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Hip-hop is in a perpetual state of backlash. Whenever it gets too mainstream-friendly and safe-sounding, it veers back in the other direction. Just when you thought soft personalities like the Black Eyed Peas and Drake had taken over, the producer named Major League Beats unveiled a blitz that was the antithesis of those artists’ anesthetized sounds.  At the young age of 20 years old Major League Beats is consumed by his work and the fact that, until recently, he was practically unknown and now his studio phone rings non stop is amazing to up and coming producers.

Born Joshua Jones, he hails from Houston Texas, and is becoming one of the most popular and influential producers out of Houston. Joshua played keyboard for his church as a kid, and before long had taught himself how to make beats on his computer. But his substandard equipment would distort badly, making it difficult to gauge how his compositions would sound on decent speakers.

At that point the musical genius decided to invest in himself and went out on a limb to get all the necessary equipment to complete his craft. Joshua quickly went from beat maker to a producer in no time. Major League Beats played student for a long time before taking the teacher’s chair.

Not long ago divine order stepped in and Major League Beats moved to the Atlanta area where he met with his management team and signed with a increasingly influential management company and it’s been up hill ever since.

Hip Hop Lead- For starts where did the name come from?

Major League Beats- Major League Beats comes from my long history of playing baseball. I played baseball from the age 4 to 23 from tee back throughout High School, College, & Indy Professional Leagues . I always thought I’d play baseball forever although I had a strong passion for music all along.

Hip Hop Lead- Is there an age that’s too young or too old in this hip hop game to be an Artist or Producer?
Major League Beats- I don’t believe there is any age limit for talent to be acknowledged with all of the media outlets there are today and many platforms to showcase talents at all ages. Some of the best to do it thus far have gotten chances very early in their careers and others maybe later than they would have expected.
Hip Hop Lead- You make it pretty evident you rep real emotion driven hip hop with your production. Do you feel like the game is too soft right now?

Major League Beats- I don’t feel like its too soft, I just feel like there is no real balance in Hip Hop right now. I don’t like to say I miss the 90’s, or wish that music would come back, but I wish the balance of radio would come back to how it was in the 90’s, where you would here so many different types of urban music on the same station. {ex. Mary J. Blige , Biggie , Bone Thugs, Faith Evans, Ginuwine, Missy, Lauryn Hill } all in one hour.

Hip Hop Lead- Why is it you think the south continues to make a heavy noise, and a lot of other regional artists don’t go on a mainstream level anymore?
Major League Beats- I believe that has a lot to do with the production selection of an artist and whats hot right now. A lot of the records that are being played have a very southern club feel to it and a lot of artist that are trying to get on or get a larger audience and are imitating that southern sound.

That will keep the sound of the south alive as long as artists from other cities continue to do that and continue to make it harder for other cities to introduce what sound their city has to offer. Although I believe Chicago has found a way to put they city, and they own sound, on the map
Hip Hop Lead- What obstacles and real life experiences made you start crafting your own beats?

Major League Beats- I got hired at Guitar Center in 2011 when I realized baseball was over and that’s where it all started . Working there changed my view on music 110%. I always loved music, and knew I had a gifted ear for music, but I had never been introduced to the digital side of music other than owning a few cheap keyboards and playing on a few. Once I learned that I could do everything I had been trying to do on a keyboard with no recording capabilities on a computer/laptop. I then was ready to become a producer for sure I would work for hours at G.C. where I was a manager and then go home and work and additional 5+ hours a day just cause I was so amazed that this was possible (laughs).

Hip Hop Lead- Thats whats up. Have you gotten behind the mic and started rapping yourself?

Major League Beats- No, I always tell artists I can’t rap! I seriously can’t ..(laughs).. but I enjoy writing bars and songs with artists all the time.

Hip Hop Lead- What mixtapes or albums have you released to date, or produced on worth mentioning?
Major League Beats- I Just recently released my mixtape called “MLB2k13Reloaded” on Datpiff which has been getting really great feedback on different sites and from many people in the streets and industry. I made it really important to get features from my home city on the first project. Special Shoutout to Just Brittany , Stunna Bam , Duck , Propain for being apart of the project as well . Its a great mix of some fre Instrumentals and sme of the records recorded this year thus far.

Hip Hop Lead- What is your next planned release going to be?
Major League Beats- Top of the year for sure, it will have no instrumentals on it. It’s gonna be a great compilation album with a lot of great artists on it for sure. It will be a great project and have some very great records.

Hip Hop Lead- What is your favorite record you produced to date?
Major League Beats- The Instrumental I did for Stunna Bam called “I Love My City”, every time it comes on it takes me back to the late night / early morning when I put it together, my favorite beat by far.

Hip Hop Lead- We heard you recently did a record with Cassidy. Can you tell us how that came about?

Major League Beats- Look forward to a lot more records coming and a few rap feature surprises. I don’t wanna leak any information about the features just yet, but I can say “Its Gonna Be Amazing”.

Hip Hop Lead- Any features worth mentioning on the upcoming projects?

Major League Beats- I have a few recorded already for my project and I’m working on sealing the deal on a few more at the moment.
I don’t wanna leak the names just yet though,
but stay tuned I promise its gone be amazing. From a team perspective, I am also working hard at developing our teams NEWEST R&B sensation coming out of North Carolina but the project is in STEALTH MODE. I am also excited to start working on major production for my dude DRASTIC coming out Dallas, TX for his album THE REFLECTION – coming soon.

Hip Hop Lead- How could an artist get at you if you want to collab or purchase some of your beats?

Major League Beats- Twitter : mlb_productions
Instagram : mlb_productions

Hip Hop Lead- If by some chance music doesn’t pan out for you what will you be doing 5 years from now?

Major League Beats- I love music so much I’d continue in the music field. I would more than likely become a music teacher and start a
music education program for the urban community.

Here at we like to ask our features some questions that really are out of the norm. We do this because it gives the fans a broader outlook on you. So lets get it cracking ….

Hip Hop Lead- Why is 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Trinidad James, Diddy and Jaiden Smith wearing skirts?
Major League Beats- (Laughs) I’m guessing preference of fashion. I honestly wouldn’t wear one, but I also don’t wear a lot of other things that people rock with, so I just feel like it’s a “to each its own type of situation”.

Hip Hop Lead- Who are your Top 5 favorite Producers of all time?

Major League Beats- Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, Timbaland, Kanye, and No ID.

Hip Hop Lead- Top 5 artists of all time?

Major League Beats- Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Anthony Hamilton, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and R. Kelly.

Hip Hop Lead- If you had a chance to produce any artists, dead or alive, who would that one person be?

Major League Beats- Anthony Hamilton for sure!

Hip Hop Lead- Who had better production.. Bun B, Mike Jones or Chamillionaire?
Major League Beats- Tough question. I’d have to say Bun B because I always loved the soulful sounds and instrumentals he liked to rap on, but Chamillionaire had some great records as well, as far as production.

Back To The Norm…….

Hip Hop Lead- What are your weapons of choice when making a beat?

Major League Beats- I like to use Logic Pro 9 and Logic Pro X, one of my secret weapons to go to is Omnisphere, most def one of my favorite weapons for sounds.

Hip Hop Lead- A lot of people call themselves producers just because they crank out a beat. How would you describe the difference between a beat maker or a Producer?

Major League Beats- A producer oversees the record throughout the process of the record being put together, we can go into the studio with and artist and make the record better in every aspect in from a post production stand point of things needing to be added afterwards and during the recording process. Beat makers are pretty much what they called. You can be very talented and make really great money being one, but they more so just send in records via email or sell beats online. Sometimes it’s having less music theory, or less hands on experience in the studio, working with artist hands on.

Hip Hop Lead- We live in a digital age now. Do you feel like that warm analog sound is missing in the game?

Major League Beats- Yeah I kinda miss the sound of music it self. I remember putting on my cassette player and sitting in front of the piano and playing all the songs I recorded from the radio when I was younger on the piano and now the music that’s just seems to be missing those real chords and melodies, just a bunch of synths and 808’s.

Hip Hop Lead- Kanye, Dre or Just Blaze?

Major League Beats- Kanye. I don’t think you can judge these guys hit by hit, or who has the most talent, nor who has the most money, these guys are both pioneers and 2 of the greatest, but what Kanye was able to do as an producer/artist was just amazing and the sound he came out with from day one hit home for me.
Hip Hop Lead- Name 1 song you’ve done that will have the viewers

Major League Beats- A song called “Real Though”. It will be on my next project coming out, might have to give you guys an exclusive leak!
Hip Hop Lead- Sounds good homie. Thanks for hollering at us and in closing give any shoutouts….links to
your sites….F.U.’S or whatevers clever

Major League Beats- I just wanna thank God for the many opportunities he keeps sending my way and all my friends, supporters and my manger who constantly keeps making things happen for me. Thanks Ledonia Davis – Carte Blanche Entertainment Group @carteblancheEG

For more info on Major League Beats contact:  Carte Blanche Entertainment Group:  206 383 8414 |

Follow Major League Beats:  Twitter: @MLb_productions
Facebook: Major League Beats 

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