Whiplash & Khaki Blue – The West Aussie (EP Review)

khaki blue whiplash WESTAUSSIE2

Khaki Blue and Whiplash are back…. but not on the solo tip… on a new group EP! They call this work “The West Aussie EP,” which combines the California Artistry of Khaki Blue and Australia’s wild style of Whiplash.

Perhaps doing a joint EP before you sign a major deal might be a waste of time, but instead, this actually hightens the buzz of both of these artists. It’s kind of like a 2011 Perfect Strangers. Tha Advocate gets enlisted and hosts this project as well. With that Digital Dynasty stamp on it, this is sure to be a great mix.

Being there isn’t alot of songs on this EP it is easy to tell you the stand outs. Some of the best group cuts with the most dynamics are “Pay Up”, “Gangsta” and “No More.” Even tho this project will have a digital release aswell as a mixtape release, these songs are all in album format. The hooks are solid and catchy. The word play of these two artists match just right. Whiplash says alot of lines thru out the project that would make you double take because of the shock value, but then Khaki Blue comes thru with his Too $hort sounding flow and adds just enough street cred to make the song a hood banger.

Another song that keeps the fans on there toes is the hypnotizing “No Joker,” which shows Whiplash saying things like “people only see what shines, missing the truth, makes it easier for me to shoot.” Khaki Blue laces that track with a capitivating hook.

This collabo EP may have come out of left field, but it is definetley the right choice. Both artists find themselves with a chemistry a lot of people may not have thought of. All in all this something the fans should cop. Look for the download in the near future.

You can download a copy of “The West Aussie EP” on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/au/album/the-west-aussie-ep/id456689057

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