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Frank Monroe, who goes by the alias “Khing” Jus Wurk, is a hip hop artist from Redhook, Brooklyn and currently resides in Orlando, Florida. Khing contributes his motivation and drive with his music to his difficult times of moving around as a child and growing up.

He is a student at Full Sail University where he studies business entertainment and will graduate with a B.S. in early 2016. While obtaining his degree, Wurk has continued following his aspirations as an artist. He says that music saved his life and kept him off the streets. Wurk is a man with dreams and will stop at nothing to achieve his desires. “Khing” Jus Wurk is not just an artist but an educated businessman. He has already released and has been featured on multiple mix tapes all while planning his next move in the industry. His latest single is “I Am (Wurk)”.

Hiphoplead- Whats good Wurk? It been about a year and a half since we last connected. Whats new with you since then?

Khing Jus Wurk – Actually a lot has been going on, I opened up for Corey Gunz (YMCMB) and Cheezy Dior (Coke Boys), performed at a few hot spots one of those being “Club Pyramid” a legendary club in NYC, where such greats as Run DMC have performed. I did that through AD The General of “Elegant Hoodness” who also got me on the cover of her magazine and a few articles in others. I made the DRT charts with my first single “I Am (Wurk)” off my first EP “Wurk Related EP” for two weeks in August. I have been training at Cross Fit and MMA (@TheJungleMMA) for over a year now and know a few different styles fluently (Kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing, etc.) and because I am in great shape I have also done a few paid/unpaid photo shots and had a role or two. I am getting closer to my graduation date, very much excited about that. #WeWorking #IAmWurk

Hiphoplead- In the last interview you were explaining to us about the transition from Brooklyn to Florida life and the difference in the style of Hiphop. As of late where have you seen the genre going?

Khing Jus Wurk – Hip-hop is evolving and I like the collaborations between different sections and the sounds that are being created as a result of these collaborations. I just feel, as with any art you have to be true to yourself. Now that’s the only problem I have with hip-hop as an industry a lot of people making music that really doesn’t mean anything, has no substance to it. Then you got people talking about things they know nothing about then wine up feeling like they gotta prove something and catch a case and what not. Think some folk need to stop focusing on they image and start making real music. Take in consideration what you’re actually putting out there. And be able to back up what you your saying as well. #IAmWurk

Hiphoplead- We heard you are about to get your B.S. from Full Sail, congrats. How has your experience at Full Sail helped shape you as an artist?

Khing Jus Wurk – Full Sail University help smooth out those rough edges, gave me a direction really narrowed my broad goal of “being rich and famous”. When I came here I was a Rapper and I wanted to get signed. I now know everything from “Digital Marketing” to “Introduction to Business Law” and I still have eleven months of education left and look forward to everything I am going to learn. Continuously as an artist your told to invest in yourself, take control of your career and I am doing just that. Becoming a contender not only in the “Hip-hop” game but the “Entertainment Industry” as a whole. #WeWorking #WatchMeWurk

Hiphoplead- Is it hard being in that school being everyone there is out to “make it in the music business”?

Khing Jus Wurk – No not at all, and actually music isn’t what makes up a majority of the students curriculum at Full Sail University. I’m going for my “Entertainment Business Degree” Not “Music Business” which is and option at the school. They have Film, Sports Marketing, Writing, Photography…you name it. Full Sail University is an Arts school and believe you me, they have all areas covered. And no matter how anybody feels personal about Full Sail my experience is and was great one and I am thankful for everything I learned. And as for having to stand out…well welcome to the “Entertainment Industry” where everyday a constant struggle to stand out from your competition. That’s what they say Full Sail University “A Real World Experience!”

Hiphoplead- So after you graduate what’s your plan?

Khing Jus Wurk – Making it to the top got a real got feel for this Marketing/Branding love making music and it will always be a passion. Somehow I plan on incorporating my passion for the hip-hop industry and plan on pursuing a career in Marketing/Branding. No stranger to hard work already look forward to the experience know the money will come eventually but they joy of doing something you love and enjoy will be priceless, and nobody starts at the top so I am willing to do what I have to get where I wanna be.

Hiphoplead- We checked out your new video for “I Am Wurk”. You were going in G. Is that the first single off your upcoming project?

Khing Jus Wurk – Thank you, yes and it can be found on every legit digital outlet from Itunes to Google play. As I previously stated when I released the track it made the DRT charts for two weeks #Independent and #HipHopAndR&B in the month of August 14*. I can’t afford to just put out tracks being that I am in school in what not, so what I do put out I make sure its solid. Released through my own publishing “Jus Wurk Entertainment” c/o #ASCAP. Appreciate the compliments, just wanted the world to know who I am, to feel my energy and with this track I did just that. Every line is an emotion felt by me…I’m true just doing my part to keep hip-hop genuine.

Hiphoplead- In “I Am Wurk” you spit, “I’m a real G not that dude from Degrassi” (laughs). Ok .. so we take it you aren’t a fan of Drake?

Khing Jus Wurk – How could you get that from that (Laughs) let me say first as an artist I have the utmost respect for Drizzy how could you not? That would make me a hater, and sir that is something I am not. Said I am a real “G” because I am, earned my stripes. And plus it sounded real cool, didn’t it (got your attention) (laughs). This is a competition and what Kendrick say, we gotta step our game up.

Hiphoplead- What did you think about Diddy punching Drake in Miami and him having to go to the Hospital after?

Khing Jus Wurk – I try not to keep up with all the extra but it indeed got dropped on my timeline, and I know it was bad business on Diddy’s part if that’s what it was actually about. There ways to handle things and that way isn’t one of them. I never have been one for making scenes no way, but hey who knows the actual details to the story. That’s their business the rest is all speculation.

Hiphoplead- Any thoughts on J Prince coming to Drakes rescue?

Khing Jus Wurk – …. I didn’t know that happened, let me Google it real quick….
Hold up I saw pic J Prince in the bowtie and he was going in, everybody got they squad right…. he sound serious to me. Gotta be careful out here…ijs. (laughs) (Seriously though) #IAmWurk

Hiphoplead- Speaking of all this, do you think the game is to soft??!

Khing Jus Wurk – Yes, somehow people forgot about making music and wanna prove how tough they are, and that right there in itself proves how soft the game is. I don’t have to prove a damn thing to nobody, so when I make my music it comes naturally you can feel it (every word). And I don’t worry about nobody coming to check me on anything I say and if they do, I can stand by what I say. Some of those cats cant and then you got a few who do and they just take it too far and sadly to say they get taken out the game before they can really do their thing! #FreeBobbyShmurda

Hiphoplead- Ok so fill us in … what’s next up for you… video, album, mixtape?

Khing Jus Wurk – What’s next…graduation right now, I am actively seeking representation (Agent, Management etc.). I’ve been doing the most, my next single will be “Keep Getting Money” another banger of my “Wurk Related EP” and if your feeling “I Am (Wurk)” “Keep Getting Money” will Mos definitely have you plug in fr fr. I slowed it down a little, it’s a motivationally track. An anthem the name it’s self lets you know what’s it is all about. #GetMoney #Wurk #WeWorking

Hiphoplead- Any features worth mentioning?

Khing Jus Wurk – So far I only have one track I have a feature with a major artist and that’s “Unfamiliar” with the homie Cheezy Doir of the #CokeBoys much love on that joint. The beat is produced by Justo Beats be sure to check him out, homie is producing bangers constantly. Shout out once again for AD The General putting that together. Concept mines Cheezy came through like a pro laid his verse down and we came out with an awesome track. Far from the norm, check it out probably have few “Unfamiliar(s)” in your life right now.

Hiphoplead- Is your goal still the same for the music bizz since we last spoke or has anything changed?

Khing Jus Wurk – No not at all, if anything my goals are refined I still intended on being a major contender in the entertainment industry and now I feel it’s more a possibility than ever before. I’m just staying focused and will continue to build a solid foundation while everything falls in place. #WeBuilding #IAmWurk #WeWorking #WurkRelated

Hiphoplead- It’s good connecting with you again and seeing your dreams being achieved. The floor is yours homie, plug your links, get busy!

Khing Jus Wurk –

#Brooklyn #ImComingHome #IAmWurk and #ImJustHappyToBeHere

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