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Nyk Von Cole

The Nyk Von Cole Experience

“I always knew that I wanted to sing, and couldn’t picture doing anything else in my lifetime with this desire” –Nyk.

Passion, Determination, Personable, and Sex Appeal are a few words to describe Nyk Von Cole, an American R&B, Pop singer from Houston, TX.

Nyk Von Cole was born in New York as an army baby with her father in the military, but grew up on the southwest side of Houston TX after her mother and father divorced. Woman empowerment became an important message that Nyk Von Cole wanted to express. “Watching my mother work so hard alone for me and my sister, showed me just how strong a woman truly is. I want embody that strength in my presence and my songs,” explains Nyk.

Starting in the church choir, Nyk began singing at the age of three. While attending Alief Elisk High School, she simultaneously juggled the school’s dance team and the churches choir. By the fifth grade, she began discovering her passion for writing songs and poems, in addition to her singing capability. Everybody around the powerful young voice couldn’t help but notice the progress of her development overtime. While perfecting her craft, Nikki continued growing into her passion and career through her studies at Clark Atlanta University majoring in mass communications and also Texas Southern University concentrating on the entertainment industry. Through choir rehearsals, dance practices, talent show performances and her college education, the young singer, song writer, recording artist and entertainer became well seasoned and business savvy.

Moving forward, Nyk went from participating in local talent shows to excelling even further on to being in the top 100 contestants on the popular, FOX 26, national show, X-Factor. Although Nyk didn’t get the “W” on the show, she remained in an attitude of gratitude, “I did however gain exposure from an average of 12 million viewers watching from around the world,” Nikki expounded.

Today Nyk is working harder than ever on finessing her development, working in the studio and traveling to do shows to build the buzz around her brand as an artist. Teamwork makes the Dream Work and under the direction of her Management team Carte Blanche Entertainment and her production team, Major League Beats, she is geared to complete her first solo project early 2014. With that, it wouldn’t be wise to sleep on the new R&B Diva on the rise. With the brains, beauty, talent and swag, you can definitely expect to see Nyk Von Cole around for the long run – she plans to be a GAME CHANGER!

HipHopLead- Hey what’s good Nyk how’s things with you?
Nyk Von Cole- Hey everything’s great. Always feeling blessed!

HipHopLead- Is Nyk Von Cole your actual name or is it made up for music?
Nyk Von Cole- Nicole is my real name but Von means royalty in German. I am a strong believer that African-Americans come from royalty and I wanted to incorporate traditions of black royalty within my name. Too complicated? (laughs)

HipHopLead- Not at all (laughs) . Like many artists it seemed you endured a busy path to stardom and are now blazing your own trail. Was it hard to be in school, dance, choir and all those other tasks and still focus on evolving into the artist you are today?
Nyk Von Cole- It’s always going to be hard but with a passion for what you do, it’s almost as if you don’t feel it. You just keep doing it because you love it so much. I never really thought about it that way. Music is more like an escape for me.

HipHopLead- I want to scale it back a bit into your past. We know you were born in NY and later moved with your Mother to Texas. Did you grow up with your Father in the picture being you mentioned you saw your Mom doing almost everything to be able to survive?
Nyk Von Cole- Long story short, I never had the chance to experience a father-daughter type of relationship. I was only three when my parents split up. My mom was the example in my household.

HipHopLead- How has the relationship with your Father effected you as a person?
Nyk Von Cole- Well, I think it made me super strong and independent. My dad’s absence created such a vulnerability that I had no choice but to protect myself. It’s almost like the songs I write I’m either super strong with my message or so vulnerable it hits the heart.

HipHopLead- Has it effected you musically? Any songs about your upbringing?
Nyk Von Cole- Our relationship definitely has effected me musically. I’m glad you brought that up. I’ve written many songs about what I felt about my upbringing, however none that I am bold enough to let anyone hear. It’s just for me to get it all out. One day maybe…

HipHopLead- Back to the now. Are you interested in signing to a major label or is an indy label better suited for you?
Nyk Von Cole- Only time will tell. I feel like it’s really about the music! if I’m able to reach people with what I’m saying and I’m able to see the affect that I have on people that’s good enough for me. I just want to sing and leave my mark on this world.

HipHopLead- It seems that in most urban genre’s there can’t be more then one popping female rapper /singer at a time. Anyone who comes into play already gets compared to the current leading artist. How do you think we in the HipHop/RnB culture can condition ourselves to accept more then one at a time?
Nyk Von Cole- There is absolutely no way to stop the comparisons (laughs)! But, at the end of the day the artist has to set themselves apart and not by trying to, just by being themselves. Being compared is not always a bad thing either, it could be a compliment. You just have to take it try to be distinctive and move on. No worries.

HipHopLead- Who are you favorite singers of all time?
Nyk Von Cole- ALL OF THE GREATS – Whitney Houston ,Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, Tina Turner. Luther Vandross! Donny Hathaway. So many I could go on for days. More currently I have to say I am always listening to Lauryn Hill, Tamar Braxton, Beyonce.

HipHopLead- How bout your top 5 female singers of all time?
Nyk Von Cole- Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Tamar- no particular order. I feel like I’m missing……everybody (laughs).

HipHopLead- A lot of people can sing but when did you realize making music was your calling?
Nyk Von Cole- I always was writing something or singing something, but it wasn’t until my mom said don’t waste your gift. I really took that to heart. She made me believe I was already a star.

HipHopLead- We checked out a lot of your music and were impressed. I wanted to ask you being you have that gift that a lot of others don’t. How does it make you feel that the real singers, pure vocal talent, isn’t in the mainstream any more?
Nyk Von Cole- WOW! Good question. I think that image is more important now. It used to be about the voice! Maybe it’ll become popular again to actually be able to sing (laughs). But who am I to discredit anyone for working hard. If you have the grind….GRIND! I feel like real singers will ALWAYS have the longevity in this business. True talent doesn’t age. Gimmicks die quickly

HipHopLead- Back in the 80’s and 90’s it was about who made the music best music, had the best sound and vocal range. Now people seem satisfied with a dull hook and auto tune. When you turn on the radio and hear what’s considered current in the RnB market are you content with it or do you think it should be different?
Nyk Von Cole- I’m a true R&B fan! If it were my way there would be Jodeci’s, Fugees and En Vogues on the radio! I want to be someone to take it back to those days in a new way.

HipHopLead- We see you dropped an in studio video for “Like Me”. The track sounds great by the way. What inspired that record?
Nyk Von Cole- Thanks! Of course a relationship inspired he track. It’s really a topic anyone can relate to. Male or female.

HipHopLead- Is this your first official single that’s slated to drop, or have you dropped any other albums or singles before?
Nyk Von Cole- This will be the first of many to come. I’m super excited!

HipHopLead- We just recently interviewed Major League Beats. He is a rising star in this game. What was your in studio experience like with him?
Nyk Von Cole- Major is a beast. He’s totally different inside of the studio. He’s about his work which is awesome! We really vibed.

HipHopLead- How did you link up with Major?
Nyk Von Cole- Major and I go way back. I’ve been knowing him since high school. I went to ATL for a little trip and we randomly scheduled a studio session and came out with “like me”. Go figure.

HipHopLead- One song that really stood out to us was “Love Sick”. That seemed like a stand out and could really brand you as an artist. For starts how did that song come about?
Hear it here- http://artistecard.com/NykVonCole#!/musics/22268
Nyk Von Cole- Everybody has somebody that you just feel like you can’t let go of because you’re so in love, whether it’s right or wrong. I was at that point when I wrote that.

HipHopLead- So .. you made it into the top 100 on X Factor. What was that experience like?
Nyk Von Cole- That was a crazy experience! I learned so much in the time I was there. The audience was huge!

HipHopLead- Did you get any TV time at all, or was it behind the scenes?
Nyk Von Cole- (laughs)! They showed me a couple of times, but not singing! It wasn’t my time to be seen yet.

HipHopLead- Are you going to try out for them again?
Nyk Von Cole- While I enjoyed every aspect of it besides being sent home, I feel like the x factor show taught me a lot but it’s not something I would go through again.

HipHopLead- Do you write your own music?
Nyk Von Cole- I do!

HipHopLead- On your song “Gone” you were basically stating that you are reaching that boiling point and you are ready to leave and be “gone”. Was this song made from a personal experience?
Nyk Von Cole- All of my songs are super personal. Gone was really a fun song to record. I originally was just talking smack about being ‘gone’ if someone didn’t get it together.

HipHopLead- What are some deal breakers in a relationship that would make Nyk Von Cole be gone?
Nyk Von Cole- NO DISRESPECT in any way shape, form or fashion. NO SCRUBS and definitely NO LIARS.

HipHopLead- We know Houston is your stomping ground. In the mid 2000’s the lone star state was running the game and now things fizzled off. Do you think if you were in LA or NY the process would be easier?
Nyk Von Cole- FASTER? Yes, Easier? Not really. It’s all the same game. If Houston comes together the way Houston did in the mid 2000s HOUSTON COULD MAKE A COMEBACK.

Here at HipHopLead.com we like to ask some questions a bit out the norm to give our readers a broader outlook on you. So fasten your seat belts… here we go..
HipHopLead- What’s your favorite food?
Nyk Von Cole- Spaghetti!

HipHopLead- Tell me one of the craziest things you ever did?
Nyk Von Cole- Tried out for x factor (laughs).

HipHopLead- Beyonce or Rihanna?
Nyk Von Cole- BEYONCE.

HipHopLead- If you could go on a dream vacation anywhere in the world where would it be?
Nyk Von Cole- Egypt.

HipHopLead- What are the pros and cons of Houston?
Nyk Von Cole- I LOVE HOUSTON all pros! BIG, LAID BACK, COUNTRY-CITY-FIED! Only con- No more Astroworld six flags.

HipHopLead- Tell us a hidden talent you have?
Nyk Von Cole- Home décor.

HipHopLead- If you could abolish any rappers or singers music career in the game that annoys the hell out of you who would it be?
Nyk Von Cole- NO COMMENT!!!!!!

Back to the norm ..

HipHopLead- After listening to you for a while it’s apparent that lyrics, production and song writing are important to you. How do you feel about the lyrical element of the game kind of drifting off over the years in HipHop and RnB?
Nyk Von Cole- I think that people do what they think is popular and not what they feel anymore. Lyrics will however always be important. People truly want to hear those lyrics. That’s why there’s so much respect for artist such as Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Lauryn Hill, and Beyonce.

HipHopLead- Any new albums in the works?
Nyk Von Cole- I am going to put out a mixtape in the next 3 weeks to kick off the new year and build a buzz around what is in the wings for my special album release.

HipHopLead- Any features worth mentioning?
Nyk Von Cole- I have some things on deck….Coming soon!

HipHopLead- Name one song of yours that will have the HHL viewers hooked?
Nyk Von Cole- Definitely “Like Me”… and I can’t wait until people hear “How Does It Feel” it’s super sexy!

HipHopLead- With that said it was great chopping it up with you. This is the part where the floor is yours .. so give any plugs, shout outs, F.U.’s .. whatevers clever….
Nyk Von Cole- SHOUT OUT to the hardest working manager LEDONIA DAVIS! MLB productions all day. My ALREADY GIRLS! Samantha Bright! THE WHOLE CITY OF H-TOWN. I’m representing! Signing out!

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