Mischif – Rekoniize (Mixtape Review)

Rekoniize Cover

It seems lately New Jersey is starting to turn their slow burn turn into the blaze they once had in the 90’s. Alot of new comers are starting to get the nation wide recognition they have been yearning for. While some of the vets are making there own come backs (Lauryn Hill, Joe Budden, Doitall).

One of those artists that rep the new breed goes by the name Mischif, a native New Jerseyian who now resides in North Carolina. The Garden State Great affialiate has been making some noise with his newest project “Rekoniize”, and we had a chance to scope out the disc.

The album opens up with an brief intro on the track “Lets Go” from the hoster, DJ Kaos (Artifacts DJ), and then Mischif spits an agressive verse about being “back on the grind, back on the grill again/ crooked crack fell back for a minute man/ but I’m back and attacking the shit again.”

The raspy rawness continues throughout the whole project and Mis continues to send lyric blows to his haters on “Amped” by stating “I’m a slayer and dieing to choke a hater/ and put a patch on his eye like an Oakland Raider.” One of the stand outs is the amped up “G.S.G. Shit,” which features Monsta, Fam Famill, Prince Ak and Doitall. All these seasoned wordsmiths bring the heat as they go back to back cypher style repping the garden state the right way.

Mischif shows an introspective side on “Universal Children” as he skims through the preached propoganda, or as some call it “history”, that the citizens of the world have been taught from the bronze ages all the way until the present day politcs as usual. While not straying away from his diversity Mischif shows a bit of thug love on the playful “Let Me Fuck You”, but immediatley goes from Love Jones to Belly two tracks later on “Real As It Gets.”

Mischif shows his cross over appeal on “Stand Up”, and prooves you can make a radio ready song without selling your soul. The Reggae influenced track is begging for national attention and with the right label behind Mischif this track can easily be the launch pad he needs. Mischif blacks out and spits

“And only God knows, how my squad rolls/ come out the house 1 button up like a vato/ I’m here for the chips, it’s my cheese and Nacho’s/ I paint a picture as vivid as Piccasso.”

Mischif is no slouch when it comes to sharp word play. Making songs with diverse concepts is right up his alley. This Jersey boy stays true to his self and doesn’t compromise anything that can lead him to a hip hop solitude. One thing we urge Mischif to do is to get a better mix and master because having the dopest songs won’t matter when the track quality is low end.

Some of the songs were distorted when turned up, but not enough where you can’t vibe with this emcees messages. Over all Mischif is a force to be wreckoned with and truly shows how to be a Garden State Great. Check it out for yourself below and make sure you show the homie some love and follow him on twitter (https://twitter.com/moecrayne) and “Rekoniize” his latest project by buying it on Itunes http://www.itunes.apple.com/us/album/rekoniize/id453549644
or Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005EYXYR8/ref=cm_sw_su_dp

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