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Klash is a musical artist that believes in people being able to make the impossible possible. That is the thought that drives Klash’s music. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised in Beaver County he created a mid-west sound with east coast rhythmic rhyme patterns. He began writing songs and recording around thirteen years old. His first song was made on a boom box, using a broken head phone as a microphone, playing a burnt cd of beats, and recording on a blank tape.

That’s when the fire was lit. Klash started a hip hop group in high school that had a few names but is known now as ON POINT MUSIC which consists of Jae Illa, Th3ory, and Larry Bird. Coming from Pittsburgh, Klash has been around the stars of the city, meeting and talking with Wiz Khalifa and SLEDGREN. Klash has also opened for TI in Pittsburgh, for Yung Joc at Edinboro University and Recently Klash opened for Wale in Columbus, Ohio at the famous Long Street Live. Klash also hung out with Sway from Mtv and the rest of the cast from Mtv’s MC round table after a Drake concert.

Other Notable performances, Edinboro’s Street Basketball tournament, The REX theater on Pittsburgh’s famous East Carson Street, and Bar Room in Station Square. Klash also was featured on a mixtape, Digital Dynasty 4, hosted by Grammy award winning artist, Chamillionaire and Digital Dynasty Volume 7 9Hosted by Ransom). Kla$h has worked with some other talented artist like Boogz Boogetz, Tha Advocate, Ayatollah Jaxx, Swoo, the late great Chris Banger, Dave Huber and Amber Ardalino. Klash just wants to make it for his family, the on point team, and everyone he came up with. Klash comes from a community where no one has ever made it big in entertainment, sports, politics or really anything so he wants to make it to show his community that it is possible to make it somewhere, if that’s something you want in life.

HipHopLead- What’s good Kla$h, whats popping your way?

Kla$h- Nothing without me (laughs)

HipHopLead- For starts where did the name come from?

Kla$h- The Name stands for Kill Lames And Stay Humble. But really when I was young I just felt like people were so against me believing in myself that I just clashed with many people.

HipHopLead- What made you drop the “Kid” from your original stage name?

Kla$h- When you become a Boss you are no longer a kid, so I just dropped it Knowmtalmbout.

HipHopLead- Even tho you were very young at the time do you have any memories of when you recorded that first song on the boom box? How did it come about?

Kla$h- I do my boy gave me a burnt cd with like 20 legendary beats. And I use to record songs off of the radio on blank tapes so I could listen to music whenever I wanted. I didn’t have a hand held cd player, but I did have a tape player, so id borrow cds from my boys and record them on tapes. So I guess one day it hit me If I had a mic I could record but I didn’t have one. So I had some broken head phones and I plugged them in the mic spot and started flowing. So I might be one of the last artists that did have a mixtape on tape (laughs). I actually believe the first beat I ever recorded on was Nas “Ether” which is crazy to think about now cause I didn’t really understand things then. I was pretty naïve to do that and I will never spit on beats that are that legendary. When people do stuff like that I find it disrespectful to the art of hip hop. Other notable beats on that mixtape was tipsy J-Kwon, Lil Wayne 500 degreez and Luda’s “Southern Hospitality”.

HipHopLead- Which area would you say reflects the sound of your style the most? The Mid West or East Coast?

Kla$h- To be honest I think the East coast would say Mid-west. Mid-west would love my beats East Coast would respect the lyrics.

HipHopLead- We know you respresent Pittsburgh, but your style is a whole other animal compared to the other artists that blew up from there. What made you lean towards the double time quick spit rather then the laid back Khalifa, Miller type of sound?

Kla$h- I feel like I am a way more intense individual then Wiz or Mac. I’m super competitive and love to compete. Like I like that you used the word animal cause that’s how I feel. I feel like I am a undiscovered species that’s new to the music industry. I’m comin to get the crowd jumpin and I want people to use my music to be played before sporting events. That’s just how I feel, I live everyday like its GAME 7.

HipHopLead- Who were your influences to get you into music ?

Kla$h- These are my true influences that really hit my soul to get in music. DMX, Nelly and Chamillionaire. DMX albums would make me feel like he would understand me if we would have a conversation. DMX truly has a heart of a beast and is truly blessed. Nelly showed me how you can come from somewhere where no one else has ever made it and take over. Nelly is a true superstar he can do anything when it comes to music.

He was an athlete and could get all the girls. Nelly was that dude I looked up too. Nelly was super smart in the industry and don’t forget he was the first rapper to work with Timberlake even before the Clipse. Chamillionaire was so good a lot of people have no idea. You wanna talk about rapping? Koopa kills the majority of rappers. “Getcha Ya Mind Correct” is my favorite album other than “Country Grammer”. Youtube search “Money Gets Jealous” by Chamillionaire if you don’t know. Shout out to Tha Advocate for making his debut mixtape “Point A”, it had a major influence on my life as well.
(Download “Point A” for free here )

HipHopLead- On your new mixtape “We Steel Hungry” how did you come up with that title?
Kla$h- I came up with STEEL HUNGRY cause that’s how I feel man! I know I can rap and I just want to make it happen you know. If I was signed today for a million I would still be hungry for 10 million cause there is a lot of things I wanna do to help my community and others all over the world. God blessed me with the understanding that I can change things in this world. With a voice and money I would have more opportunities’ to contribute on making a difference for the better.

HipHopLead- You have a lot of dope songs on that project and different concepts too. What was the creative process like for Klash when making it?

Kla$h- Well I know what I like, and I know what people like too, so I like to let people know that I can do anything when it comes to music and make it mine.

HipHopLead- Would you say that is your best work to date?

Kla$h- 100%

HipHopLead- How do you think you have evolved from the days of the “Live For The Dream” era?
Kla$h- The “Live for the Dream” era is still alive but I have experienced the music industry a lot more since the Live For The Dreams were released. I just understand how things work much better and how it’s a pretty shady industry.

HipHopLead- What is it like performing in front of so many big crowds and artists at their shows?

Kla$h- Its super sick. I enjoy the thrill. It gives you the opportunity to really hit different towns to spread your music and practice your craft. I enjoy seeing the different cities and the love they have for hip hop. You’re always hoping someone from a record label see’s your talent but that’s the love of the game.

HipHopLead- What is your goal in the game ..for a major record deal or going the Indy route?

Kla$h-My goal is to be the biggest artist in the world. I would go major if it was the right deal in the fine print, if you know what I’m saying.

HipHopLead- How did “On Point Music” come about exactly?

Kla$h-Well we all grew up together and we came from the basement literally. It consists of 4 people that really love music. Check out the mixtape “White Shadow” from OPM, its flames! Shout out to ILLA, Larry Bird, and Th3ory.

Here at HipHopLead we like to ask different types of questions out of the norm to give fans a broader idea of the person you are. So with that said … lets get it cracking!

HipHopLead- Favorite Food?

Kla$h-Pizza or Steak.

HipHopLead- Who is the hottest Celebrity out there right now?
Kla$h-I have the most respect for Yo Gotti right now man. He just inked that major deal and he did it being the realest in the game.

HipHopLead- Which Pennsylvania city makes better Hip Hop .. Philly or Pittsburgh?

Kla$h-You know I love 6ixburgh but Philly got Fresh Prince, Eve, Meek Mill, Freeway, and Vinnie Paz. We’re not there yet. But I’m planning on helping Pittsburgh when it comes to recognition.

HipHopLead- Tell us about a hidden talent that you have?

Kla$h- I love all sports but I dominate the soccer field many people would not guess that.

HipHopLead- Why is Kanye West and A$ap Rocky wearing skirts now?

Kla$h-Can’t tell you nothing (laughs)

HipHopLead- Hit us with 8 bars right now!

Kla$h- Roll a pair of dice now lets roll to paradise/ Cant wait to see those vegas lights and enjoy those paris nights/ O you wanna stare at ice, I wear it nice/ Albino vegetables my carrots white, flarin bright compare my life/ To somethin that someone never knew existed/ Livin for my dream, I’m talkin this instant/ When I talked about this you showed me know interest / When I get a spot in Miami don’t come to Visit /

Back to the norm … 

HipHopLead- What new projects do you have coming out after this? 

Kla$h-My next mixtape will be called “GAME 7″.

HipHopLead- Any features worth mentioning?

Kla$h-I might be working with Lil Flip.

HipHopLead- Any music videos?

Kla$h-I shot a music video with Ben Fredette for “I GOT THIS”! It should be coming real soon. More videos are on the way.

HipHopLead- It was great chopping it up with you homie. With that said .. the floor is yours .. give us any shout outs, FU’s, links .. get ya plug on (laughs). It’s go time ..

Kla$h-First off I want to thank Jesus for giving his life so we can have ours. To any record label executive if you don’t sign me it’s like being told the numbers to win the lottery and you get the ticket. You watch the numbers you picked get called. You celebrate winning the lottery! Then you lose the ticket. That’s how stupid it would be not to sign me. Thank you HipHopLead.com for taking the time to speak with me I really appreciate it.

Read the review for Kla$h’s newest mixtape and download here – http://www.hiphoplead.com/spotlight/kid-klash-we-steel-hungry/

Follow Kla$h here – https://twitter.com/bossklash

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