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Khing Wurk

His name is Frank Monroe and he goes by the alias Khing Wurk (Yung Wurk, Jus Wurk or simply Wurk). Wurk’s an ASCAP certified artist who was born in Red hook, Brooklyn. Wurk’s the oldest of three children and he found music was his passion and been writing and performing original music since the age of ten. Wurk’s been featured on over a dozen mix-tapes and have self produced two Albums (No Level and Level Up) with the help of his partner Mrs.Dreamz (Of DreamzWurk Entertainment). Khing Wurk is currently enrolled at Full Sail University for business entertainment (B.S GRAD date 2015).

“Music is my life I am not just a rapper I am a Entertainer. I also write R&B/Pop. I am an artist give me a track, and a room and watch me #Wurk. I plan on one day owning and operating my own Entertainment Company (Jus Wurk Entertainment). I am still in the booth doing what I love to do, make music.”- Wurk tells us.”I have been in plays, have a few lines in a movie. I’m looking to interact with like-minded individuals who share the same aspirations as I do.

I am an honest, direct and loyal person and I am known in a lot of areas, and places for being who I am. I don’t know what lies ahead, but just being enrolled at Full Sail…I feel the possibilities are endless!!”- Wurk states. We realized Wurk was all about self branding when he insisted we hash tag certain parts of the interview, that was a brilliant in itself and something we can’t deny. We had a chance to kick it with the man with a million aliases and it went a little something like.

HipHopLead- Khing Wurk is an interesting name. For starts where did the name come from?

Khing Wurk – I am Wurk you can’t accomplish nothing in life without #Wurk, dedication, and perseverance. The stages of Wurk come from the different points I was at in my life, as well as in my career. Yung Wurk, when I was young of course (laughs). Just building “DreamzWurk Entertainment”, real cocky. Jus Wurk came when I started out on my own, and I was letting everyone know it was just me. And Khing comes from the fact I done came to far, you see my videos…listen to my tracks. I’m ready!!! I crowned MYSELF!!!

HipHopLead- So we know you rep Brooklyn all day. Now you are residing in Florida to attend Full Sail. What are the pros and cons of not being in Brooklyn right now?

Khing Wurk – I miss home, how could I not? (Redhook Brooklyn, Newark N.J) but as an artist you got to step out of your comfort zone. Home isn’t going anywhere. I love my peoples (everybody knows this) and they love me back. I miss home, all day everyday. There’s always something to get into and that’s nothing like being around those you know, and grew up with. I’ve been on the road for a minute now though, seen a lot places…got hell of love, but now its time to get serious! Being down here in Florida I can honestly say I love it, I’m digging the vibe and the weather. And I’m having the opportunity to meet and network with other people, not only through industry events and shows…but also through the talented individuals that are enrolled in my school (Full Sail).

HipHopLead- NY artists are known to stick to the basic elements in Hip Hop and Brooklyn especially carries on tradition. When you first got to Florida how would you describe the difference in the music scene?

Khing Wurk – Florida itself has a more upbeat, party…enjoy your self-kind of vibe. From Trick to Pit Bull, Flo Rida, even Plies the vibe to the music is, we are here to have a good time, and enjoy life…rock out! The thing is…not to hurt nobody’s ego or anything. Orlando itself isn’t known to have a sound or just someone going in for the city on a national level. Now I am not trying take over, but I’m willing to wurk with all artist, producers, event planners, comedians, models, dancers, anyone in the entertainment field in the area who’s willing to network…contact me thru Gmail. And lets change that together.

HipHopLead- We peeped out your video for “Riide”. It’s a dirty south track to the core. The beat, hook, the candy painted rides in the background. Being a Brooklyn emcee do you feel like the NY sound is dated and that’s why you chose to do a southern style song?

Khing Wurk – Hell nah, N.Y will never be dated. Music is an entity, it is evolving and will continue to do so. We can’t just keep continuing to limit our sound or music, to our location. I make music I love music people feel and when I heard that track, I just came home and the homie (Brandon Bangamixeddattrack Mitchell) sent it to me. Really wasn’t feeling the love, a lot of funny things was going on in the town and wanted to get a few things off my chest. It’s how I felt at the time. I’m an artist I write music from Rap, R&B to Pop. I can write. And I write from the heart.

Those who don’t know will assume, those who know understand…and love to see a real dude shine!! Got to give a quick shout out to CVB Chapter 13. Nashville for the clean ass rides though came through showed love off G/P and I really appreciate that! All my homies in the Nolia (2400 BV All Day “Free my homies Pooh and Trent”) you already know what it is…and also the homie Gmonte Q Lopez for all his #Wurk on the shooting and editing, did your thing homie!

HipHopLead- Who were your influences to get into music?

Khing Wurk – My first influence was my foster brother E-Lo (Ian Moore) I used to watch him use his headphones and record on a cassette tape in the living room, Remember that? (laughs). Then when I got to the group home (at 8 years old) this older guy name Quamaine he taught me how to freestyle…after that it was a rap, Pun indented (laughs). Also my father used to do his thing on the mic, MC parties back home (Redhook, Brooklyn -“Frank Nitty”) and before I actually knew him, I knew that. Guess it was my way of trying to connect.

HipHopLead- Being from NY, are you happy with the current artists leading the way?

Khing Wurk – Everybody has they 15 minutes in the spotlight, some folks time just last longer than others. Who am I to criticize or hate on anybody that’s doing their thing at the current moment, my hats off to you!!!
Have any advice or pointers for the kid, my ears wide open. Shoot them in my direction. And personally I am glad with the current situation of hip-hop in N.Y we still doing our thing regardless. People still featuring NY artist on their tracks. So they can say whatever they please about the town, but you gotta be honest with your self “WE HOLD IT DOWN!!!”

HipHopLead- On your track “Move Yourself” it def sounded relevant to the sound that’s out there now. It was catchy and had us vibing out hard. Your lyrics on the track were pretty revealing. It seemed like you were talking about moving yourself up in this world and in this music game. With that said how has the grind been so far, harder then expected or light work?

Khing Wurk – It’s been hard wurk. Had to let a lot of things go. “Move Yourself “ just showed where I was, and where I am trying to go. And at the same time it has that uplifting feeling to it. Showing everyone that know no matter what, I am happy. I am going to keep striving, working on being a better me until I reach my goals! People tell me who they want me to be and how they think I should present my self. Trying to change who I am, and honestly that will never happen.

Wannabe producers and managers out there selling folks dreams (All real businesses have LLC #IJS. I fell for it myself. Thinking that my talent, drive, and passion would be enough for me to reach my goals, but all they kept saying was you need to invest in your self (Managers do not get paid up front #IJS). And I did that, through those experiences I learnt that there are a lot of politics involved, and not kissing anybody’s ass. I paid for my videos, shows, etc. so I am investing…now I am in one of the best schools in the business. So that looking for someone to take control or miscommunication stuff is over with. This is a business, not a hobby of mines. And now I am showing everyone just how seriously I am taking it.

HipHopLead- A lot of people say the majority of the rappers in the South are not lyrical. Especially New York artists say that. It seems you embraced that sound a lot. What made you trade that boom bap in for some 808’s?

Khing Wurk – Trade…kind of offended by that question (laughs). Nah I didn’t trade anything. I was born and raised up top, but spent a majority of my later years roaming the southern regions. VA, GA, SC, LA…and when I hit TN ( shakes head)…cant stunt I was in Club Dreams if anybody remember it back in *05 and that Gotti came on…”Imma sell my dope cant trust no…rob me a nigg* take care of my click!!” and the whole club just went dumb, that was the moment I realized if I could just find an in between, that’ll be history. Those banging 808’s, with that up top swag. That’s the reason #Wurk got these haters out here mad!! (Heavy Laughs)

HipHopLead- What projects have you released to date?

Khing Wurk – I released my first project “No Levels” ,a 10-track mixtape back in *09, remember that one cause I sat up and burned every copy by hand. It moved a lot of units though. But I didn’t charge, I gave it away for the free. Second release was “Level Up Yung Wurk “ you can find that album on various sites from ITunes, DatPiff, Rdio and so on. I recorded that whole album in two weeks, had no features but Ms.Dreamz on the tracks. She really did her thing. I didn’t get as much love as I thought I should have. Given the people I knew, and my situation at the time. But as I previously stated everybody in your circle doesn’t always have the aspirations as you do. And that was the situation I found myself in at the time. I learned from it and I moved on, I’m currently #Wurking on #OVT the mixtape dropping in 2014 so expect it.

HipHopLead- Which is your favorite and why?

Khing Wurk – Hmmm…what a choice, it’s only two to choose from. Put my heart into both. But I would have to honestly say, “Level Up” because that album was a real album. All the tracks I purchased, I wrote everything and went in and laid it down, had it mixed and mastered and in the streets in less then a month. Took the time to arrange the line up. The whole concept and song structure, because even then I knew all that mattered. I traveled to a few states, performed, and did my thing and got nothing but love, but didn’t have enough support…I didn’t know the business. So you know how that goes. Still though no regrets, but if I did that in a month four years ago…imagine what I’m about to do now.

HipHopLead- Any features on either project worth mentioning?

Khing Wurk – Ms.Dreamz she is on most of my tracks. She was my business partner at the time and also a fellow artist of DreamzWurk Entertainment. When we linked up, told her what I was trying to do. She supported me through my journey. She was there through everything, witnessing the b.s first hand. She has many levels to her, and you can find a few of them on “Level Up”. From her singing on “Lie to Me” or snapping off on “Get Money”, lil ma be going in! You can also look for her to be on #OVT coming 2014.

HipHopLead- What’s your favorite song off that project?

Khing Wurk – My favorite song would have to be “Don’t Lie to Me”, that track is from the heart and its not just about being broken hearted. It’s about all those who act/pretend to be other than what they truly are. I made sure to make a verse for both the ladies and for men, because again I make music you can relate to. That’s real. I was being indirect expressing the truth, how it’s supposed to be. I was telling everybody that, I don’t need they fake love. I am not a liar, I go hard for those I care about. Through that song, you get the message there isn’t any misunderstanding…if you’re not real. Leave me alone #IJS

HipHopLead- How would you describe your style of hip-hop?

Khing Wurk – Honestly…no I cant, you more then welcome to. I mean everybody else does. I would like to think of myself as an entertainer that cannot be defined. Everything I say in my music is my life…from the partying to the G-Shit. That’s all me, no stunting. I can go from popping bottles, sexy ladies, to getting paper, holding it down and showing love to my rounds…in a minute. It all depends on the track, the mood and how I feel at the current moment. Did I mention I write other genres? Give me an R&B or Pop track I’m not gone force anything, but if something comes to mind…you will have a song, that makes sense. I love music, I’m kind of a weirdo at times. Still though I am proud to be me. There’s nothing nobody will ever be able to take away from me. So check me out, tell me what you think. Everybody entitled to they opinion. If anything you’re just helping me perfect my craft, maybe that’s my style #Wurk, because I will never be satisfied to just be “______”, you fill in the blank, (laughs).

HipHopLead- Are you on a label? If so let us know…..

Khing Wurk – No, not currently, not that I am not looking. I just haven’t come across the right person with those good intentions…that success for me! I know you can’t do it by your self. I have been trying this long and it hasn’t really gotten me that far. I would like to join a team with major exposure and representation, that is any artist goal in this industry. Still I won’t compromise my integrity to do so. So if there are any A&R’s or managers checking me out, get at me and let’s #Wurk!

HipHopLead- Unlike most people in the music game you are actually in school for it. How would you say that being enrolled in Full Sail has broadened your horizons in this music game?

Khing Wurk – Extensively, coming up in this game I have witness the changes first hand. And instead of doing something drastic and ridiculous to gain exposure. I enrolled in one of the best schools for entertainment business. The program itself consists of everything from branding to entertainment law.

I’m building my brand through the education I am receiving from the school instead of continuing to make the same mistakes through trial and error. So when a major label, management or A&R decides they would like to represent or be involved with me. They know already that I am serious about what it is that I do, and they will not have to invest as much time into me as they would have with another artist.

HipHopLead- Lets go back to your childhood. We understand you were in foster care a good part of your life and traveled all across the U.S., A lot of people might not understand how that can affect your artistry. For one can you tell us what those experiences were like? And do let us know how they made you who you are today?

Khing Wurk – I am the child of two hustlers from Redhook, PJ’s in Brooklyn NY. My childhood was not the best, but it was mine. I went from foster care, to juvenile detention…to county jail. I traveled a lot, not to those pretty places you vacation to, I was always in the hood. I did some things I wasn’t proud of. That.. thanks to God, I am still here able to do what I’m doing now!

Through my music I always escaped from whatever the situation was. It was my hope that one day I would perform on a large scale. That didn’t allow me to make the choices that some of my friends did (God Bless all the homies and when the rest ya’ll touch down…I got YA’LL!!). Still I don’t glorify anything, I am neither my environment nor my situation…I am a lot more. My music shows just that…that I can #TurnUpAndShowOut and I can also #ThrowTheseHands. My music is my life and my life is my music, and if the world allows me…I will take them on the ride of their LIFE!!!

HipHopLead- What made you enroll in Full Sail and start to do this music for real, for yourself?

Khing Wurk – (takes a pause) Just gonna be professional and state a few things that I learned, that I already mentioned a few times just in detail. A legit business should always a LLC number and you should be able to look them up. Don’t just take anybody’s word because they say they know somebody or can do something for you. There are people out there that living off destroying people’s hopes and dreams. I had that happen, didn’t get the support when I felt I deserved it. So instead of staying down.

I decided that I wasn’t gonna quit. If nobody is willing to help me do it, I find the tools and do it myself, and there it is. My journey at Full Sail begins. So I still have the small hope that my talent would be recognized by somebody that can actually do something for me, but if not when I finish school I will be in a position to do it by myself. Gotta mention it’s an accelerated degree program so in 21 months I will have my B.S and be certified! (smiles)

HipHopLead- What is a typical day like for Khing Wurk?

Khing Wurk – Gone be honest with my school schedule I don’t have much time to spare. Either I am in class learning something or I am writing, promoting, and customizing my pages. Updating my statuses on various social networking sites. I also spend time trying to come up with concepts, find different producers to #Wurk with, with a different kind of sound. Something unique to me. As I said before you can’t do it by your self, but I do try. Building my brand also takes up a lot of my time because I am not trying to be defined as just a “rapper”. I am constantly writing and coming up with new material. (Shakes head)…there aren’t enough hours in the day. I told myself I’ll take a break when I’m satisfied with my #Wurk progress. Nobody is going to put as much effort into my success as I will. So until then it’s #OVT.

HipHopLead: Other then music what do you do to make that paper?

Khing Wurk – Come on now fam, that’s a question you can’t just ask anybody. Just know I #Wurk and I #Wurk hard…ain’t rich, I’m barely broke. I got kids to feed, and bills to pay. A family I’m trying to take care of make sure they want for nothing. So I do what I need to, to make ends meet. Sell a song (prices unbeatable), T-Shirts, Cd’s, features, everything. Don’t matter I did that, #IJS. My eyes currently on that skyscraper, you know the glass building with the big corner office. As I said, I am more…and in the end, all will see just that.

Here at we like to ask our features some questions that really are out of the norm. We do this because it gives the fans a broader outlook on you. So lets get it cracking ….

HipHopLead- What do you think about Trinidad James and Maino going at it over the “Atlanta runs New York” comments?

Khing Wurk – Honestly I haven’t really been keeping up with it. Have to rock with the home team. And look who’s making the comments. I mean really, I wouldn’t even waste my time to entertain the B.S., homie should spend more time #Wurking on his lyrical content instead of creating controversy.

HipHopLead- Who is baddest chick in the game?

Khing Wurk – WOW…this is a toughy. When you say baddest got to take a lot into consideration. And I’m not just talking about anybody’s current situation, because we all know folk come and go in this industry. When I think about the first female emcee album I brought…it was Trina. I listen to the whole album to. And yea ma is a sex symbol…I mean just look at her, she bad. But there’s also an emotional side to her, and it is all in here music. From the dudes she messed with, to the obstacles she had to overcome to get where she’s at, and she’s still doing her thing. So hands down the baddest chick in the game to me is “#Trina”!! –You don’t know NANNNN

HipHopLead- If you had the power to resurrect any dead emcee from the past who would it be?

Khing Wurk – Are you talking about their career are metaphorically…(laughs)!! Nah, but really I would have to say Tupac, dude was ahead of his time. I would have like to see what he would have done. He had a lot of plans for the industry for the world. He is what I mean when I say, more then an artist. The man did back then, what people in the game are trying to do now. And I would have loved the chance to be in the booth with him, pick his brain and gain some knowledge. What happened to him and Biggie was a tragedy and the thing I find is, it’s messed up. Those to honor their memory, folk still try to replay the events. By disrespecting people and their city. Knowing damn well they have to go back eventually.

HipHopLead- Tell us a hidden talent Wurk has?

Khing Wurk – Ask anybody I am a master chef, “Chef Boy he Hood”…(laughs)!! Haven’t had no formal training and my can actually cook so well that people in my immediate circle tried to push me to go to school for it. The thing is the kitchen is where I relax. I never wanted to have that taken away from me. I love it when I cook and people taste my food. I don’t know if they are more surprised with how good it is, or the fact that I cooked it. I’m a ghetto baby so I #Wurk with my ingredients at hand. And you’d be surprised the things I have come up with. Once you realize it’s all about the flavor…everything else is easy.

Back To The Norm…….

HipHopLead- On your song “Don’t Lie To Me” you really opened up on one of those verses. You were talking about what seemed like certain female traits. What real life events transpired that made you write from such a deep place?

Khing Wurk – Well if you check the song out word for word, which a lot of hip-hop critics do, I talk about various situations dealing with people, not just women. And as far as the verse for the ladies I was expressing how there are gals out there like that, be careful. I had a few myself. And the second verse was about how dudes always calming how real they are, telling you that you can count on them, and when you need them most their never there. So in the final verse I stated just how real I am…the type of love I have showed, so they have something to compare their “realness” to. Because being real doesn’t mean being loud and acting a fool, being real means being true to self and I am that, so “Don’t Lie to Me” #IJS.

Hear it here-

HipHopLead- Name 1 song you’ve done that will have the viewers hooked!?

Khing Wurk – THROWBACK — “I’m Jiggin”, if you like to party have a good time and turn up. Check out “I’m Jiggin”, that songs all about having fun and the beat knocking. We all been way too twisted (laughs) and that’s what that song about. I had as much fun recording it, as I do performing it. Free downloads for it on my music page. Feel free to share it and download. Just do me a favor and hit that like button and if you have time leave a comment.

HipHopLead- Thanks for hollering at us and in closing give any shoutouts….links to your sites….F.U.’S or whatevers clever

Khing Wurk – Not one to wanna single nobody out don’t wanna forget anybody or for the to feel sometype of way #RichHomie so here it goes…
Of course first and for most RedHook Brooklyn…Newark N.J…Bronx Soundview Baby…. Harlem 117st and Lexington CPESS (Remember that) Queens BAISLEY (Got You Auntie)…Richmond VA…Charlotte NC (My Fam Deep out there)…Georgia (Millen, Augusta, Atlanta)…. SC (Ain’t forget You)… San Bernardino (Ain’t LA but at least I’ve been)…Texas (Dallas, Houston, Tyler)…Tennessee (Nashville, Brentwood, Columbia, Chattanooga)…Of Course FLORIDIA gotta show love where am I wouldn’t consider not…Kentucky (Louie Ville Can’t wait to perform at the Derby)…New Orleans (Make Sure to hit Lil Darlings ain’t been in a minute…it’s #Poppin)…Alabama (Mobile y’all need stop that B.S it’s 2013 #IJS LMAO #Seriously)…and if I forgot any specific location…I’m sorry, now you see that was a lot easier than trying remember people…cause I don’t remember all ya’ll name cause as you can see it’s been a hell of a ride!! Thanks for all the Love and support and I hope you continue to do so, and I promise to continue to be me…#Kopy

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