Khaki Blue – G.A.B.O.S. (Hosted by Tha Advocate)

Khaki Blue – G.A.B.O.S. (Hosted by Tha Advocate) -Front

It’s been almost 4 years since we heard a solo mixtape from LA native, Khaki Blue. Just as the New Year approached we got word Khaki was back on his job and sure enough a few days into 2014 his new mixtape came across our desk. The artwork caught our attention right away and the acronym, “G.A.B.O.S.”, which stands for the Game Aint Based On Sympathy. It shows people in a melt down of sorts because the stock market collapsed, and straight rioting on the back cover. The irony of this is because a lot of the songs Khaki raps about in the hood, a lot of these people already experience these type of conditions, without losing a big wig job or losing their money in the stock market. So really at the end of the day, no game is based on sympathy, not in this cold world.

One of the tracks on the mixtape that really hit the nail on the head was “Hard Times” which featured Tha Advocate and J.D. Artist. Khaki speaks on a life of torment and even questions his faith while spitting “is there even meaning from the God above me”, before realizing there was. Tha Advocate parallels Khaki’s verse while bringing up the cycle in the hood where boys to turn to criminals, drinking to num the pain and more but takes a left turn when he states not believing in a man made religion to find strength. JD Artist seals the deal and croons away while stating “I lost my mind/ bout to commit a crime”.

Khaki does what he does best and paints a picture of the West Coast hood life and does so very vividly in “Big Face Monster”. Khaki enlists New York emcee Shawn Blayze to spit along side of him and LA’s, J Flow on gully “Empty”. The hood slick talk is at an all time high and the boys craft some powerful fight music to the fullest. The fellas each paint a war like scenario from their neighborhood and the hook sums it up while they “bust until their empty”.

One track that really set the tone was another acronym in itself, “F.T.P.”, which doesn’t stand for “Free The Police” if you know what we mean . This record features Aussie artist Whiplash on the hook and Advo and Blayze as guest appearances. All 3 wordsmiths paint a picture of a different scenario in which the Cops harrass them before ending the track with real life audio from a story of police brutality on the local news. Whether it’s a foot chase or a high speed chase this track is never dull. Just when you think you are chock full of deep records, grimy raps and story tracks .. Khaki Blue delivers a club banger to put the icing on the cake. Khaki recruits long time friend J-Flow and I-10 to bless “Butta Head” and provide a comical antitode to aid the club smash.

Khaki Blue is back and this time around he delivers his most well rounded mixtape to date. There is music for all moods and features a lot of dope artists. The artwork to the beat selection is well selected and the sequence of the mixtape in itself makes the product unskip worthy. We hope to hear more from the Cali emcee before another 3 years! Download this mixtape below and show some support by following Khaki Blue here — and

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