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Joe Lazarus

Joe Lazarus a.k.a. Dirty Laundry started rhyming back in ’96. He is well known in his hometown as one of the founding members of the Riot Squad,
a collective that spawned such artists as Killatacticz, Sanctum, Wontime and many more. Joe’s known for his wild and versatile style, ranging from serious topics to more humorous, upbeat joints. A local legend who has seen and done his share to uphold the culture and it’s values, Joe’s still going strong with upcoming releases featuring various artists from all over the globe.

He’s been featured on numerous albums and mixtapes. His first solo effort, released in 2012, is entitled Dead Stock: The Mixtape, a collaboration with DJ Dysfunkshunal. His second release was the “Shreds of Metal” EP, featuring Dj Grazzhoppa, The Mixfitz, Lost sun, Luché Salazar, Kenshin and Xavier Carion.

Joe’s currently working on a new project called “INK”, which will be his first full solo album. The first single of “INK” is called Skywalkers (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa, Don streat and JMega) and was featured on Digital Dynasty 25 (Hosted by Cappadonna)! Other guests on his album include Kool G Rap, Conz, Revalation, Sem Phi, Renegade and many more!

Over the course of his career Joe has collaborated with many artists and was the opening act for artists such as Starflam (BE), Postmen (NL), E-Life (NL), IV my people (F), Blade (UK), R.A. The Rugged Man (US), Slaughterhouse (US), Chino XL (US) and legendary groups like The Furious Five (US) and De La Soul (US).

Today we are chilling with Joe Lazarus. On a warm summer day on the East Coast of the United States, we reached overseas and talked to the Belgian wordsmith. It went a little something like this.. What’s good Joe … everything good?

Joe Lazarus- All good fam! Working, grinding, feeling blessed! How did you come up with your rap name?

Joe Lazarus- I had a pretty rough time back in the days. I had a severe drinking problem, so I chose this name because it was real and made sense. Once I got sober, I decided to stick with it. In the bible Lazarus arose from the dead, and in certain ways, so did I… Thats’s deep! Does Belgium have a prominent hip hop scene?

Joe Lazarus- The hip hop scene is pretty big, considering how small the country is.
Especially in Louvain, Antwerp, Bruges, Liege, Ghent and Brussels, you can really feel it! Due to the diversity in our country, we got people rapping in Dutch, French and English.There’s a lot of dope sounds over here, it’s a shame radio stations don’t pick ‘em up more! How would you describe the sound of your region?

Joe Lazarus- 90s sound I guess, young cats coming up still rocking that hardcore,
underground sound. Can you speak or rap in other languages?

Joe Lazarus- I speak flemish, it’s basically the same as dutch but with a belgian flavor to it!
I think I did like two songs in flemish, but disliked the sound so bad… I decided to stick to English. What was it like opening for acts such as Slaughterhouse and Chino XL?

Joe Lazarus- It’s a great feeling man, Shout out to my man Maarten Claes and AMN productions for giving us the opportunity.The cool thing about them, is that they are so relaxed and really down to earth! It was crazy, Sem Phi (my partner in rhyme ), our Deejay Af-one Cause and I created a whole new show so it was do or die out there… The crowd didn’t really respond to the first few tracks, but by the end people were going nuts! Everybody showed love, that was a great feeling! That’s big … What do you feel this is your best work to date?

Joe Lazarus- I feel like I/we haven’t even started yet! There’s so much moving right now,I just feel blessed. We have seen you make an appearance on Digital Dynasty as of late. Are you going to have any new mixtapes of just you coming in 2013?

Joe Lazarus- Nope, I got a new album on the way called “INK” featuring such artist as Kool G Rap, Don Streat, Revalation, Sem Phi, Renegade, 7, Deejay Grazzhoppa, Deejay Dysfunkshunal and many more.I will also be appearing on Don Streat’s Suicide bars and His Bare my soul album! Other than that I’m featured on the ApRock Joining Forces mixtape and on project forces unleashed by DJ Nucleus

Download Mixtape Here – Now we know about the new album on the way. How would you describe the overall direction of it?

Joe Lazarus- I wanted to keep it as raw as possible, hardcore with a little soul added to it! I think there’s so much bullshit out right now, time for the lyricist to strike back!

There’s to many molly popping, ciroc, blowing money on strippers asses for no reason tracks out now! There’s more to life than that, we got to think about the education of our children. Life is more than sex, drugs and rock and roll!
The game needs something extra, I hope I can be a part of that. Any features worth mentioning?

Joe Lazarus- My man sem Phi, the kid is a beast when it comes to lyrics!
I’m planning on releasing a EP with him! Check him out!!!

My homie Don Streat from Animal Pak, a true lyricist and good people.
Don gives u that extra spark to go hard in the booth! That’s fam right there!

Revalation from EMS, i hope we can put in some work soon!
( He’s working on a big mixtape, so stay tuned my people)

Kool G Rap, Dysfunkshunal, Grazzhoppa, Conz, JMega, the whole album got crazy features, 4 real How did you lock in a legend such as Kool G Rap for the project?

Joe Lazarus- I hooked up with Domingo via facebook, he claimed to be his manager…
He contacted Kool G, I payed him, that’s it! It turned out later that Don Streat and I got the same verse. Domingo corrected It, but because of that, I hooked up with Don streat and did a few tracks. It was a win win situation for me! Can you tell us about that song with Kool G and what we can expect!?

Joe Lazarus- It’s a very nasty, dirty track! Produced by my man Lost Sun from Holland! Lost is a monster when it comes to producing,mixing and mastering. The lyrics are crazy and Dysfunkshunal, a former ITF and DMC champ laced the cuts. The kid is like bruce lee with his hands, deadly! Your song “Sky Walkers” had such a raw sound to it. What was the mindstate when you went into the lab to create that track?

Joe Lazarus- I wanted everybody to do their thing! At first it was only JMega on the track, while listening to our verses I decided to call the track Sky Walkers.
later I hooked up with Don and Grazzhoppa and everything fell in to place!
The great thing about Deejay Grazzhoppa is that you just have to send him a track, tell him your idea and the man cuts it up with the precision of a surgeon and it ALWAYS sounds dope! One thing we dig about your sound is how it varies. On “True Bad Man” you had an island type of sound on it. Somewhat of a traditional Reggae vibe to it. How did that song come about?

Joe Lazarus- Actually it’s a riddim that Sensademus created, The Shark Attack Riddim! Y’all need to check that out on youtube, it got some dope features on it!
Shout out to Big Bout Ya records and the whole Beatstreet Soundsystem!
I grew up on reggae and hip hop.
My grandmother gave me my first bob Marley record btw, Exodus…

Hear it here – Off subject, what did you think of Snoop turning to Snoop Lion to embrace a similar type of sound?

Joe Lazarus- I like the songs and all of that, but I can understand that the rasta community has problems with him calling himself a rasta. You can’t turn Rasta over night, I know Bunny wailer wants to see his rasta pass revoked! What is your favorite song you have ever done? And why?

Joe Lazarus- SKY WALKERS by far! The vibe, the reactions, the people that shared it, how it all came together… That’s a special one for me! Is your goal to be an Indy artist or getting signed to a major label?

Joe Lazarus- If it’s a possibility, I’d like to get signed by a major label, if not I’ll keep doing what I do and make good music! In the end it’s not about where I’m at, it’s about what I do… Who is the biggest hip hop artist’s for the majority of the Belgium citizens?

Joe Lazarus- Safi & Spreej without a doubt, they’re on a roll now. They just got signed to Top Notch, doing all the big venues n shit.
Best of luck to them! Make Belgium proud my people! Who are your main American Inspirations and who are your Belgian ones?

Joe Lazarus- Ol’ Dirty Bastard, that’s the GOAT imo. Killa Sin, Masta killa and Meth…50 cent, I like the way he changed up the game, went at everybody and showed what a calculated hustler he is. What new projects (videos, shows, etc) are coming out, on top of your album?

Joe Lazarus- I know they’re planning a show in Barcelona (Spain), there’s also a show with Funkdoobiest and The Alcoholics. And I got a new vid on the way, so be on the lookout for that!

Here at we like to ask our features some questions that really are out of the norm. We do this because it gives the fans a broader outlook on you.So lets get it cracking …. Who spits better Kendrick or J Cole?

Joe Lazarus- Kendrick, but i like Fred the Godson even better! In your opinion what was the best year for hiphop?

Joe Lazarus- 92-93 when “Protect Ya Neck” came out, that record changed hip hop! Give me 5 words to describe Joe Lazarus…

Joe Lazarus- Realistic, Driven, Humoristic, Caring, Loyal. What’s better in Belgium the beer or waffles?

Joe Lazarus- The beer baby, we’re the best beer producing country in the world!
All the rest is just water with a lil alcohol added to it. Duvel lovers are better lovers by the way! What is the illest diss song of all time?

Joe Lazarus- There’s to many to name, the funniest one was def “How To Rob”! Thanks for hollering at us and in closing give any shoutouts….links to your sites….F.U.’S or whatevers clever

Joe Lazarus- Love to my wife, my wildling daughters, Big K-Dog and fam, my whole family,Sem Phi & Melissa Ross, Renegade, 7Woundz, Deejay Dysfunkshunal, AmnProductions (Spl thx to Jessy and Laura for the extra good care!), Deejay Cause, Deejay Grazzhoppa, Joelle, Nancy, Revalation, Conz, JMega, The Mixfitz, Luché salazar, Smokey Tom and I.G., Big Bout Ya Records, Justice Sound System, my man Don streat and the whole Animal Pak fam, Lost Sun, Baz and the whole F-Wing crew, Fatty K, Marmalade sound factory, Sharp (get your gear together!), kenshin, Deejay Nucleus, Morsdood, DJ FLD, To the beat show, Culture wild station, my NY peops, The Advocate, Ballerstatus, Undergroundhiphopblog, DJ Chris (Straight from the underground Radio), Matthijs van der Burgt ( THX for the graphics fam), LOUVAIN, all y’all that i forgot to mention, 1 love!

Ow yeah R.I.P. Ol’ Dirty Bastard and James Gandolfini akaTony Soprano!

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