Kyle Hubbard – Sorority Girl

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Artist Name : Kyle Hubbard
Genre : Hip-Hop
Year formed : 2006
Hometown : Houston, TX
Website :
Myspace :
Facebook :
Featured Track : Sorority Girl


Kyle Hubbard was born September 4th 1987 in Houston, Texas. On paper, it seems like rap music would be the last thing that would become his calling, being raised in a suburb outside of the city with two loving and caring parents its hard to say at what point Kyle Hubbard made the transition from happy go lucky kid to bitter lyricist with a microphone.

Judging from his outside appearance one is quick to assume that this kid has no place in the world of hip hop. His glasses, pale skin, and lack of muscle make he seem better suited for the confinement of a cubicle than for the stage, but through years of hard work he has proved that not only does he belong in the world of Hip Hop, but that it may be his for the taking. With his insightful lyrics and heartfelt delivery, Kyle Hubbard stands in sharp contrast to his peers.

In a time where music as become more a product than an art form Kyle Hubbard seems hell bent on standing out on his own, in a major way. His mission is to make music you can feel in your soul and to write rap songs that not only make you nod your head to the beat but that also make you stop, listen, and digest his words. With every song on the radio today consisting of the rants of some bragadocious idiot, or filled with the heartless materialism that has defined an entire generation, it is very refreshing to hear an artist who is a real person. It’s refreshing to hear a rapper talk about real life, and real issues that affect average people on daily basis.

– Kyle has been named Artist of the Week by The Houston Press
– Kyle’s song feat. Roosk and DZA, “Sipping” was The Houston Press Song of the Week
– Kyle’s song “My Girl Likes To Drink” was The Houston Press Song of the Week

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