Mass – Seldom Few Can Fathom (Mixtape Review)


Philly stand up. Lets face it ..Philly hasn’t been a heavy city on the hiphop map for a while. Back when the Roc was in its prime you had Beans, Young Gunz, Freeway, and State Property.

You had E-ness from The Band. The Roots … Eve …Cassidy and that was one hell of a roster. Lately nothing has been bubbling from any new talent. Well, that is until you hear Mass. Philly rhymer Mass isn’t your typical street spitter. He has a aggressive word play, a burly voice and concepts most people wouldn’t “Fathom”.

Maybe that’s why his newest release is called “Seldom Few Can Fathom” (Hosted by Tha Advocate).

The mixtape opens up with “The Congregation Intro”. Its vivid .. you picture Mass in a 1960’s church style setting ..where he catches the holy ghost and just goes in! Tha Advocate hosted this project, and has 2 records with Mass. One of them is “The N.E.W.” Pt. 5 featuring a slew of other emcees. That record is a stand out.

It has the chopped up Pac vocals to go with the heavy hitting production from Sean Divine. Mass spits lines like “Mass.. rap holder of raw terror the Pallbearer/ Bars better then all cheddar involve spitters/ with straights shots of hard liquor I cause writtens/ too pause livers when I dumb out ..autism/!! You get the drift? Mass is original and ready for war. When you hear cuts like “Highway Life“, “Exhibit M“, and “Alcohol music“.

On top of being an agressive lyrical word smith Mass shows a poetic side with tracks like “A nightcap with the Devil“, “Diary Of A Madband“, and “Melody of a Soldier“. Ontop of all this there is an anthem. The J Fresh Produced “I Run This Remix“. Its Tha Advocate featuring Mass, Roscoe Da Balla, Whodini, and The Phenom Cartel. Word is they are gonna drop a video for this via Vladtv and Monstar Films before the summers out.

That song is a lyrical cypher.. with a cross over beat and a vocalist from London. Incredible! Lets not forget “Back Away“, in which Mass goes in …like ..he has 24 hours to live. That is a hiphop record to the fullest.

Without a doubt this project is Grade A. It has Tha Advocate’s stamp on it. And to top it off it is playworthy from front to back. Keep checking out Mass on or

Mass keeps his pages updated and when that mixtape drops you can be the first to download it free. Make sure you get your knowledge game up and understand … if not.. then only “Seldom Few Can Fathom“.-

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