Razeray – Mindfull

Razeray – Mindfull

We first got a glimpse of Razeray on the “The Induction” mixtape, hosted by Killah Priest. With that small sampling we can tell he was inspired by some heavy production and razor sharp lyrics. Now, a few months later, Razeray offers up his brand new EP titled, “Mindfull”. Upon listening to the 6 track project these are a few thoughts that came to mind.

Razeray wants everyone to hear his words loud and clear and each mix keeps his vocal level slightly above the production. Perfect example when the EP kicks off with the self titled “Mindfull”, Razeray starts letting off his arsenal with lines like “each sin pins in my skin like a cactus/ is it true the only thing guarenteed in life is death and taxes?/ when I take my last breath what happens?/ Do I vanish?, at that moment does it matter if I’m white, asian or spanish?/ will it matter what I established on the planet?/and if they try to take my soul I’ll tell them I won’t have it!”. That was a perfect track selection to kick off the EP with.

Razeray continues up his critical thinking on the Just Blaze sounding “Desiderata Is Nirvana” and this track makes for one of the album stand outs. Moving on we noticed that on top of the consistent flow Raz usually uses he flexes his muscles a bit on the mid west sounding “Razeray Is”. The double time flow finds Razeray working over time and going full throttle with his bars. He continues to lure the listener in with his catchy hook that will have you asking “do you really wanna know what razeray is?”.

Raz enlists the smoky vocals of Charlotte Fabro on the fresh sounding “Happiness Reborn”. This track right here shows the young emcee in more an album mode then a mixtape mode. This track has all the key elements of a full rounded album song from an actual artist and fits very nice on this EP. Another banger that has that fresh spring time, chilling outside in the summer feel is the “Trandscendence” record. Raz continues delivering a message on feel good production and closes out the EP on a positive note.

Within these 6 tracks Raz has potential to take it to the next level. A few things that we would like to see in the future from the emcee is better clarity in his mixes and a better studio recording. Also a cover with a little more flare to it could do wonders because it’s a harsh truth that people do judge books by their covers. Other then that we enjoyed the EP and we are urging you get a copy. Head over to https://razeray.bandcamp.com/releases and download it for free, or name your own price! #Support

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