Nick Nemesis – West Chester Up & Coming Rapper

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HipHopLEAD: Today we are chilling it with a new up and coming rapper named Nick Nemesis. For starts where did the name come from?

Nick Nemesis: Well Nick is the goverment name…shhhh dont tell nobody haha…but Nemesis comes from being someones arch nemesis…I’m the one who is always trying to be or is one step ahead of you no matter what you do.

HipHopLEAD: Where are you reppin?

Nick Nemesis: West chester, PA about 30 minutes outside of Philly…Yea Asher Roth WENT TO SCHOOL HERE but HE AINT FROM HERE!!!! haha…sick of the comparisons.

HipHopLEAD: What made you pick up a mic and get busy?

Nick Nemesis: I always liked to write as a child and so I started out with poetry and short stories and stuff like that…then I got to high school and really started expressing my emotions and life in what I wrote…I made it rhyme and developed my OWN flow…the rest is history and what you see today.

HipHopLEAD: Are you doing anything else other then rapping? Producing? Mixing? etc?

Nick Nemesis: Yes.I mix/master all of my own tracks and recordings and sometimes play engineer for other artists.

HipHopLEAD: Who were your influences to get into music?

Nick Nemesis: Well I was really inspired by my moms drive to keep on moving even tho everything seemed to be against her…and anyone in the entire music industry who has the dedication to do what they do and to become sucessfull from it.

HipHopLEAD: Is it harder to be respected in hiphop as a “white rapper” ?

Nick Nemesis: Of course this question has to be asked haha…nowadays no I dont think it is harder to get respect.,.people like eminem and asher roth have made there way into the game and are both well respected in there own manner…I hope to do the same…and as asher roth experienced I am often compared to eminem even tho are styles are very different…I will say I listen and study his music intently and the same goes for asher roth which I am also compared too but I feel like I am nothing like anyone else…I”m nick nemesis…I am original.

HipHopLEAD: What projects have you released to date?

Nick Nemesis: Just mixtapes so far…I have personally released 4 mixtapes myself (I’m Back, I Am Savage, Change The Channel, and iAlone) and have been featured on 9 other mixtapes including 2 of the digital dynasty series…all of the mixtapes are avaible for free download on datpiff or somewere else on the internet, (laughs).

HipHopLEAD: Which was your favorite and why?

Nick Nemesis: I Alone…I wouldnt say it was my best but it was 10 times more emotional and underground then the other mixtapes I released & I really enjoy that side of hip-hop…real life and lyrics combining to make great songs.

HipHopLEAD: Are you on a label?

Nick Nemesis: Unsigned…feel free to throw large amounts of money my way (laughs).

HipHopLEAD: Any new projects coming out? Any features?

Nick Nemesis: April’s Own coming out April 19th/ 10 for FREE and a mixtape every month after that also for FREE and possibly an album in the works with no official date set…as for features hit me up. I’m pretty much down to work with anyone who is as dedicated and passionate about music as I am.

HipHopLEAD: How would you describe your style of hip-hop?

Nick Nemesis: Versatillity is key…I prefer certain styles over others but I like to switch it up and never be the same…it keeps the fans guessing and entertained…also broadens my horizon and increases my skill level.

HipHopLEAD: In 5 years from now .. where do you want to be in the music bizz?

Nick Nemesis: Anywere as long as I am progressing forward…Im not really in it for the money or fame but I wouldnt mind being able to live off hip-hop…every rappers dream huh? (laughs)

HipHopLEAD: If by some chance music doesn’t pan out for you what will you be doing 5 years from now?

Nick Nemesis: At your local Mcdonalds asking if you would like to super size that # 3…(heavy laughs)

HipHopLEAD: Are you impressed with the response you have received from your presence on Digital Dynasty?

Nick Nemesis: Yes I have had more then a handful of people hit me up from just hearing me on those tapes…Advo puts out a good product what more can I say.

HipHopLEAD: If you had to compare yourself to 1 sports athlete who would it be? and why ?

Nick Nemesis: Dwayne Wade…everybody knows he is good yet he is underestimated because of the more flashy players in the league who need the shine to survive while he just falls back and wins. Yea I’m like him.

HipHopLEAD: Here at we like to ask our features some questions that really are out of the norm.We do this because it gives the fans a broader outlook on you.So lets get it cracking ….

HipHopLEAD: Are you happy with Obama as a President and the new health care reform?

Nick Nemesis: So far so good? I dont really get into politics like that…I admire his charisma and will say he is one of the better speakers Ive ever listened too.

HipHopLEAD: Whats your favorite food?

Nick Nemesis: Pizza or Buffalo Chicken.

HipHopLEAD: Best diss song of all time in your opinion?

Nick Nemesis: The Ripper Strikes Back/Can-I-Bus – LL COOL J…not the illest but damn son…maybe Ether – Nas its close.

HipHopLEAD: Pac or Big? Nas or Jay z? Ludacris or TI?

Nick Nemesis: Lyrically? Pac, Nas and Luda!

HipHopLEAD: Who would win in a battle …Eminem in his prime or Joe Budden in his?

Nick Nemesis: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SHIT MAN hahaha Budden is prolly who i look up to the most right now but in a BATTLE I would say Eminem but I would pay alot of money to see this! Real shit.

HipHopLEAD: Back To The Norm…….

HipHopLEAD: Name 1 song you’ve done that will have the viewers hooked!?

Nick Nemesis: All of them!!!!!nah…Right Here Ft. Freck Billionaire or maybe my newest song.Thought’s.

HipHopLEAD: Thanks for hollering at us and in closing give any shoutouts….links to your sites….F.U.’S or whatevers clever

Nick Nemesis: No doubt…Its Nick Nemesis…reppin Deific!!!!!

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