K.Y.D Works – Stress Test Vol. 3

KYD Works – Stress Test Vol. 3 front

Not sure if you remember but we interviewed New York Rapper K.Y.D. Works a few times while he was locked up doing his 3 year bid. (Read that interview here: http://www.hiphoplead.com/on-the-grind/k-y-d-works-prophet-of-the-century/).

The last time we got to speak with the homie was in 2011. Time has went by quickly and just like he said in the interview when he gets out he was gonna hit the ground running and he sure did. We got a chance to check out his newest mixtape “Strest Test Volume 3″ and it was packed with some bangers. Not too mention K.Y.D. enlisted Digital Dynasty creator, Tha Advocate, to take up the hosting the duties for this project.

The project kicks off with K.Y.D. Works, letting us know he is back on his job after 3 years, and then all of a sudden the “I’m Back (Freestyle)” comes on and K.Y.D. confidently spits “K.Y.D. Works I’m back like I never left/ Fuck what you’re thinking I’ll take you niggas closer to death/ I spit shit from the soul, spit shit from the heart/ yall niggas will be left in the dark/”.

After the warm up lap K.Y.D. shows his song writing skills and kicks off with the catchy, real, “The Ride” track, which showcases KYD’s vivid word play and smooth cadence. K.Y.D. really finds his nitch on the incredibly smooth and sexy “Pain, Pleasure and Passion”. This record finds K.Y.D. channeling his female fan base while he spits how the “whole room is steaming”. Works continues releasing his stress and on “Wood” he really goes in bar after bar.

It’s more then just the generalized glamour showcasing and female tracks in KYDs eyes and he gets real grimy and gutter with the nostaligic East Coast sounding “World Spin”, just as well as he does on “Take Flight”. Other tracks provide a notable mention and ride out music for this summer. Tracks like “Get In” and “Swank” are super smooth and really demonstrate the signature sound Work’s is going for.

KYD Works - Stress Test Vol. 3 back

This project has all the elements of a mixtape from an up and coming artist. It’s good to hear K.Y.D. Works back on the grind and seeing him adjust back to life on the outside. If music is his outlet then he should keep plugging away on his quest to the top. We would like to hear more substance music from K.Y.

He has a story to tell and tracks about the world thru his eyes, his life story and his adjustment back to society could really be a launching pad for his career. We look forward to hearing more from the young emcee, as well as more concepts too. Now go release some stress and follow the homie and download the tape below.

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