Kyle Hubbard – Tommorrow In Retrospect (EP Review)

kyle hubbard ep

The past few years there has been a change in hiphop. It seems like more rappers are showing feelings and just being themselves. While some of the street corner hustlers might not like that, the majority rules. One artist who is in the forefront of just being themselves is Kyle Hubbard. He has been on a slew of mixtape appearances from Digital Dynasty, Coast 2 Coast and Unsigned On The Grind, to name a few.

He has been featured on alot of hiphop sites from to Kyle’s grind is something serious. His music should not be taken lightly. Kyle’s newest product is an EP titled, “Tommorrow In Retrospect“. It is coming out through Space City Records and boasts 6 original songs, one of which is featuring Big Pooh (from Little Brother).

The EP kicks off with “Waddup”. The beat is a funky east coast sounding product with a West Coast bassline. Kyle spits “I aint painting pictures, I’m just giving you the canvas/ why is it you look at me as if I have the answers?/. Clever lines like this have no shortage on the EP.

New School Slang” with Big Pooh is sooo soo hiphop. The scratched hook would make Premo proud. This record is not a region based song but something for the country to ride too. Both emcees go in. “The Paper” shows Kyle Hubbard in a different zone. This is a darker record and a more aggressive Hubbard spits like he is hungrier then ever…. this is some real food for thought. “Chasing The Dream”, “I Got Love” and “I Don’t Care” are all equally hot, unique and demonstrate that Kyle Hubbard is an emcee (not a rapper).

We have seen this emcee grow over the past few years. This is by far his best product to date and something that should be heard by the masses. It’s not often we get a disc to check out and every song is good, but this is one of those times. If you think Kyle Hubbard has a cliche Houston sound, then think again. There is no Paul Wall flavor on here. Kyle is in his own lane and is branding his own sound. We look forward to hearing more from this artist and we urge you to check him out!

Download the mixtape here:

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