S.G. – Welcome Back (Dekade Edition)

S.G. – Welcome Back (Dekade Edition)

When it comes to that authentic Hip Hop a lot of fans seem to be in search of what once came a dime a dozen. The new breed of emcees often follows suit with what they recognize as a stepping stone into the industry and their path often leaves the consumer shaking their head in disbelief. Surely you can imagine how many projects we get that is the same generic formula and often it means nothing to the listener, or reviewer in this case. Well on a hot June day we got a eye opener and had a chance to check the latest project from S.G., titled “Welcome Back (Dekade Edition)” and boy it was refreshing.

The mixtape kicks off with the hardcore “Demonology”, featuring Venchete, and the track sounds like it can be an eerie back drop to a horror movie. These two emcees make a track that would make Emily Rose bop her head in this modern day horror core rap record. One track that is so New York you can practically hear the subways screeching is the gritty “Bronx Ninjas”. This joint is so reminiscent of the 90’s and sounds like a joint that Cormega and Tragedy would shoot darts on. S.G. continues to spew venom on tracks like “3.2. Murder 1″ and “Guilty 1″. Not to mention the blended soul sample on top of those hardcore drums Nary provided make for a perfect ying n’ yang mixture to add to the formula.

S.G. shows us it’s not just gritty boom bap that makes this project live but the Bone Thugs/ Bone Crusher sounding “We Rollin” will have anyone ready to ride out at the drop of a dime. Two more joints that keep the bass heavy anthems in tack are “From A City” and “151 Krunk”. The bravado driven track called “All Night” is another mixtape stand out and should bridge the gap between Male and Female listeners smoothly. S.G. also touches a personal note with the inspirational “We Made It” and even takes a risk on the Rock sounding “Ride”.

S.G. stays far away from the mainstream while cooking up a combination of gritty raps on several different layers of production. While the content, subject matter, bars and production are on point one thing that S.G. should utilize is better studio and better mixing. A lot of the records had a low grade quality sound and might turn some listeners off. None the less the project as a whole was dope and deserves your attention. While some of you just may be getting to know S.G., others are embracing the project and telling the emcee “Welcome Back”. Make sure you support and Dek records and check out the project below.

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