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Straight from the realms of East Orange, NJ emerges the “VOICE OF THE STREETS”, MoeCrayne. This guy has been finding his way through the music industry since the age of 12 and his time is NOW!. He has performed all over New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Georgia and the Carolinas. He has been featured in a number of urban magazines/mixtapes and on numerous radio shows and has been nominated for “Best New Artist” and “Best Male Hip Hop Artist” from 2011-2014 Queen City Awards in Charlotte, NC.

He has also worked with such artists as Treach from the Grammy Winning group Naughty By Nature, Fam-Famiil from the Rottin Razkals, DoItAll from The Lords of the Underground and Miilkbone, just to name a few. From open mics, to opening up for major artists, MoeCrayne has dedicated his life to his music and would like to share his experience, his passion, his pain and his joys with the world. MoeCrayne currently has a EP called “Breaking N.E.W.S” available on itunes and and he has a lot to say on that project. On the last day of March we had a chance to kick it with the Jersey native and it went a little something like this.

Hiphoplead- Ok for starts is Moe Crayne your real name?

Moe Crayne- Actually it is. Moe is just short for Maurice.

Hiphoplead- How about “Mischif”, do you use that anymore?

Moe Crayne- The name Mischif was my first stage name kinda given to me by by mother because she used to always say I’m always getting into Mischief and has a lot of stories behind it. Most of it I wanted left behind so I decided to use my government name, Moe Crayne.

Hiphoplead- It’s been almost 3 years since we featured your “Rekoniize” project. How have you evolved as an artist over the last 3 years?

Moe Crayne- Most definitely every song every verse should have growth. I have grown more as a man, as well as an artist, and I felt it was time to show the world the growth.

Hiphoplead- One thing that hasn’t changed is your intensity. Would you say it’s the Illtown in you?

Moe Crayne- Oh yeah! I’m a Jersey boy, that’s all I know, It’s who I am.

Hiphoplead- We know now you live down in North Carolina. How long have you been there and what made you leave the Garden State?

Moe Crayne- I been in Charlotte since 2008. I basically left for my oldest son not wanting him to get involved in the street life the way I did and trying to prevent him from following the path I made. I love Jersey to death but it was time for me to venture other places.

Hiphoplead- Which area do you like better, NC or NJ, and why?

Moe Crayne- I mean NC is beautiful, it’s much different from Jersey, it’s real laid back here and I gotta admit I wouldn’t trade the weather here for nothing but all in all Jersey is my home forever tatted on my arm, now Charlotte is my second home.

Hiphoplead- Over the years we have seen a lot of North East emcees compromise their sound to mimic southern rappers. You seem to have stuck to your guns. The Boom Bap and soul samples are strong in your music. For starts, is being in the South now, tempting or an influence to switch your style up?

Moe Crayne- Up Top (East Coast) music is what made me. Jersey always had its own sound and that’s all I know is that Jersey sound. I never even thought once about switching my style to mimic the south, that’s their lane.

Hiphoplead- How have the people reacted to your gritty garden state sound in Charlotte?

Moe Crayne- At first I didn’t think they would accept it but to be honest ithere’s some real spitters down here, you would be surprised, but I have created my own lane out here and it has been accepted. You can’t not respect a heavy hustle and grind game. I started going hard with the music out here in 2010 and have been nominated for the Queen City Awards 4 years in a row so that says something.

Hiphoplead- Overall how do you feel about the state of Hiphop and the state of Jersey rap?

Moe Crayne- I was worried for a while about the state of Hip Hop but the Kendrick’s and the J Cole’s of the game make me feel like lyrics and substance are coming back. As far as Jersey music, my dudes are definitely making a statement. Jersey has been black balled for years but I don’t think the movement can be contained anymore it’s here and in your face you can’t deny dope music.

Hiphoplead- We saw you perform with, and do a few tracks with, Treach. How did you guys meet and what was it like working with him?

Moe Crayne- I knew Treach for years, we grew up in the same hood DTH (Down The Hill), he is like a big brother and mentor to me. It’s always a pleasure working with him… I mean it’s get no better than working with a Grammy winning legend.

Hiphoplead- Lets talk “Rekoniize Strength”. Is that your label and can you fill us in what going on with the company?

Moe Crayne- Yea, Rekoniize Strength Ent. is an Independent label I am signed to, my homiie 40oz (Will Ward) started the label in 2006 we moving right now getting all our artists in place. As you know I just dropped an EP called “Breaking N.E.W.S”, that’s hosted by one of the hottest mixtapes DJ’S in the south, DJ Chuck T. Then we have T.O.G (The Other Guy) he is a dope young artist and just dropped an EP called, “In the Kitchen”. We also have the First Lady of Rekoniize Strength, her name is Chastidy Ellis, she is a R&B/Pop artist with a hell of a voice, her Ep will be dropping very soon, then there is Quan who is the Artist and a dope emcee, he will be starting on his project soon, last but not least we got my man Mecanic he will be finishing up his project soon . So we working non stop, if you ever in Charlotte make sure you come check us out at our home base, Skwad Liife Studios in the Music Factory.

Hiphoplead-Ok Ok .. lets get down to it. Maaaaaaan… we were just going through your new EP album, “Breaking News”, and we didnt find one weak song! No lie, that project is solid man! (HHL READERS MAKE SURE YOU COP THAT ALBUM AT THE LINK BELOW!). How long did it take for you to make the project and is there a full album on the way?

Moe Crayne- Well it took some time mainly because of personal issues and trying to make the album a future classic but in between working on the album I was doing a lot of collabs. I dropped the EP so that my fans didn’t have to keep waiting but now that it’s complete I can put the finishing touches on the “N.E.W.S LP” which will be dropping in a couple of months.

Hiphoplead- We saw you collabed with, Australian artists, Morse Gang and Fadi Majic. We actually featured them a while back as well. It’s cool to see the internet bring different types of emcees together. So how did you guys link and make those tracks come to life?

Moe Crayne- Fadi Majic contacted me on FB and wanted to collab so that what we did. Afterwards his team got at me later to do a song called “Breathe”, when I first heard it I knew it was gonna be a hit and I didn’t hesitate to give them some heat for it.

Hiphoplead- On your EP, one of the tracks that really stuck out to us was, “Street Runnas”. Bruh .. that track is beyond gritty. It’s hard! Is there a video on the way for that joint??

Moe Crayne- Me and Trigger Treach are working on the treatment for “Street Runnas” as we speak, it’s gonna be big, I promise you.

Hiphoplead- Off subject, that hook is crazy. Is Riq Da Kid the lost member of M.O.P. (laughs)??

Moe Crayne- (laughs) Yall crazy! Everyone says that about Riq, but that’s just his flow, I don’t even think he tries to sound like them, but if u closed your eyes and listened to him you couldn’t deny the similarities and he do it well 050DAT! ! He’s my cousin to by the way.

Hiphoplead- Before we get out of here what’s your ultimate goal for this hiphop game?

Moe Crayne- To catch this game before it is completely lost and to just to bring back flow, style, substance and the realness of hip hop. I just hope that my words can reach, as well as teach, somebody.

Hiphoplead- It was good to chop it up with you homie and we are glad to see such a dope project being dropped by an on the come up artist. The floor is yours, plug any links, leave any shout outs, go for it.

Moe Crayne- Thanks for having me bruh well you know first I gotta shout out the Skwaad!!! One time for Jersey 2 times for Charlotte and 3 times for Hip Hop the Breaking N.E.W.S Ep is available all over the internet amazon,itunes,emusic,spotify,aspiro,Google play,xboxmusic, slacker, myxer,,rhapsody,shazam,heart radio,lastfm,muve music, media net and more…
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