Prospect – Putting Kentucky On The Hip Hop Map


Located in Central Kentucky, Campbellsville to be exact, Prospect started rapping at the ripe age of 15 when he lives in Louisville, KY.

Prospect moved to the “sticks” and just started putting his feelings in words. Skateboarding and Hip Hop kept him out of trouble, as he got older he learned how to record to his music. Prospect notes that his inspiration comes from pure Hip Hop, “that underground soul” as he calls it. “The mid 90’s to me was Hip Hop, and that’s what I want to keep alive”, says Prospect. Right now he is currently working on his next album, and finishing up an E.P. called “The Brothers Grimm”. HHL had a chance to catch up with the blue grass representer and it went like this..

HipHopLead- Lets get this cracking right away. Usually rappers are concerned with street talk and are anti establishment. What makes you want to take a stand and talks about a lot of other topics?

Prospect- I feel like as a Emcee and artist, your fans and the public should be able to relate to you in some way. We are all out here trying to get money but most of us have priorities. So I want the public to feel what I’m saying not just the beat. If you take a 420 break on a daily basis, this will be something you want to light an L too. LabJunk E.N.T. Elevate’s Natural Thought.

HipHopLead- The most you hear about Kentucky is horse racing and chicken. What is there sound represent the most?

Prospect- Our sound represents our ability to make good music without the help of major labels and companies. Most of us are Independent so we are going double time to bring our fans, and community, the art and entertainment we have created. We work hard but play even harder.

HipHopLead- If you had to compare your sound and Kentucky hiphop to another form of hiphop which would it be?

Prospect- I don’t think you can compare our sound. So much undiscovered talent on many different levels. You got that grimey east coast spit, down south trunk music, you got R&B singers and back packers. Derby is coming up and the Louisville is going to be live so if you’re a promoter or A&R this will be the time of year to check out the city. A lot of good shows coming up, not counting the rest of the year.

HipHopLead- When did Prospect realize this is what he wants to do with his life?

Prospect- When I wrote my first rap. I’ve always been a black sheep, so it helped me really say what I wanted to say and people would listen.
I watch the transition of Hip Hop and Rap through the 90’s and 2000’s. Seems like being a smart emcee faded and the media started glorifying simple ignorance.

HipHopLead- With that said on your album, “Fresh Since 83″, you boldly mimicked the sound of the golden era of hiphop. Very underground and back to the basics. Do you feel like there is a need for that boom bap again?

Prospect- It’s still there, just more underground but that’s what makes it a unique sound. I grew up break dancing also, so I’m heavily influenced by Old School and underground Hip Hop. I live Hip Hop, it would be cool to be able to visit the Temple of Hip Hop.

HipHopLead- Can you tell us who exactly Prospect (the artist) is?

Prospect- Prospect is that dude that will make you think outside the box. Role up something good and lace a track. Elevate Natural Thought with Beats, Rhyme’s and life.

HipHopLead- Do you have a label or are you looking for one?

Prospect- I have my own label called LabJunk E.N.T. (Elevate Natural Thought).
I work with Producer’s like Blachoody Productions and Tha Martian. Both are good friends of mine and are really talented. Artists.. these guys got some heat you will want on your projects!

HipHopLead- What is coming next from Prospect?

Prospect- I got “The Brother’s Grimm E.P.” that I’m working on with another local artist in my area. The artist goes by the name True. You should be hearing something off that real soon and hopefully the E.P. will be out by late summer or early fall. I’m building on my next solo project and stay pushing “Fresh Since 83”, which I will be releasing on cd baby later this year. I just started working with CunyBoy Safire. Another local producer nice with the beat game. You can stay updated with me on

HipHopLead- You spit, “looking for a better way, a better day/ where I can put my worries away, because the stress is gonna kill me/ so I pray, to keep the demons away/ greed and jealousy try to get at me”, on “Tha Truth” . When you write heartfelt music like that ..what type of mindstate are you in?

Prospect- When I wrote this I was working 40 hours or more in a factory and spending my extra time building my craft. I felt like my last hope was the music. When your down you got no where to go but up or settle with failing. I was raised in the state of thoroughbreds, born to win. Maybe this can give people hope to never give up on your dreams. Shout out to C Work and Pure Elements, LabJunk 4 Lyfe. Listen here!

HipHopLead- Do you feel like “greed and jealousy” is the reason most rappers can’t co exist in this game?

Prospect- Could be, or just bad investments and no talent.

HipHopLead- Out of all your music which song is the most vulnerable and introspective of them all?

“BadPerm” off my album “Fresh Since 83”. I wrote this song feeling like people were sleeping on me. I was working on my music, constantly writing. I didn’t feel like people were hearing me and the ones close to me wasn’t understanding me because I was spending most of my time finishing the album.

HipHopLead- When you wrote “Party Don’t Stop”, was your agenda to secure a Kentucky fan base with a cross over track or to reach the masses?

Prospect- Yea, plus it just fit my mood that day also, felt like it would catch some ears. I’m always looking for new idea’s, Keeping the music universal gets everyone into it. Shout out to Stashious Clay for that feature.

Here at we like to ask our features some questions that really are out of the norm.We do this because it gives the fans a broader outlook on you.So lets get it cracking ….

HipHopLead- KFC or Popeyes?

Prospect- KFC

HipHopLead- What are your favorite sports teams?

Prospect- Knicks, Celtics, UK Wildcats

HipHopLead- Is Obama doing a good job?

Prospect- No Comment.

HipHopLead- Howard Stern or Star and Bucwild?

Prospect- Howard Stern.

HipHopLead- If you could abolish any rapper from the game that annoys the hell out of you… who would it be?

Prospect- (laughs) I think the industry could promote more talented artist in general with a better message behind them besides staying in the club popping mollies.

HipHopLead- Your top 5 dead or alive list of greatest emcees of all time?

Prospect- 1.KRS-1 2.Slug 3. Method Man 4.Talib Kweli  5.Guru

Back To The Norm…….

HipHopLead- It seems in Hip Hop you can’t really have more then 1 female emcee or a white emcee. Coming from the south, is it harder to be accepted as a white rapper in your opinion?

Prospect- Yea, but Hip Hop is all about earning that respect and having to work for it, it makes the struggle worth it. There isn’t any honor in having everything handed to you. When it’s your time, then you take it.

HipHopLead- Do you think being from Kentucky makes it harder for you to get a deal?

Prospect- Not really, it’s the artist will and drive. Doesn’t matter where you’re at, you can make it happen. People have always told me I couldn’t be a rapper but look at me doing an interview on

You just have to work hard and believe, with faith anything is possible.

HipHopLead- Speaking of that are you trying to get signed to a major or go the Indy route?

Prospect- I don’t know, if the deal is right I might take it. It would be great to get more exposure but I hear about a lot about bad deals.

HipHopLead- How does Prospect differ as an artist from your “Fresh Since 83″ album and your “Buddha Monk” mixtape?

Prospect- Nothing is different, I’m trying to give my fans more story telling, which you will hear on “The Brother’s Grimm E.P.”, and new production from Blachoody Beats, Tha Martian, CunyBoy Safire and more.

HipHopLead- Plug some embeds where the HHL viewers can buy or download your tapes and albums.

Prospect- You can buy my album “Fresh Since 83” at this link for $5.00:

You can get a copy of my mixtape for free at

Visit my page on Reverb Nation to stay updated on show’s, new music and more. Facebook!

HipHopLead- Name 1 song you’ve done that will have the viewers hooked!?

Prospect- “Higher Learning” (Featuring Hoodu, Philly B). It’s deep lyrical content to feed the soul. I was getting ready to go on tour in Michigan and Indiana with Split/Side back in January. I was real focused because I had been on the road many times just not for a week straight hitting two different states. I was feeling focused and blessed at the same time, and that’s how I wrote it.

Hear it here –

HipHopLead- Thanks for hollering at us and in closing give any shoutouts….links to your sites….F.U.’S or whatevers clever

Prospect- Shout out to my girl Takara Bridgewater, who puts up with all the late night sessions. She has got my back. BIG ups to her! I wanna thank the Lord, he truly blessed me. Shout outs to my Dad and Grandparents. My baby girl who has changed my life for the best, Amani.
Shoutouts to Hoodro (BlacHoody Productions), Yusef Freedoms, Grillz Tha Jersey boy, B.A., Anker Boy, ThreeDee of PhatFinga Productions, Father Jah, GRR, Tim B. (Nemfo), Manifesto, CunyBoy Safire, C Work, Tha Martian, SpitFire,Q-Day, Stashious Clay, Split/Side, Will Mon, Priest Pepone, Kevin Covan, Styxx Louche, True, Dj B-Rite,Dj-KGee, John Hood, The Wizard, Ashley Bell Studio’s, Big SALUTE to the state of KENTUCKY, CV3 (Campbellsville,Ky 270), Louisville(502),,, Tha Advocate,, Symptom, and a BIG shout out to my hater’s, thank you for doubting me. KENTUCKY STAND UP!!!!

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