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RedHead is a 20 year old rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur from Hopewell, VA, currently living in the Seattle / Tacoma by way of his military ties. RedHead is a versatile and passionate artist / emcee that connects and captivates his crowds immediately. Inspired by the works of Drake, J. Cole, Outkast and Ludacris – Redhead catches attention with clever wordplay in his songs. His work is inspired by his ability to THINK and DREAM BIG. Focused on identifying positives and shadowing the negatives elements of life – his personal play at being grateful for what you have more than worrying about what you don’t have.

As a story teller, it has been said that you can feel his hunger for success and pain through his records as he loves passing life lessons, experiences and messages through his lyrics. Redhead never stops grinding (N$G) in completing what he perceives as his greatest challenge as an independent artist in pursuit of his dreams – getting your voice heard by the right people in a market and industry as it becomes increasingly saturated with other talent. RedHead is known in his hometown and the Pacific North West as a passionate Go-Getter who lives and breaths the (N$G) movement. With his strategic plan to continue to promote himself, reach additional fans and growing as an artist, he has made a commitment to himself and his fans to continue to GRIND and perfect his craft along the way.

RedHead enjoys meeting new fans while promoting himself and circulating his music from a grass roots level – He is focused! It has been said that you can feel his hunger for success and pain through his records which allows many types of fans to connect and relate.

Watch out for this DETERMINED Artist who will continue to grind until he no longer has to introduce himself!

Hiphoplead- For starts where did the name come from?

RedHead- My name “RedHead” came from people joking on the color of my hair. It’s naturally light brown and reddish. At first I hated it then I finally just accepted it and made it cool to be who I am.

Hiphoplead- Being the majority of music in Hip Hop is coming from the South do you feel like your move from the South to Washington makes it harder for you to get your shine on?

RedHead- I wouldn’t say it’s harder, but it’s definitely a challenge. Being that Washington is not really based on the type of music I’m accustomed to. But I think no matter where you are in this world if you grind hard enough you can make it regardless of your location.

Hiphoplead- What made you pick up a mic and get busy?

RedHead- Honestly I started writing raps when I was 12 years old and I met my homie Shaquille Young (Spaz) and he put me in my first studio ever. After the passing of my sister it made me realize the pain and life experiences I started to put over those beats could really turn into something even greater than what I realized.

My homie J Uzzle passed away in 2010 and we were like brothers, he was the best rapper I knew and that’s when it really sunk in like I’ma really go hard now and I’ve always loved music.

Hiphoplead- Are you doing anything else other then rapping? Producing? Mixing? etc?

RedHead- Actually I am, I’m also singing and I’m a songwriter. I use to mix tracks a long time ago but not anymore. I’m the co-founder of my manager’s (frenchyyy) clothing line called “Belle Vanii”. Besides the music we focus on the clothes and promoting, and always finding ways to enhance our the way we live.

Hiphoplead- For those that don’t know what made you create your “I’m Here Now” (mixtape), with a message. Basically even though you had a lot of current and radio records a lot of your music had personality and a message in it. Another words, what made you want to craft a tape that was more than just freestyles on turn up records?

RedHead- It’s not really me trying to create a tape with a message, because that’s going to happen regardless because my songs are about my life every single one or them are true experiences. I’m not really the turn up type of rapper, I’m more of a conscious rapper, but I like to do it all to keep my fans, supporters and also myself interested .

Hiphoplead- With a title like “I’m Here Now”, it’s basically letting the game know you are here and it’s your time to shine. What do you feel you bring to the game that’s missing?

RedHead- I feel I’m bringing to the game not something that it’s missing but something it doesn’t have enough of which is real music, not fraud statements, but actually making music about things I actually go through and not what I think people would want me to go through.

Me saying “I’m Here Now” is like a wakeup call, it’s letting people know to make room because if you’re at the top I’m coming for your crown. I’m at the hungriest point in my career right now!

Hiphoplead- One record that stood out to us was “Better Days”. You spit, “I really wish we would stop the shit/ lately we been so opposite/ look how long we been kicking it, it’s like you the one I play soccer with”. For one.. super dope word play. Two .. I got to ask .. was this record written from real experience?

RedHead- Thank you a lot & yes like I always say real experiences. It was about me and my girl at that time. The song was created when we were going through a lot of problems, and I have problems with communicating, so I felt the need to speak to her through the song I wrote.

Hiphoplead- Any plans for a video for that joint?

RedHead- Naw, no plans for a video because I’m working on another project now. Maybe in the future we might come back around and make something happen with it, but as of now I’m not really focused on that record.

Hiphoplead- Lets play on that scenario of “Better Days”. What would you say would be the time when a relationship is unsalvageable, like when would the better days not be a reality in a broken relationship?

RedHead- Better days in a relationship depending on what type of person you are would not be a reality based on how extreme the situation is, for me if you’re doing me wrong with another person then it’s completely over the moment I find out.

Hiphoplead- What is your long term goal for hiphop?

RedHead- My long term goal for hip hop is to make a major impact on the game, to become one of the greatest of all time, to be mentioned with Biggie, Pac and Jay.

Hiphoplead- Any new projects on the way you want to share with us?

RedHead- Yes, I’m currently working on my EP entitled “Painting A Picture”. I’m so excited for this project to release, I have a surprise for my fans with this one as well so everyone stay tuned!

Hiphoplead- Is it harder to be respected in hiphop as an artist with actual bars? A lot of ya record you really say things that make the listener and a lot of people feel like the climate of hiphop is getting well … dumber. Your thoughts?

RedHead- I don’t think it’s hard to get respect I just think rappers with actual bars are not respected enough.

Let’s get into some off the wall topics a little bit out of the norm…

Hiphoplead- Is Bin Laden really dead?

RedHead- I don’t know (laughs). I don’t really care about Bin Laden but if he’s not dead I hope he doesn’t hurt anyone else.

Hiphoplead- You mentioned Drake and J-Cole as inspirations. Who would win a battle out of the two?

RedHead- Lyrically I think J Cole. As of hit singles Drake will take it, but I listen to J Cole more, he’s one of my favorite. But my #1 favorite rapper is Fabolous, I would like to work with him soon.

Hiphoplead- Are Aliens really visiting the Earth?

RedHead- I don’t believe in Aliens (laughs).

Back To The Norm…….

Hiphoplead- On one of your album skits you mention traveling because you are in the Army. What made you decide to join the service?

RedHead- My Mom had me join the service to get out the hood and make a better life for myself. I only really chose it to travel with my music and fund it, and go to college for free.

Hiphoplead- Word is we are on our way back to Iraq, what are your thoughts on that?

RedHead- I want all the trouble over sees to end.

Hiphoplead- Have you been to war?

RedHead- I have never been to war and hopefully will never have too, but if I have to, I will go and fight for our country.

Hiphoplead- Lastly, how does being in the Army and being an Emcee balance out? Is it hard to focus on your dream?

RedHead- Being the army and being a emcee can be beneficial and hard at the same time. You just have to make it work to your advantage. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. It’ll never be hard to focus on something I breath, I live music.

Hiphoplead- Name 1 song you’ve done that will have the viewers hooked!?

RedHead- I have a new single that hasn’t been released yet, called “West Coast”, that will definitely have viewers hooked !

Hiphoplead- Thanks for hollering at us and in closing give any shoutouts….links to your sites….F.U.’S or whatever’s clever.

RedHead- I would like to shout out anyone that has ever showed me love and to the new fans of my music ! give me a listen

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