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MB4 is prepping for the release of his upcoming mixtape “ButtonUp Music” dropping this September. Along with that, he has finished his album that will be dropping soon after entitled “White Boy Wasted” which is produced by D-Block’s, Vinny Idol. The album has features from artists such as Wyclef Jean, Sdub, and Fred the Godson just to name a few.

MB4 was recently on DJ Kay Slay’s mixtape for the nations hottest unsigned artists entitled “Time 2 Grind Vol. 2″ for the track he released with Wyclef Jean entitled “Grind For It”. Follow MB4 on twitter @MB4_Music, and check his youtube channel youtube.com/buttonupmusic for more videos and songs. But before you get to clicking those links check out what happened when HipHopLead.com linked with MB4.

HipHopLEAD: We see you out there with a heavy grind on the net. Lets start with some basics … how did you come up with the name MB4?

MB4: It was always a name that I had growing up, through high school, college. “MB” are my initials (Marshall Brennan), and 4 was my number when I used to play ball all growing up and through college. Just figured I’d stick with it since it was always “me”.

HipHopLEAD: Where are you from?

MB4: Im originally from San Francisco. I mean, I went to middle school and high school there and that’s where I spent the most time so that’s where I call home. But I’ve lived in a bunch of places growing up… Connecticut, New York, Boston, Georgia, Hawaii, even Hong Kong as nuts as it sounds…But San Fran is always home to me.

HipHopLEAD: Alot of media outlets have featured your music so far. How does it feel to have a such a global impact with your music, as an indie artist?

MB4: It feels great, but I’m only getting started so it’s more motivation than personal satisfaction. Its only been a year exactly that I’ve really been recording and taking it seriously on a professional level, so seeing the sites and people who have taken interest in my music at such a early stage in my career is a really humbling feeling. But there’s a lot more to achieve still…A lot!

HipHopLEAD: What made you come up with the title “White Boy Wasted” ?

MB4: Well, im not sure if most people noticed but…I’m white. But aside from the obvious, I wanted to bring more meaning to the term. Its obviously thrown around as being really drunk, high, anything but sober pretty much. I looked at it, and wanted to use it in the same meaning but different context. I know that the music on that upcoming album is going to sound really different based on my sound, lyrics and the people I’ve worked with on it.

The whole collaboration of it is just totally different and everything but normal, or “sober” so to speak. I know when people hear it, they wont JUST be diggin’ the project, they’re going to be exposed to something totally different that they’re going to want more of…hence the “wasted” metaphor.

HipHopLEAD: Can you give us a preview of what to expect from that mixtape?

MB4: Man…Dope beats from mainly Vinny Idol of D block. Hes produced albums for Sheek, Styles, the whole Lox, AZ, Fred the Godson, Vado…a long list! Theres also a few other joints on there from some really talented producers. Definitely some tight collabs. The track with me and Wyclef on there has been out for some time now on the net and DJ mixtapes, it’s a real tight 90’s feel Hip-Hop track with just a crazy collaboration of sounds.

Also the track with me and Fred the Godson is crazy, the two of us hit a southern style beat but brought east coast lyrics to it…anything Fred gets on these days is hot so…its definitely something you want to check for. Overall, the mixtape is more of an album, 90% of it is original material, so expect all of me as an artist and just a preview of what’s to come in the future from it.

HipHopLEAD: Speaking of that you had the pleasure of working with industry vet Wyclef. How did you guys link up?

MB4: Clef actually heard a track of mine off my previous mixtape “Drunk Days Crazy Nights” which is available on iTunes. After he heard one of the tracks, he was really shocked to find that I was white among all other things. We got in contact, and he wanted a few tracks of mine to check out. After he heard the track “Grind For It” which was only 1 verse and two hooks at the time, he said he was pretty much inspired to write a verse to it.

Clef hadn’t spit a 16 since the Fugees, so when I got the track back I was…stuck! I wasn’t expecting anything to be honest, let alone a full verse from him. Since then, we’ve been talking a lot and he really serves as a personal mentor to me based on the advice he gives me about the industry and my music…he’s achieved everything possible in the business so it’s great having him as a friend.

HipHopLEAD: We also see you working with D Block’s Vinny Idol too. D Block makes some of the most hood music in this genre. How is it a white emcee with blonde hair wearing “Vans” links with the man responsible for some of the most gritty music to date?

MB4: (Laughs.) I was introduced to Vinny through a friend of mine in Boston who works venu’s and show bookings. He sent Vinny some of my tracks, and when he heard I was white was shocked at what I was spitting, but skeptical also…I mean when you hear a Vinny beat its usually with Styles and Jadakiss over it so, its understandable that he had his doubts (Laughs).

But when I got to his studio, he put on a few beats that he sent me prior to the session, I went in the booth and started spitting the lyrics over it and through the booth window I could see his reactions and it was crazy! We had a crazy chemistry and feel for what we wanted to do with each track, it just flowed naturally. Since then, we’ve done…probably over 20 tracks together and I’ve collabed over his beats with other artists as well. He’s a genius at what he does and as serious about it as anyone. Me and Vinny are definitely going to be putting out material for a minute as well as the D block camp in the future.

HipHopLEAD: We love the fact if you make dope music then it unites all people. And you are proving to be a testament into that. Speaking of another collabo out of left field ..what was it like working with Fred The Godson?

MB4: Its wild because, Fred and I were supposed to link up in the studio the same night the track got done. Because of our schedules and time frames, it didn’t happen, but we had to get the track done that night for other reasons. I sent Fred the track with my verse on it, and he had it back to me in a few hrs after getting it through email. Basically…Fred’s a monster, and if you haven’t heard the track you’re missing out, but won’t be surprised in what you get out of it.

He kept the concept of what the song was about, but still threw in his usual creative punch lines, he might be the best at that right now. He two of us are so different, but made a serious record because of that. It was great though, Fred was just named to the XXL Freshman Team right around that time, and he hasn’t slowed down since so it was great to have Fred on a track, big shout out and respect to him.

HipHopLEAD: Who were your personal influences to get into music?

MB4: Nas of course, AZ, Rakim, Cormega, Little Brother,The Lox ironically, Jay-Z, Kanye, it’s a long list. I was always a Hip-Hop head but never really saw myself actually making music. I recorded a track in college just for fun, heard myself when it was finished and got hooked after that.

HipHopLEAD: Hit us with 8 of your favorite bars you ever spit…

MB4: If Im not at a party chillin, living swell or sippin’, Im busy recording all that crazy sh*t –Mel Gibson,
Bravehearted from all the places that I’ve lived in, attracted dude but rhymes are f*ckin’ ugly –Meg Griffin//
Animated no joint, dudes must be playing Center they don’t ever get the Point,
So people just salute me, raise the flag up, talent speaks for itself so I don’t ever brag much.
Never wanted to be famous, nope I never planned it
Other white rappers flaked, falling off call em’ dandruff,
Im just Head&Shoulders above my competition,
growing up I never said too much I always listened,
So now im well Conditioned, fresh up out the shower,
AZ showed us knowledge Kanye he showed us power,
That changes by the hour, success by the minute, so don’t touch the mic unless ya damn hearts in it.

HipHopLEAD: Who does MB4 lean towards for more inspiration … the Nas and Jay z’s ,the Snoops and Dre’s or the Bun B’s and Scarfaces ?

MB4: I’d say a little bit of them all. I was raised everywhere, and each area has their own favorite style of music. I always had mine, but respected and listened to them all which I think helped my outcome as an artist. I admired the lyricism of Nas and Jay, the vibe you got from a Dre track, the hooks of Snoop, and the intellect of Scarface. Nas was always my most influential, but all those guys specifically had an exceptional influence on my music.

HipHopLEAD: Here at HipHopLead.com we like to ask our features some questions that really are out of the norm. We do this because it gives the fans a broader outlook on you. So lets get it cracking ….

MB4: Lets do it…

HipHopLEAD: Which duo do you like better The Throne or Bad Meets Evil?

MB4: Man…(Laughs). Ya’ll are tough with this one. I’d have to say The Throne, but I’d flip a coin if it came down to who I had to listen to. Em’ and Royce are two of my all time favorites just like Kanye and Jay.

HipHopLEAD: Other then music what do you do with your time?

MB4: Play ball. I played basketball my whole life and went to college in NY for it as well. Watch ESPN. Go out…”Socialize”…and I love traveling to new places also.

HipHopLEAD: Tell us a hidden talent MB4 has?

MB4: Damn…I guess I’m real talented in the retail field as far as the whole backround knowledge and where products come from, how they’re produced…it’s a long story and sounds lame as hell so don’t ask why, just know that I got that about me (Laughs).

HipHopLEAD: TI just got out of jail … AGAIN! Is he gonna go back?

MB4: ….I hope not, TIP is a genius and they don’t got booths up in there (Laughs).

HipHopLEAD: Speaking of that .. if you had to bet money on DMX … would you bet he’ll be back in .. or stay out?

MB4: …Not sure who is going to see this interview so no comment!

HipHopLEAD: Back To The Norm…. Name 1 song you’ve done that will have the HipHopLead.com viewers hooked!?

MB4: I think they’re all dope and your viewers will vibe with them all. I guess if I have to pick one, I’d say the track me and Wyclef did called “Grind For It”. It has every component you could want. Dope lyrics, dope hook, singing vocals…its real different. Go check it out if ya’ll haven’t already! MB4 ft. Wyclef Jean, “Grind For It”!

HipHopLEAD: Thanks for hollering at us and in closing give any shoutouts….links to your sites….F.U.’S or whatevers clever

MB4: (Laughs) No F.U.’s, not trying to burn any bridges. But ya’ll can follow me on twitter @MB4_Music, I’m always trying to connect with new people and I keep all my updates through there. Also more importantly, go check out and subscribe to my Youtube channel, youtube.com/buttonupmusic. I got videos and tracks on there for ya’ll. You can also go to my facebook fanpage at facebook.com/mb4music, I got plenty of tracks for listening and free downloading…some of them are off the upcoming tape “White Boy Wasted”…so, go do all that!

HipHopLEAD: We are going to debut the new video from MB4 featuring Vinny Idol… check it out here!

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