Philos – Women On My Mind (Mixtape Review)


Philos has been on the grind for a while now. Each year he gets a little bit closer to breaking the surface. So far he boasts collabo’s and friendship with Paul Wall and Travis Barker. Now right after Valentines Day 2011, Philos brings us his newest work, “Women On My Mind”. This mixtape is unique in its own right. And Philos demonstrated while being a west coast rapper .. why he isn’t your typical west coast rapper.

Philos isn’t afraid to be him. “Toilet Paper” starts off with a loopy keyboard sample and high strings. It sets the tone for the type of slick talk Philos is about to deliver. “Rest In Peace DJ AM/ Ima get it till the PM/ Push that work on I-10, Riding in the DM/”… Los slick talk on these records will make Don King take notes. Paul Wall stops by for the “Bust A Left” record. The hook is definatley something Texas would rock with, while it has a hyphy beat to lock in those bay area residents. Hearing these two rappers styles mesh together on this track are interesting and something to ride too.

Los shows a more vulnerable side when he hops on the Tiao Cruz “Like A Star” instrumental. “Drop me like a call, but I never Fall” are a few of the lines Los spits when he lets the haters know why he shines “Like A Star”. Los goes in a different direction with “No Brake Lights”. This is techno, trance, meets west coast hiphop mash up all in one song. Its a nasty all out freakfest.. “daddy hit it from the back” echo’s in the hook, while Philos delivers some sexed up LL Cool J vocals throughout this record. This is a strip club anthem and a mixtape stand out. Philos sounds reminiscent of B.O.B. in “Move”.

That’s another uptempo possible radio friendly record. At this point if you haven’t found out what Philos is about check out “Touch”. This track shows the emcee in his comfort zone. Another trancy beat at a slower bpm make it clock work for Philos to deliver some monsterous 16’s. The swag is at an all time high on “Touch”.

This mixtape has plenty of stand outs and only a few minor let downs. Philos shows us a more happy side on “Women On My Mind”. One has to respect Philos originality but maybe some more story telling or possibly a real life song or two extra wouldn’t hurt. Make sure you download this mixtape at the link below!

Download “Women On My Mind” mixtape here

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