Shawn Blayze – Feature Presentation (Mixtape Review)


Reviewing this next mixtape was refreshing and a treat. We had a chance to review a tape and instead we learned about someone’s life. Shawn Blayze put together one hell of a mixtape from the beat selections, to the subject matter to the lyrics. Nothing was off limits on “Feature Presentation” and it showed a great balance of diversity and spirit from the New Yorker.

The mixtape gets busy right away. The title track “Feature Presentation” kicks off with a back and forth conversation between Tha Advocate and Shawn Blayze. Advo asks “describe this mixtape in 1 word” and Blayze responds with “unforgettable.” That statement does not fall short. Blayze gets down to business spitting “Thought I was dead and gone, but yall wrong niggas,” referring to his 4 year gap in releasing mixtapes. This track has a cinematic movie type of feel and SB delivers every bar from the heart. After hearing that record we knew off the bat this mixtape was going to be an open book.

Next track that keeps the fire burning at a stead pace is the joint record “We On That” which features, New Jeruz artist, Tha Advocate. Advo goes in with a supreme delivery and switches back and forth from a regular to double time flow. Advo shoots darts at the imposters with lines like “I laugh at these wanna be’s out here fronting/ acting like there stuntin is suntin to talk about its nothing”, while Blayze lets the competition know “Shawn Blayze aint nobody quite like him/ don’t seperate my name from their’s .. no hyphen.”

It’s pretty aparent both artists are above the rest while demonstrating they are truly “On That.” Two more stand out records have to be the hypnotizing “Till Death Do Us” and the vividly honest “Time Will Tell”, which features R & B singer Whodini. Shawn Blayze shows he truly has reached a point in his artistry where being an artist with relateable topics matter. On the 2pac sounding “Time Will Tell” Blayze reaches a pinnacle of self reflection while recognizing that “time is passing by so they stay with a green light/ passing by like that fly bitch you don’t see twice/ that bitch and the hands of time be just a like”.

Blayze has a reason to be cocky while drops fall effortlessy from the likes of everyone from DJ Drama, Nore and Saigon to even more of your favorite artists. Blayze continues to extend his journal to the public while letting you know about “The Man Behind The Music” and how exactly the streets were to him in his “Teenage Hustle Days”. Another stand out record with cross over potential has to be the reggae influenced “Everywhere” and the recognizable “I Run This Remix”. Shawn Blayze channels Slick Rick and Nas for his tales from the hood on the track “Loyalty and Love”.

This mixtape is one of the best Indy mixtapes we heard in a while. SB dropped a mixtape with album qualities that a lot of new comers should take notes on. It can easily in fact be an album, being it is better then most of the mainstream non sense floating around these days. We look forward to more music from the Upstate New York Emcee and we urge anyone reading this to purchase an official CDQ hard copy, or atleast download the project for free. We cosign there will be no dissapointment. Links are below:

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