Kid Klash – We Steel Hungry

Kid Klash – We Steel Hungry

Tha Advocate slid us some new heat from up and comer Kid Klash this week. Turns out the Pittsburgh emcee has been at it for a while and just now finished his latest mixtape, “We Steel Hungry”. Klash has a mid west quick flow but still finds time to slow it down for a more East Coast type of delivery in the right moments. One thing we learned from hearing the young wordsmith is that he is honest in his music and not suttle with his approach.

The Intro really let us know that this was meant to be an inspirational type of mixtape. Klash is on a mission to rep his city and the team that backs him. Upon clicking play on the first track we knew that Klash was in the zone. Klash confidentley spit, “If rap was an Olympic sport I’d be a gold medalist/ elevating my peek, higher then Mount Everest”, on “We Steel Hungry”. As soon as “I Got This” came on it demonstrated how elite Klash is as a rapper. The word play was extreme and the flow was h20. The quick flow seemed to come natural to Klash as he weaved in and out of the dreamy chorus strings. Not only is Kid Klash a dope rapper but he shows his song writing ability while crafting many hooks and several layers throughout the project.

On top of delivering those super lyrical tracks Kid Klash shows he is marketable with cross over material as well. On “Live Your Life” and “Last Call” Klash is in full party mode and showcases the more pleasant side of life. But just when you think Klash is reaching the mainstream he pulls you back into the basement cyphers with tracks like “500” and “Challenger”. In fact Klash seems the most comfortable while effortlessly spewing bars like “I aint stopping till Versace on the furniture/ be careful you can get burned with the furnace bruh”. Klash reigns in a feel good summer time vibe on “Spellbound”. It’s feel good music at its finest. In fact a video for this track at the beach would be epic. Beer, bottles, babes and dope lyrics… yeah!

If you are a doubter in this Hip Hop world of over saturation or you are numb to the new comers because it seems everyone is rapper now then do yourself a favor and check out this mixtape. This is the line drawn in the sand. This is what a true come up should be like. Dope beats… check… dope lyrics ….check….. dope flow… check….great concepts…check. Only thing that needs some tightening up is the recording and mixing quality. Klash could go a lot farther with a cleaner mix and master. We look forward to hearing more from the Pittsburgh emcee. For now download this mixtape here: and make sure you follow him on twitter:


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