Juscelino was born in Pittsburgh, PA. When he was 6 his father took a new job in Johannesburg, South Africa, him and his family relocated. A couple years later his family moved back to the states to Sherman Oaks, CA. He lived there for 3 years. His family then relocated to San Diego, CA for 2 years, & then Boca Raton, FL, where he attended Middle school & High School. After graduating High School he moved to Orange County, CA and eventually to Hollywood, CA where he resides now.

Growing up in so many different places and being a Middle-Eastern American gave Juscelino a worldly background, plus a unique sound and taste in music. He grew up around a lot of different cultures and had friends from almost every background. Juscelino always had a musical background growing up. He started playing trombone at age 12, which didn’t last too long. At age 15, he got a pair of LinearTech Turntables and started scratching and juggling.

He then started Recording with Local Rappers and DJs in Boca Raton, FL. At age 19, Juscelino got into Audio Engineering & started interning at a studio in Orange County while working at Guitar Center and taking College Music courses Part-time. He slowly started to land jobs as a freelance Recording Engineer around Orange County and Hollywood. He got a chance to work with legendary Artists and Producers and witness the music industry first hand.

He has been fortunate enough to produce tracks for Mr. Capone-E (E1/Koch), Chi-King, and Fedie DeMarco, as well as some other Independent artists on the rise.
Juscelino has a few projects he is currently working on right now. Besides continuing to build up his catalog and selling beats on Soundclick, he is working with Super Producer Ghost Kasen Engineering and playing Keys when he can.

“Ghost has really taught me a lot about the industry and about producing and what it really takes to make a, “Hit Record.” Juscelino also just signed with a Publishing company, InDigi Music to get some of his songs placed into Film, TV and to Recording Artists. Juscelino remains focused, and is always searching for New Talent that is serious about making music. He still works a Full-time job and works on his music after work and on his off days until business picks up and he can be in the studio full-time.

HipHopLead- What’s good Juscelino, what’s popping your way?

On the Grind man, working on more beats to add to my Catalog and sipping on some Jameson on the rocks. You want a glass?

HipHopLead- For starts is Juscelino your real name or artist name? If it’s not your Govt. can you tell us why you chose that?

My name was inspired by Juscelino Kubitschek. He was a prominent Brazilian politician who was President of Brazil from 1956 to 1961. His term was marked by economic prosperity and political stability, being most known by the construction of a new capital, Brasília. I grew up with a couple Brazilian friends in FL and they introduced me to all the customs (S/O to Guilherme & Gil). Besides having some of the most beautiful women, I love the Brazilian culture, from the food to the music. Plus nobody has ever heard of this name. I just wanted something that sounded different.

HipHopLead- Even tho you were very young at the time do you have any memories of living in South Africa? If so, can you share some with us?

Yes I have a lot of memories. A lot of bad ones, and a couple good ones. My family and I were in a bad car accident out there that killed my father and left the rest of my family injured badly. I had my right arm paralyzed and the Doctors said it would probably never work again. After 2 years I regained function from doing physical therapy. So I feel it’s a miracle to be able to play Piano and make beats. Before all the drama, I do remember a really good memory with my entire family at Kruger National Park.

They had this secret exhibit where it was like 10 cars in a circle and these guys come in a pick-up truck and dropped off a huge dead donkey to 3 Adult Lions. You just watch the 3 Lions eat the donkey apart while you’re in your car about 30 yards away from the Lions. The Lions are eating it all, intestines, stomach, legs, it was pretty sick. I was like 6 years old and my brother was 10, I remember thinking how crazy that was but a really unique experience.

HipHopLead- In your teen years you bounced back and forth from Florida to Cali. Which state do you hold dear to your heart?

I would say I always held California close to my heart and it always felt like home. Even when I’m away from Cali for a couple months I get “home” sick. I just love the beaches and the energy man. It’s a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities. I’m all about Unity with Diversity and Cali has that.

HipHopLead- Which area would you say reflects the sound of your production the most?

Honestly that’s hard to say. I would say a little bit of everywhere that I lived. I just make the music however I’m feeling that day and that’s how it comes out. Some days it sounds West coast, the next day European. Then I might get into my Middle-Eastern sounds and my Latin influence. Tomorrow might be a Dirty South day. I just have fun with it.

HipHopLead- It’s not often we hear about a DJ who can mix and record music and produce as well (laughs). With so many talents under your belt which is your main passion?

I never was the DJ to go out and play parties and clubs. I did mainly just scratching and mixing instrumentals for my friends to rhyme over. I always knew I wanted to Produce beats since High-School but I didn’t really have the time and access to the equipment. I messed around with computer programs and Fruity Loops in High school but didn’t really like it. It wasn’t until I got an MPC at 19 when I started making real beats I liked. Then I started taking Piano lessons and I really got into it. My main passion is definitely Piano composition and Producing.

HipHopLead- Are you still DJing nower days or is it mainly production?

No it’s all Production. That’s it.

HipHopLead- Who were your influences to get you into music ?

I’d have to say my mom planted the seeds early on. She was nice on the keys! Growing up we had a piano in the house and she would play it every night. All the Disney stuff, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, she could play anything. I grew up listening to everything, from Bobby Caldwell, Earth Wind and Fire, Phil Collins, Guns’ N’ Roses, Wu-Tang, Warren G, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 2-Pac, Biggie, Big L, Onyx, Rick Ross, T.I, Little Brother, Eminem, Jay-Z, The Eagles, Michael Jackson, War, The Beatles, Pennywise, Barry White, Boyz 2 Men, Common, Cypress Hill, Santana, UGK, Nate Dogg, Metallica, Nas, Outkast, Krs-One, Ice Cube, Middle Eastern music at my Aunts and Uncles house. I hate naming names because my taste is so eclectic, I could never name everybody.

HipHopLead- Every Producer seems to have a trade mark sound… how would you describe yours best?

Heavy and melodic. I like my drums loud and I like my Snares to crack heavy. Everyone says I use a lot of Brass and Strings with Middle Eastern Rhythms and vibes. I always make my drums first and let the instruments feed off of the Tempo and swing of the Drums. Sometimes I’ll make a Drum loop and literally just freestyle on the Keys for 20 minutes playing with the different timings and melodies.

HipHopLead- What are your weapons of choice when making a beat?

I use an MPC 4000, and a Korg Kronos with Pro Tools. I sometimes use Logic for the crazy Synths they got. Korg has the best strings in my ears and the MPC is just fast for sequencing and Bangin out the drums.

HipHopLead- One of your beats caught our ear. I believe it was “Hustle In My Dna” and it had a thumb nail of Jay Z on it. Funny thing is, even if the picture wasn’t there it would sound like something Blue Print 2 Jay Z would spit on. With that said when you make these beats do you have a particular artist in mind before the creation or do you match them up after it’s made?

That’s whatsup, thanks for that! No not particularly, unless I’m working with an artist and I know their sound and what their looking for. I usually just kinda let it flow and see what happens most of the time. After it’s done I’ll figure out who would sound best on it.

HipHopLead- Who is the best Hip Hop producer ever?

I can’t name just one, I think every Producer has a niche and a unique sound, but if I have to here’s my list. Dr. Dre for the West coast, Kanye West for the Mid-West and the versatility, Timbaland for the South, I’m a big fan of Middle Eastern music and he has a sound nobody can match in my opinion. DJ Premier for the original Raw East coast Hip-hop sound and 9th Wonder for the Soulful Hip-hop tracks. I also got to throw J Dilla (RIP) & Jus Blaze in there too because I’m big fans.

HipHopLead- Who is the most over rated producer ever?

Nobody really, everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. I will say some of the Producers that are on the Top of the Soundclick charts are definitely overrated…

HipHopLead- Being a west coast resident have you peeped out the new Kendrick Lamar album? A lot of people are labeling it a classic? If so, what did you think of it? How was the production in your mind?

I got that in my Car and on my iPod actually. I’m really feeling it, classic hands down. I’m all about different sounds and just being different. Kendrick’s album doesn’t sound like anything out there at all and that’s what I’m all about. Some people were hating on it, but in my eyes that’s when you know you really made a classic! He is super lyrical and I like how he’s not trying to be super hard in every song and he’s not trying to be conscious 24/7, he’s perfectly right in between. Great album Kendrick! When you getting on a Juscelino beat? Get at me!

Here at HipHopLead we like to ask different types of questions out of the norm to give fans a broader idea of the person you are. So with that said … let’s get it cracking!

HipHopLead- Favorite Food?

Lobster & Shrimp, when I can afford it.

HipHopLead- Better lookin women .. Florida or Cali?

CALI!!!! But I can’t forget all the fly senoritas in FL!

HipHopLead- Is the world going to end next week, 12-21-12?

Naa bro, it’s just going to begin actually!

HipHopLead- Tell us about a hidden talent that you have?

I can do upside down pull-ups.

HipHopLead- Why is Kanye West and A$ap Rocky wearing skirts now?

I don’t know but I think it’s the whole do something crazy and get people to talk about you thing. Like Lady Gaga with her Meat dress and such. I definitely don’t approve of Men wearing Skirts, that’s against the Guy code.
Back to the norm …

HipHopLead- What does an artist have to do to get at you about production?

www.soundclick.com/IamJuscelino THAT’S IT.

HipHopLead- What new projects do you have coming out?

Right now I’m just Grindin these beats out on the Soundclick and shopping my music with InDigi Music, trying to get placements. Other than that I stay building up my catalog and looking for fresh talent who are serious about making music. The rest is a surprise…

HipHopLead- Any features worth mentioning?

Always Grindin with my big homie CHI-KING, we got another song coming out next year. A fresh new artist from Park Hill, CO who goes by “SO GONE” Another dope new Spanish artist from Puerto Rico named “C-MONZTA,” a whole entire Mixtape with my Super Lyrical Genius brotha “UNDA” from X-Legion, and another MEAN joint with the big homie FEDIE DEMARCO.

HipHopLead- It was great chopping it up with you homie. With that said .. the floor is yours .. give us any shout outs, FU’s, links .. get ya plug on (laughs). It’s go time ..

Shout outs to HIPHOPLEAD.com for having me, my big homie Ghost Kasen, Chi-King, my Big brother J, my cousin Shimaani, Big Jake, Captain Red Beard, Fedie, UNDA, The Psyclones, L.G, Babie Gurl, FayFay, Katharina Castoire, Mic Spence, Capone, J.J Davis, Smooch, Man Cave Hats, Floss, B. Keenan, Noe, Random and X-Legion, we doin it BIG in 2013! Thank you for all the supporters and people that stay supporting the movement, all my Twitter fam! Everyone else I forgot, I got you on the next interview! Now go to my SoundClick Page and check out some beats! Peace.


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