Nick Nemesis – Sidetracked Vol. 1 (Mixtape Review)


Artist: Nick Nemesis
Mixtape: Sidetracked Vol. 1

We interviewed Nick Nemesis a few months ago. When we did he was on point, but this new project is showing something different.

It’s painting a picture of an artist with an agenda. Nick may not be from the mean streets of Philly, but he spits with the clever rhymes to put Pennsylvania back on the map.

Nick dares to touch the mainstream while being an underground back packer. When Nick spits venomously on “Zippo”, “Ride The Wave”, “True Story”, and “BMF” can see he is no lightweight.

Another honarable mention on Sidetracked is “Fun Night”. This is definatley record you will enjoy intoxicated. The beat is full of trippy sped up vocal samples and Nick mentions the “Jersey Shore” while a female is “showing me how she can be really down”. Nothing is wrong with a party record with a strong visual.

One thing that Nick tries to do is is keep lyrics a top priority. One record which might be the most intimate look into his soul is “Feet On The Ground”. This record is so well crafted it might be recycled for an album cut. It’s kind of like production from Recovery meets a new struggle.

The only place Nick really sways off balance and takes away momentum from the project is when he does his best Lil Wayne impersonation on “Single”. It’s hard to go from depth, lyrics, and substance to a choppy monitone robot sounding cliche with bad taste.

Even though that is the only bandaid on the project it by far doesn’t change anything about this artist’s “agenda” we spoke about earlier. Nick Nemesis is setting the tone and paving his own lane. No Mohawks, No Skinny Jeans, No Gun Talk…. just substance and music from the heart. Welcome to the world of Nick Nemesis!

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