Oktayne – Hat Game


Name : Oktayne
Genre : Rap
Year formed : 1999
Hometown : Rodeo aka Smallzville, California
Website : www.isound.com/oktayne
Myspace : www.myspace.com/therealoktaynepage
Label : N/A
Label Type : Indie

Featured Track : Hat Game

Biography :

Born Albert Devon Tatmon, in Berkeley, California on the 15th of December 1987, Okatyne is a millennium artist who recorded several mixtapes. He has a small buzz from his song “Brim Low” The song was a cut from the 1st Ignition mixtape. Ignition was a series of two mixtapes created for fan support, and improvement.

Unfortunately he changed his squad’s name so that series is considered as unreleased material. Oktayne is also known around his peers, with his smooth tempting voice. He can use his voice to rap well as well as to turn women on. He attended John Swett High School in Crockett, CA. Oktayne second love was R&B but fell in love with Hip Hop before Tupac died.

He used to stay in the hood while living in the city of Oakland but was too young to understand it. Oktayne grew up in Smallzville, CA (Rodeo) from 1994 until present. Oktayne first picked up the microphone to record in the 8th grade. During that year two students went to Oktayne’s house and used his Dad’s DJ equipment to record demo tapes. Around that time it was the era of the cassette tapes. The popularity of LP albums were slowly rising, but everybody knew things were about to change. Oktayne’s progress wasn’t working properly due to technology advances. He eventually decided to be a solo artist. “Brim Low,” Oktayne’s best-known song, includes a sample from a Young Jeezy vocal sample on the verse.

The beat by Epik The Dawn was used the wrong way as well as the sample. It never was released, because Oktayne avoided being sued. Oktayne is growing into an image of young Hip Hop supporters. He maturely realizes that Hip Hop has no more substance. He wants to bring the substance back to game while sticking to his mainstream roots. He was dreaming about this since 1999 influenced by one of his brother’s friends who was starting a record label.

So you can see he is growing into an image of young Hip Hop supporters. Oktayne’s era is known as the 80’s babies era. Oktayne is currently making plans for his upcoming debut album, which will be called Self-Explanations. He is currently looking for artists and producers to be on his album. Oktayne debut album will have production by Beat Catererz so far on the production. He currently conducting business with a few beatmakers to make sure the album is good. Oktayne is willing to prove to the world why he is so good.

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