cheque, being caught up instreets, and getting into trouble from being suspended from school tobrushes with the law, P.A. still managed to complete school and go onto College and he maintains his focus and found sanity in hip hop whichproved to be the most inexpensive form of therapy to him.

P.A. brings a fresh traditional style to the table influenced by manylegends such as: Kool G Rap, Intelligent Hoodlum, Rakim, AZ, and Big Lto name a few. Labelled as one of the top emcees to look out for byStreet Hop Magazine and already connecting with several legends in thegame and being featured on tracks along side Kool G Rap, TragedyKhadafi and one of the fallen soldiers/legends in hip hop KL ofScrewball (1971-2008).

This 21 year old emcee from Toronto is the first of his kind and hasbeen scribing tracks that are being well received by everyone from thehip hop purists to the younger generation. A nice balanced sound iswhat this up and comer brings to the game. P.A. has been featured bymany media outlets worldwide such as: MTV (Germany), XXL, All Hip Hop, Hip HopDX, Hip Hop Game’s audio section and numerous others.

His single “Righteous Scrolls”, alongside Tragedy Khadafi received a great response from the underground and he recently followed up with the streetsingle with the legendary Kool G Rap & B.A.G.I. off his new Mixtape ‘Pyrex Prophecy’. P.A.has been grinding and appearing on several reputable Justo nominated DJs mixtapes and he has received numerous spins on Sirius satelliteradio, hip hop nation.

The rap game has taken entertainment to a whole new level filled withgimmicks wether righteous or savage. P.A. brings several elements tothe table in terms of flow and style and also versatility as a person.P.A. can relate to the streets and relate to the everyday blue collarstruggle considering he has been through it and has seen both sides ofthe fence which enables him to converse with the listeners fromdifferent angles.

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