Mass & C.K. (Chevy Kaang) – Wife Beaters & Bottles (Mixtape Review)


We interviewed up and coming Philly rapper, Mass, a while back. Since then you may have seen him dropping various videos (Second Wind, Stylin Da Moment) and including 16 bars on Tha Advocate’s “I Run This Remix” video.

Not too mention him leaving a lasting impression from the verse he dropped on “The N.E.W.” off of Advo’s Digital Dynasty album. Now Mass links with fellow Philly fire spitter Chevy King and brings us their newest mixtape, “Wife Beaters and Bottles.” Vocally they are different, flow wise they are different, but the combination suites both artists for a deadly dynamic.

The project kicks off with a monstrosity of a record when these artists lace “Two Styles.”

Mass lets us know his disgust for skinny jeans in his burly voice while stating “Born and raised in era that’s different then yall niggas”, while Chevy’s double time flow puts the icing on the cake when he spits, “You wonder when the CK just might stop/ the same day Mass cuts his locks.” The production on this record alone is the perfect canvas for these artistic savages to destroy this beat.

That record just sets the mood for following bangers like “Dem Boys Raw” and “Pockets Up.” The project stays full of intensity and doesn’t lose a step mid way thru. It does switch lanes when Mass and CK bring there grimy grammar to a club record. These artists conceptually paint a picture of hollering at a female who is in a relationship with a lame on “Step Proper.” Party mode is still in full effect when “Show Em What It’s Worth” starts to play. The one thing this record is missing is a video. A visual for this cut would be hypnotic.

W.B.A.B. will have you breaking your neck to “Recovery Hour.” Ck goes in extra hard on this mid west sounding record. Mass also delivers show stealing 16 on “Second Wind.” Another honorable mention is “Cognac Life.” It meshes having a case of the liquor store blues while dabbling in the sunny side of life.

Both artists prove to be a force to be wreckoned with in the industry. Right now they are breaking ground by delivering free mixtapes like W.B.A.B. to the public. We will be checking for both artists as a duo and in there solo careers in the future.

This project is solid and proves that you don’t have to sell your soul to make a name for your self in this business. Make sure you download the project here:

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