Oh·Të·hM – The Prologue


“The Prologue” is a Pre Mixtape released to warm fans up for the 1st Oh·Të·hM EP that will be released on Itunes. (Oh·Të·hM) is a record label based out of the Bronx inspired to become “another Roc Nation or Bad Boy Records”, but only Independently. Oh·Të·hM plans on supplying their fans with nothing but excellence and greatness in every aspect from their live shows, clothing lines, and their vinyl collectible toys. Oh·Të·hM makes it known they are aiming to make the greatest musical experience provided within 70 minutes.

Upon listening to the mixtape label members Clever, Cashout CAM, Juz Blaze (with A Z), Roy$Wag, Flacka and Clever all contribute a different element to the group. The tape starts off with rapid quickness from Clever as he bobs and weaves in double time format. Clever continues spitting lines like “dressed in all white like cocaine/ got the drink in my cup, no Kurt Cobain’s”. Clever keeps up a familiar formula and tradition on “Gilligans Island”. This time the production is more fertile for his raspy voice and this track makes for a mixtape stand out.

For a label based in the Bronx we were waiting for something that sounded regional. Some boom bap, tough talk and slick lines. Don’t get us wrong, a lot of the cuts were cool vibe out music but some of them were missing that NY aggression and had a lot of southern influence. That’s until we got up to the Cashout CAM and Juz Blaze banger, “South Par”. This song right here is so New York, so gritty. Each emcee delivers the wicked tales of their boro and how they used to “look up to drug dealers”. Cashout Cam continues delivering more hood stories on “Romeo Must Die” and continues to capture a nerw age NY sound with something reminiscent of early 2k dipset.

We look forward to hearing more from Clever, Cashout CAM, Juz Blaze (With A Z), Roy$Wag, Flacka aka Oh·Të·hM, but for now download their mixtape below and connect with them on their website ( http://ohtehm.com/ ) and over on twitter (https://twitter.com/OhTehM).

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